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Published in The Columbus Dispatch from May 16 to May 18, 2014. Magruder and his team won the election by the second largest margin in history at the time, but his involvement in the Watergate burglary and cover-up resulted in Magruder spending seven months in Federal Prison. During his nearly four years with them, he was promoted to merchandise manager.[8].

He reacted to the derision this appointment caused by saying stuffily that "it is a characteristic of American life that there is redemption". Jeb Stuart Magruder was born and grew up on Staten Island, New York, where he was an honor student at Curtis High School. He left Broadway after two years to start-up his own cosmetics company. In prison Magruder reconnected with his faith; afterward he attended divinity school and became ordained as a Presbyterian minister. Later he started his own consumer products company. Jeb Stuart Magruder, who was imprisoned for his role in the Watergate scandal, died May 11 in Danbury, Conn., after complications from a stroke. Haldeman and Herbert G. Klein, Communications Director for the Executive Branch. 315 crash",,,, "Watergate figure Jeb Stuart Magruder, who later became a minister in Lexington, dies at 79 | Faith & Values",,, Williams College, University of Chicago, Princeton Theological Seminary. In 1995, Kentucky Governor Brereton Jones reinstated Magruder's right to campaign for public office in the state. As Mitchell became preoccupied with a scandal involving the ITT Corporation and by the illness of his wife Martha, Magruder took on more of the management of the CREEP.[14]. In 1959, Magruder married Gail Barnes Nicholas. During these years, Magruder also spoke publicly about ethics and his role in the Watergate scandal. Updates? As a Deputy Director of Richard Nixon's Committee for the Re-Election of the President (C.R.E.E.P. I followed your father's career from the Reagan years through his ministry in Columbus, Ohio.

He moved with his family to Washington, D.C.[13] He worked for Nixon operatives H.R. [3], After he began his business career, he returned to graduate school, earning a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago.[4]. Books published earlier by others, however, such as Magruder's in 1974 and Dean's Blind Ambition (1976), had become the accepted 'truth' of the cover-up. Magruder, in his role with CREEP, became involved with the Watergate matters from an early stage, in many aspects of the planning, execution, and cover-up. His father was a Civil War buff who named his second son after the Confederate General James Ewell Brown Stuart (J.E.B. To Colodny and Gettlin, he said that he had called John Dean several hours after the (second) Watergate break-in was discovered, and that Dean set in motion several cover-up strategies.

Upon his release in 1975, the family moved to Colorado Springs, CO where Magruder worked as Vice President for YoungLife. After his sentencing, Magruder said, "I am confident that this country will survive its Watergates and its Jeb Magruders. It is possible that Mitchell or Haldeman told him in advance, but I think it's likelier that they would not have mentioned it unless the operation had produced some results of interest to him. In 1984, Magruder was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, and he served several churches as associate pastor, in San Mateo, CA and Columbus, OH, and as pastor in Lexington, KY. In 1984, he was ordained as a Presbyterian minister, according to the Hull Funeral Service obituary, and he served as an associate pastor at several churches in San Mateo, Calif., and Columbus, Ohio, and as pastor in Lexington, Ky. The president, his chief of staff, H.R. As with many Nixon associates, his cleverness was not in doubt: but an ethical upbringing in mid-century corporate America had not taught him what to do when the temptation to cheat was on offer. Magruder admitted that he had lied to prosecutors, to the Senate's Watergate Committee, and in his 1974 book An American Life: One Man's Road to Watergate, concerning aspects of the early cover-up. Jeb Stuart Magruder, who was imprisoned for his role in the Watergate scandal, died May 11 in Danbury, Conn., after complications from a stroke. Burial after cremation will take place at Arlington National Cemetery, and a private family service will be held at that time. After he came out of prison, Magruder worked for a charity that helped young people. Afterward he shifted from IBM to the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. • This article was amended on 20 May 2014. Later he joined the management consultancy Booz Allen. He served the church for the remainder of his life. Meanwhile,…, Dixie Chicks: The group’s principal members included Martie Maguire (née Erwin; b. October 12, 1969, York, Pennsylvania, U.S.), Emily Robison (née Erwin; b. August 16, 1972, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, U.S.), and Natalie Maines (b. October 14, 1974, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.). In 2003 he went back on his early statements that Nixon knew nothing by stating that Nixon had telephoned during one of these meetings, was briefed about the plans by Mitchell and had approved them, though others denied this. Be in the know. He left early in 1968 due to internal organizational problems. As a result he was convicted on relatively minor charges and sentenced to 10 months to four years by Judge John Sirica. Jeb Stuart Magruder (November 5, 1934 – May 11, 2014) was an American businessman and political operative in the Republican Party when he joined the administration of President Richard Nixon in 1969. From the day they met in December 1971, Magruder and Liddy (who had been hired by Mitchell and Dean) had a conflicted personal relationship.[17]. He also worked briefly for Booz Allen & Hamilton while in school. Haldeman's aide, Gordon C. Strachan. In 1961, while continuing to work for Jewel, the family moved to Chicago where Magruder entered the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago to earn his MBA. Please allow 24 hours for your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content. He raised his kids to love skiing and the outdoors, and the children and grandchildren are outdoorsmen and women to this day. Midway through college, he served two years in the US Army in Korea. When Creep's activities were investigated, Magruder was the first of the Nixon trusties to break ranks by doing a deal with the Federal prosecutors. Early in 1969, Magruder was appointed to be the Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Domestic Policy Development, in the Nixon Administration, and the family moved to Washington, D.C. After several years, he was appointed Acting Director and then Deputy Director of the Committee to Reelect the President. He was a competitive swimmer and tennis player throughout high school and college years, and set records and played on the varsity teams. Magruder attended Curtis High School on Staten Island, followed by Williams College in Williamstown, MA. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. All Rights Reserved. In 1965, the family moved to Los Angeles, CA, where Magruder joined the Broadway Department Stores.

