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Because of this, she views most elderly people in a negative light. He also starred in the film Geek Charming. Falling in love with contact Natalka during the Aramov mission, Ryan pines for her even after his return to the UK, and following his retirement from CHERUB in 2017, he is helped by James Adams to find her, resuming their relationship from where they left off three years before. He retired from CHERUB after The Killing, but makes a brief return in The Sleepwalker. In 1988, her father and younger brother died in a blimp accident, and her mother died of throat cancer. Barry Cox is an Australian ex-soldier with ties to Help Earth. He is known for getting girls, having sex, and then treating them like dirt because he prefer relationships which last for a short time, not long-term, which has led to Kerry Chang labeling him a scumbag for doing so in his profile on the CHERUB website. He is a good friend of James. She has one known son, Curtis Oxford.

Learn more about Marshall’s life and work. Filmography. People born under this sign are thought to be brave and independent. She was a CHERUB agent between 1978 (aged 8) and 1988, and earned a black shirt in 1984, becoming one of the youngest agents to do so. Dave is James's partner in Maximum Security and in The Killing. He hides all his ill-earned money in overseas bank accounts, and at the end of Class A he sets up all his money for his children. He wears a navy T-shirt. Lauren ends up being kidnapped by the men along with Anna and has to fight her way out. TV Actors. His fear of heights and his anger, along with James and Bruce, help him through the pressure in The Fall. Alan Falco is a bent cop who willingly accepts bribery, he has taken thousands of bribes, including the one to destroy the witness statements for Will Clark’s death. He was born Angus Carr in 1976, in Glasgow. She used blanks from her father's office to smuggle many weapons.

He was a member of the Zebra Alliance. Mark (aka Kennet Marcussen) is a hardcore animal rights activist. [[ He is an actor and producer, known for Heartland (2007), Aliens in America (2007) and All About Sarah Niles. He is reprimanded at the end of Brigands M.C. Ruling Planet: Kerry James has a ruling planet of Sun and has a ruling planet of Sun and by astrological associations Saturday is ruled by Sun.

Bookmark this page and come back often for updates. Hassam Bin Hassam is suspected of providing FCX (flight certification expired) parts for airplanes, and is killed near the end of The Sleepwalker by police. Kerry James was born in 1980s. When Ning was 11, Choaxiang was arrested for corruption and human trafficking. His parents died in a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in 2001. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section. He completed the training the first time, whereas Callum dropped out because of his broken arm after the basic training compound incident. Kary A. James joined ICF in 2017 as Executive Director of the Child Information Gateway Project. In Class A, she accompanies James Adams, Kyle Blueman, and Nicole Eddison on the mission, posing as an adoptive sister. After the Government ran tests on him, it turned out that he could barely see past his own nose. He is a professor of microbiology. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. He also made a brief appearance in The General, sharing a room with Lauren, although the bullying Bruce and James gave him wasn't mentioned. He was caught and sentenced to 9 years. Has a partner and two daughters, Megan and Matilda, born in 1999 and 2003 respectively. Kerry James’s birth sign is Leo and he has a ruling planet of Sun. Following the death of Yosyp Kazakov on a mission, he is offered the vacant post of training instructor by chairwoman Zara Asker, eventually accepting and becoming a junior staff member, then eventually being promoted and becoming a mission controller by the end of New Guard. The protagonist, James suffers from anger management difficulties, often landing him in trouble. He had to drop out when he fractured his wrist, but completed training on his second attempt. Josh Peck. Kurt Lydon is a member of a nuclear organisation called Dark Sun. They were caught by a clan called Aramov who wanted their wealth. Publicity Listings In The Recruit, Amy was James's swimming instructor, and acted as his elder sister on his first mission. Adelaide was working with Mark (aka Kennet Markussen), and James Wilson (aka James Adams). Susie Regan is a supermodel and environmental activist who had an affair with Bungle Evans and was introduced to Help Earth. CHERUB agent from 1986 (aged 10) to 1993. He often makes sexist jokes which infuriate Kerry Chang, who then takes it out on James.

Ralph Donnington (The Führer) is the leader of the South Devon chapter of the Brigands Motorcycle Club. At one point she attempts to make James read it to no avail. He was born as Norman Eric in 1963, in Luton, Bedfordshire, and joined CHERUB in 1970 (aged 7) along with his brother and two sisters after both his parents died in a house fire.

He has a frightening temper and has often said to have gone "over the top". Born in 1990. According to Muchamore, he is the most important character introduction since Rat in Divine Madness. She has also appeared in the Aramov trilogy. Kerry is James's basic training partner, and they share an on/off romance between Class A and The Fall. For starting a relationship with an active-duty agent and doing so as a CHERUB staff member, Bruce is permanently banned from any further employment by CHERUB and exiled from the organisation for three years, a sentence he describes as "totally worth it" in the epilogue. He then went on a mission with Lauren and James in Brigands M.C. He is the reason for Nicole Eddison's dismissal from CHERUB when he provides her with cocaine to snort. Though he acts tough, he sleeps with a blue teddy bear called Jeremy (although he denies this whenever it is brought up by saying "it was on a shelf above my bed, and it fell"). As a result, in 2006 he was demoted to regular training officer following disciplinary action concerning his bullying towards Lauren Adams.

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