jordan klepper vs trump supporters march 22

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Trump must be so proud to have this group.

$10 says she has absolutely NO idea what it means. To keep tabs on the president, The Daily Show is already on the beat — because as host Trevor Noah said on Tuesday night's show, "Where there's a Trump rally, there's Jordan Klepper.". , All these morons thinking any decent country would just welcome them with open arms. Both parties will do everything they can to keep people stupid and give them just enough to survive and get up and go to work the next day.

Klepper had a more substantive answer to the question.

Anybody here when Biden is at 264 and Trump is at 214?

the very things you completly disagree with? Trump's followers brings a new meaning of the "unwakened"! Crazy Lady: "Kamala" Jordan: "That's 2 for 1" Crazy Lady: "I know right" lol. We don't like guns either, we don't have an army because we prefer to invest more money in public health and education. Omg lol! the stupidity is next level with these people. Trump is fighting to stay in. No saben lo que es un gobierno socialista, no sé de qué hablan... y no va a ser Biden el socialista... y va a ir CR con instituciones socialistas... Do americans know that the red color is asociated to communism and socialism? Trump receive a " plane full of masks and paper towel from Putin! The grass is greener on the other side because the cows have crapped on it. Don't miss the boat ma'am. XD ok MAGA. They're all projecting. David Matas discusses transplant abuse in China and interactions with Chinese transplant professionals.

and who have no military, are progressive and environmentalist? Y'all are sleeping on that Argentina joke . So many stupidity there.

My god!!! in Argentina, the peronismo is back ( eva peron for the gringos reference) , we have free education and free healthcare. Why don't people vote for me? His leadership, even refuse to see the storms brewing within the Republicans Party (RVAT)! Good riddance!

Hi from Argentina. Jordan Klepper Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ at Trump Rally (Video) For his first bit back on the job, Trump supporters weighed in on the impeachment Margeaux Sippell | December 17, 2019 @ 8:12 AM BIDEN, CHINA, IRAN, THE POPE. {KEY_LINK}Jordan Klepper{/KEY_LINK} hits up one final {KEY_LINK}Trump rally{/KEY_LINK} before Election Day to hear what Trump’s supporters think about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nepotism and more. Trump is friends with these cruel dictators, even negotiating Trump's trade deals with Russia. Skip to the content. Ridiculously stupid. the amount of ignorance these people have is positively alarming.

YOU CAN WORSHIP YOUR GOD!! Also Trump: I'm losing so I demand a recount. Racist and evil!!!!! Hacker Blind Date at Home and How to Make Funny Food Hacks!

Matas’ poster Annual Bioethics Conference 2018 at Harvard Medical School After Mr. Matas gave his presentation, participants had an opportunity to ask questions.

His marketing was clever and despicable. Military recruitment would also plummet.

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Author who served in Washington D.C: Book-From: *Compton To: The White House* by DeSean Martin | The Daily Show. Mr. Matas is an international human rights lawyer.

Get ready for THE ONE WORLD ORDER!!! Baa everything is a conspiracy and corrupt unless Trump wins. Has anybody noticed how Jordan Klepper's videos has more views than that of any other clips from this show? Costa Rica... who most recently elected the Social-Democrat into government for the 5th term in a row? Their collective IQ is less than the number of presidents we have had…. Looks like this really is the final Trump rally...thank god. Number two: it's not a public event, guaranteeing that these are his people," said Klepper.

Search. A healthier, wealthier, more educated population would be very bad for their games they like to play. Don't know facts. Now I know why he’s wearing a mask. Jesus we have a country full of a lot of idiots. We have socialized healthcare too and we have spent the las two decades sentencing our own fascist criminals against humanity, so the lady will have to keep looking.

Trump: I am a Christian Also Trump: I like the new testament and the old testament equally Trump: I am a conservative Also Trump: Cheats on wife and wants to f*** daughter Trump on Nov 3: I hate mail in ballots because I know that if I can't use voter oppression, I might lose!

They are so dumb that hurts to watch !! I'm not religious, but Klepper is doing the lord's work.

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