june bug vs japanese beetle

Figure 3. Another way of eliminating them is by simply picking them by hand. Adult Japanese beetle feeding on conifers (rare). For instance, June bugs have a natural predator, which is the blue-winged wasp. All Rights Reserved. Mince four cloves of garlic and mix with mineral oil. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. They stick out, so it would be impossible for you to miss them. Adult Japanese beetles have rarely been reported to feed on tender bark during a serious outbreak (Figure 1). These C-shaped, grayish-white grubs have tan heads and visible jointed legs. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae.

When grubs feed on conifer seedlings, the roots are consumed and the tree may be girdled just under the soil surface (Figure 3). Courtesy of Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org (#2121096). While this might be an aspect that’s easy to go under your radar, here’s another thing that will help you tell them apart much easier. Courtesy of Jim Stimmel, PDA, Phyllophaga sp., Polyphylla sp., Popillia japonica Newman. Japanese beetles are fans of green leaves, while June bugs are more attracted by sugary treats, like over-ripened fruits. They feed in groups as that gives them the ability to devour the food at their disposal as quickly as possible. They prefer to feed at night, and their diet consists of foliage, although, as mentioned before, they eat little, and the damage they cause is not obvious.

They might be as damaging, but they are a worse pest as adults.

These wasps hunt the larvae, and they scout the fields in search of grubs. Before hurrying to the phone to call extermination services, you should learn that there are other methods to get rid of such pests. During July and August, the females will fly low to identify the best places for laying their eggs.

They are both relatively large, and they appear to be everywhere once they reach their adult stage. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Figure 1. Apply a registered insecticide with a stomach poison to grassy areas in the spring (March–mid-May) or fall (September–November) to control grubs. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) The beetle has quickly buzzing wings and tends to hover when it flies.

What matters most is that these critters tend to attract others, so if you see a beetle in your garden, the chances are that more are invisible. My dad eventually ended up living in Arizona, so he naturally assigned the name June bug to another common green scarab, the fig beetle. They do not always eat the turf grassroots, but damage them, as they dig tunnels to reach the surface and feed. A natural remedy for getting rid of larvae is right at your fingertips. The grubs don’t like garlic, and they are efficiently killed by it. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? They were here yesterday as well - it rained Friday night and a very little bit yesterday. This is when the grubs are mature and capable of severing the taproots. Damage in seedling beds can occur as early as the first year after germination. During summer, June bugs invade porches at nighttime, as they are drawn in by the lights. Allow the mixture to sit overnight, and then use it by spreading it on the areas you believe to have been overcome by the larvae. Damage includes seedling discoloration (reddish brown) in late summer to early fall. Kommersiellt innehåll | Kun for nye kunder | 18+ Adults of both green June beetles and Japanese beetles seem to be ramping up their activity throughout eastern Kansas. Most species have sparse yellow hairs on the body.

Courtesy of Sandy Gardosik, PDA. We have what I thought were Japanese Beetles swarming all over our yard today. The number one reason they are considered pests is that their larval stage – when they are called grubs – can damage the soil. Although they are both beetles, they are alike only if you throw a superficial look at them. What can make both species turn into pests for your garden is that their feeding habits attract other members, and, together, they can end up causing quite some damage. See All Pest, Disease and Weed Identification, See All Beer, Hard Cider, and Distilled Spirits, See All Community Planning and Engagement, Pollinators and Pesticide Sprays during Bloom in Fruit Plantings, Orchard IPM - Integrating Neonicotinoid Insecticides. By entering your email, you consent to receive communications from Penn State Extension. While there are equally significant differences between them about which we will talk a bit later, let’s focus on what makes their identification so confusing. Moderate–severe on seedlings. Therefore, turfgrass is the most affected by the larvae of both species. They burrow 8–10 inches (20.32–25.40 cm) below the soil surface to remain below the frost line overwinter. In a June bug vs Japanese beetle competition, you may find that they are both damaging for your garden, especially in their larval stage. Dig several square-foot holes and sift through soil to check for grubs.

