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The reason I said "there's nothing special here" for the previous level is because I use Holy or Flare instead. Float makes your party immune to such spells. Isn't that a passive skill and, by extension, automatic? They can take in lots of damage and deal lots of damage. The fact that I compared Meteor with the Bahamut summon should give you an idea of how powerful this spell is. Really the only thing I absolutely recommend everyone do is have one character play the mediator/beastmaster/whatever they decided to call it/the one with fluffy earmuffs class until they get the control ability for it. Party members are capped at 9999 HP while enemies are not. !White and !Summon World 3 and beyond. However, each job will have a default ability, taking up one of the last two ability slots. 15 MP. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Most monsters give both EXP and ABP, but some monsters give only ABP. I also didn't worry too much about jobs- I always had a white mage in my party. No stats to speak of, no inherent abilities. 3 MP. !Iainuki, "Automatically casts Shell when near KO.". However, if you learned Dual-Wield as a Ninja, then as a Mime you inherit Dual-Wield. Slowga is really sweet since it casts Slow on all of your opponents.

The Attack multiplier stat is an enemy-exclusive stat that helps determine the physical damage dealt, along with Strength and Attack. MP +10% is way better than HP +30%, and MP +10% sucks. Don't use it at all, since it is not worth it unless a Mime or Freelancer automatically inherits it. !Zeninage is still very useful in certain situations. Cure really sucks earlier on because of low MP. This ability is very useful earlier on. Titan, while costing a lot of MP, does a lot of earth damage. Innate abilities can be passed on to Freelancer and Mime jobs. Shiva does ice damage, Ramuh does lightning damage, and Ifrit does fire damage. The effect it has on overall damage varies by the weapon equipped, and for enemies, varies by their attack multiplier. Just cast Berserk since it's a safer bet. Instead of walking all the way back up a dungeon, just cast Teleport. Also, Bio does more damage than Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara, Level 6: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 100, (+12 Strength, -1 Magic). If you did decide to level up a Black mage, this is where you would stop and start to try to master any other mage job. - 12 MP. Description. Cover is automatically activated, and it is also an innate ability. What job you have also affects HP and MP, but in ratios. Level 6: !Time, ABP needed: 100, (+24 Magic), Meteor*: "Calls forth meteors that damage all enemies." So basically you do 400 damage and if you have four party members, then each member gets 100 HP back. Arise is expensive to use indeed, but it is needed against the later bosses. What's more, I'm kind of confused: Do Freelancer and Mimic get the sum of all stats from mastered jobs or are the stats transfered directly from the job with the highest stats? The Bard takes hits like a dusty old marshmallow and has horrible equipment options. If Lenna were to become a Summoner, then her stats would be 15 Strength, 25 Agility, 24 Vitality, and 61 Magic. I've made a mistake. I've never been fond of Odin. Lenna's high Magic automatically qualifies her to be a pure caster.

If the jobs found at the Sealed Temple are excluded, the Mime is the only job that is optional.. That's pretty cool. People love this ability, but I don't. "Perform a random summon for 0 MP. FF5 Forum Index. Casters cast spells to heal, damage, or buff. For leveling usage, slap this on one of your mages and it does more damage than !Gaia. Did you know that casting Drain on a sword then use !Rapid Fire allows you to probably heal all of your HP? Remember that while Bahamut is useful, Syldra with Air Knife does about the same damage with much less MP. 12 MP (53 ATK), Ifrit*: "Summons Ifrit." 25 MP (185 ATK), Blizzaga*: "Deals ice damage." The Mime is a job in Final Fantasy V.It is a secret job class found late in the game. The last ability slot can be any ability that you have already learned. This means that to use this ability, you must do manually activate it. ABP is Ability points, and it contributes to your job level. Let's say you equip !White to a Knight. Quick is the most overpowered spell in the game. Level 7: !Spellblade, ABP needed: 400, (+14 Strength, +1 Magic). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FinalFantasy community, Press J to jump to the feed.

45 MP, Syldra*: "Summons Syldra." I've never beaten FFV as I didn't like it outside of the job system so after years of not playing it I picked up the GBA version and was having a lot of fun. They do have high HP, but I don't prefer to keep one in the front line.

With Magus Rod, Black Mage can become very powerful at end of the game. And the lowest Stamina of any Job. This makes Ninja with !Jump and 2 Twin Lances extremely powerful in World 2. Like !Rapid Fire is for warriors, !Dualcast is for casters. 10 MP (50 ATK), Thundara*: "Deals lightning damage." This means that they have not two but three empty ability slots. Next, let's discuss what jobs are. True beauty exists in things that last only for a moment. Not much to comment about here. For example, Thundara is 50 ATK and Ramuh is 53 ATK. It doesn't have a default ability because you cannot control it. 10 MP (50 ATK), Blizzara*: "Deals ice damage." If you want to use Cure then that Knight has to be a level 3 White Mage also. You can hit like a monk AND gain 26 Strength? iOS/PC: Dragoon's !Jump is much, much better...only because Twin Lance will now hit twice with !Jump, and you can get Twin Lance very early in World 2. For example, one of Ninja's innate abilities is Dual-Wield. 4 MP (15 ATK), Thunder*: "Deals lightning damage." Catoblepas is just weird. and most inherent abilities of that Job (if any) for the Freelancer and Mime Jobs. Golem I've said before. Usually I just stick with Meteor (Time magic) or Leviathan. Now your casters will have +25 Vitality passed on when they are a Mime. Cure spells will damage zombies. Also, they have Two-Handed, an ability that sacrifices the defense and evasion for double damage. This means that you can have up to two abilities.

Who knows who--or what--will come...".

It does almost as much damage as Flare while only using 20 MP. Teleport is very nice. The thing about Shiva is that if you have an ice enemy instead of damaging them it will heal them. The Magic Evasion stat is an enemy-exclusive stat that determines their ability to block a magic spell. Galuf/Krile (Secondary DPS/Support Magic) Skill Choices: !XAttack/Sshot and !Time. Faris (Primary Healer) Skill Choices: !White and !Mug (Mug can be subsituted for anything else you'd like instead). 5 MP, Float*: "Levitates target." The Mime, however, is designed to be the ultimate mage class and therefore only has a mage-styled equipment list. when it works, it's great, but it really doesn't work.

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