There was redemption, but there was also recidivism of a kind. Sorry for your loss. After serving in the Army in Korea and later getting his MBA, he became a businessman, eventually starting up his own cosmetics company, according to an obituary posted on the Hull Funeral Service website. Following his release from prison, he pursued theological studies and was ordained (1984) a Presbyterian minister. He married Patti Newton Filipski in 1987, and helped raise her two children, Jennifer and Joseph.

"[citation needed] In the end, he served seven months of his sentence (in a Federal prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania). In 2003, Magruder changed his public story about what he knew about the planning of the break-in, telling the Associated Press that former Attorney General John Mitchell had approved the break-in and that he heard Nixon tell Mitchell to proceed with the planned burglary. In 2003 Magruder was interviewed again, by PBS researchers and the Associated Press. He is survived by his four children and their spouses, Whitney (Jacqueline), Justin (J In 1961, they moved to Chicago where Magruder entered the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago to earn his MBA.

Magruder had testified that he thought that he was helping establish a legal intelligence-gathering operation. Jeb Stuart Magruder, American business executive and public official (born Nov. 5, 1934, Staten Island, N.Y.—died May 11, 2014, Danbury, Conn.), served (1969–71) as deputy director of communications in the White House during the administration of U.S. Pres. His love of reading and politics live on in the next generation as well. American business executive and public official. After the Watergate scandal, Magruder left politics and business. According to his account in a PBS documentary, Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History, and in an interview with the Associated Press, he asserted that Nixon knew about the Watergate burglary early in the process, and well before the scandal broke.

Jeb Stuart Magruder, named by a father who was a Civil War enthusiast after a dashing Confederate cavalry officer, grew up, not in the Deep South, but in Staten Island, the least populous of New York City's five boroughs. In 1990 Magruder was called as senior pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Lexington, Kentucky. In his book, An American Life: One Man's Road to Watergate (1974), he wrote. • Jeb Stuart Magruder, political aide, born 5 November 1934; died 11 May 2014 • This article was amended on 20 May 2014. [11], Magruder entered partnership during early 1969 with two other entrepreneurs to start two new businesses, and became president and chief executive officer of these firms.[12]. In 1990 Magruder consented to interviews with authors Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin while the two were conducting research for their 1991 book Silent Coup: The Removal of a President (St. Martin's Press). Magruder was also present at a meeting in Key Biscayne, Florida, with Mitchell and another Republican official, Fred LaRue, at which plans for illegal activities were also said to have been discussed. Jeb Stuart Magruder died peacefully on May 11, 2014 in Danbury CT, due to complications from a stroke. In 2003, Magruder changed his account again, saying that President Nixon had telephoned Mitchell at the Key Biscayne meeting.

Magruder was 79. In 1959, Magruder married Gail Barnes Nicholas and moved with his new wife to Kansas City, MO, where he drove a Jewel Tea truck for home delivery of grocery items. He published two books about his political career and faith journey, attended divinity school, and became an ordained Presbyterian minister in 1981. He is survived by three sons and one daughter from his first marriage. Magruder was born on November 5, 1934, on Staten Island, NY, the younger of two brothers, to Donald and Edith Magruder.

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