They also prefer to swarm in packs of around 20 individuals so they can eat the food they find faster. Scarab larvae, or white grubs, overwinter in the soil (Figure 2). Lady bug is bright red and june bug is darker orange/red

June bugs are green in color, with copper mixed in it, so if you notice little greenish bugs flying around, these are, most likely, the critters invading your garden. A soil with adequate moisture represents the ideal condition for that to happen. As adults, their diet also differs. Note: Balled-and-burlapped trees are regulated for the Midwest and western United States and parts of Canada, according to the U.S. Japanese Beetle Harmonization plan. Moles, shrews, and skunks feed heavily on grubs in the soil. From time to time, the grubs emerge to the surface to deposit feces outside their burrow. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Another visual aspect that will help you tell apart Japanese beetles from June bugs is the presence of small tufts of white hair on the sides. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? June bugs tend to have a more pointed body shape toward the head, while Japanese beetles have a somewhat rounder shape. At the end of the season, evaluate results and update records. They like young leaves, and while they do prefer agricultural fields, they eat everything they find, such as the leaves of shrubs and other plants. color. June bug insects can be controlled though with a few steps. To get to know the pests that invade your backyard, you need to learn the important differences between the two species of bugs. Root dip may be hard on trees, so in-field treatment is preferred. In this process, they leave behind round holes in the surface that resemble puncture holes from a pencil. Seedling with grub feeding damage (left) and healthy seedling (right). View our privacy policy. They may travel considerable distances in search of plant roots on which to feed. You will know that you are dealing with an invasion of Japanese beetles if you notice bald patches in your turf grass. June beetle larva. There are more than 400 species of May beetles (Phyllophaga spp.) Adults are dark brown to black beetles up to an inch (25 mm) in length. Adequate soil moisture is required for survival, and drought periods will significantly decrease the population due to desiccation of young larvae. Entering your postal code will help us provide news or event updates for your area. What is the difference in a June Bug and a Japanese Beetle? If you have ever stumbled in your garden upon critters that look, at first glance, like Japanese beetles but prove to be different, you might have encountered June bugs. A June bug is also known as a Japanese beetle and is almost the size of a quarter. No recommendations are available at this time. Corn fields are known reservoirs for Japanese beetles. Some states recommend maintenance of groundcover to offer alternate food sources to grubs in the plantation. In a. competition, you may find that they are both damaging for your garden, especially in their larval stage.

As adults, June bugs can be a minor nuisance, as they like to feed on nectar and fruits, but it is the larval stage that does most of the damage. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? In a June bug vs Japanese beetle competition, you may find that they are both damaging for your garden, especially in their larval stage. If the bug has a small white 'M' marking in that spot, that's a telltale sign you're dealing with an invasive species.They also have larger white "cheek" markings and have more white on their heads overall. While in their larval stage, they can grow to an impressive length of 2.5 inches (compared to their adult form), and it is now that they cause a lot of damage. Learning more about the two species presented here will help you identify what measures to take if you notice trouble of this kind in your garden. Beetles, in general, are considered pests, although not on par with much more invasive species. At the same time, it is safe for your plants, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your garden in your quest to get rid of all these critters.

In spring, they move to the upper 4 inches of soil and resume feeding on the roots of almost every plant they encounter.

However, if you observe beetles with a darker green, copper-like back, those are Japanese beetles. As soil temperatures decrease in fall, grubs move lower in the soil. Like June bugs, Japanese beetles emerge as larvae in the soil.

If sprayed on plants at the first signs of an attack of these bugs, it will prevent them from eating, and also from reproducing as both June bugs and Japanese beetles will postpone reproduction if they don’t have enough food. LEARN HOW TO STOP THE INVASIVE SPOTTED LANTERNFLY, Coronavirus: Information and resources for the Extension Community, White grub damage to seedlings.

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