lego brick template printable

When a very useful new part is included in many new sets, I’ll create a label as soon as possible. Subscribe to the Brick Architect newsletter for early access to exclusive content, the latest articles, and updates to the Printable LEGO Brick Labels, LEGO Storage Guide, and my book The LEGO Architect. I will use some of the things you created, thank you soooo much for sharing!! My boys and their friends will love this ! Freyr, Yah!! I noticed that part 98285 (last entry on TECHNIC-plate_3.lbx) is marked Top, but it’s the Bottom part. Hi, Are they also available as pdf as before? April 3, 2020: Several Mac users have experienced a bug which prevents them from printing a complete 11 ¾″ strip of labels. I am going to use a few of them for my son's 6th bday coming up in a few weeks. About How it works Help / FAQ Blog Careers. Many of the new parts in LEGO Brick Labels version 3.3, alongside my Brother Label Printer. I prefer the cabinet with 64 smaller drawers—it’s perfect for sorting the majority of your collection by part. For a less common part, I wait a few years to see if it gains widespread adoption before adding it to the collection. Enjoy! !Here, in Brazil, we don´t do "home parties" very often (but I DO cause I love it!) It closes tighter and doesn’t need tape to stay closed. I have been searching for Lego party ideas for my son. Time limit is exhausted. You did a fabulous job!

(I keep meaning to follow-up with Brother support to clarify the high-res printing issues, but I’ve been too busy! The following printers are also compatible with LEGO Brick Labels using the P-touch Editor application. Birthday Clips Lego Birthday Party Crochet Lego Sign Templates Printable Templates Free Lego Lego Bedroom Lego Man Lego Blocks. So happy I found your site! As I was assembling mine, I noticed some flaws, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a MUCH better box.

I love, love that your daughter wants a LEGO party! I am not computer savvy at all and your ideas are so helpful.

They are really tasty too. Thanks for sharing your talent and making my guy (and me) happy!!! timeout No offense taken! Great lego party! My son will have a party soon and your post have very useful ideas. These are some of the most common Lego Bricks. First he said he wanted to go, then he said he wished it was his birthday.

Your hard work is much appreciated. The label collection grew throughout 2014, as I purchased additional LEGO bricks while writing my book, The LEGO Architect. . You have saved me SO much work! I could kiss you! (Recommendation based on testing with a Windows 10 PC, and version 5.2.032 of the Brother P-touch Editor application.). I made some with hot glue but it's not that sturdy.). Maria, Your email address will not be published. When loading one of these files I get an “Unsupported font detected. Please solve this math problem (to prove that you aren't a robot.). I do not have a label printer but print on standard A4 (UK) paper. Thanks for providing the labels, and thanks for the PDF contact sheet. If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I’ve intentionally allowed this duplication because it makes sense to me (and other builders I’ve talked to) to keep printed minifig heads with other minifig parts, and unprinted parts with other round parts. I also added the Lego bumps right in the template so you don’t have to cut and paste them on. function() { And, thank you SO much for making your invitation and lego juice box templates available for our use! Thank you Delia, for helping me make my son’s Lego party, email send. You just made my day! Party Tip: At staples or kinkos you can print big 2×3 feet black and white posters [called engineering prints] for $3-4 and they are ready in just seconds!Your party is so cute!!

I’d be ok with making my own but having the pictures like those on your labels would be killer. Holy moly. I just finished doing the lego pinata! my son will have an even better party now!!! Oh and…if you are a Lego collector.

Not many people in my country throw LEGO theme party to kid , Thank you SO much for sharing all your hard work with us. You will need to use a Windows PC or a Mac computer (not an iPad). I will definitely give you credit if I post anything. thanks so much, my Charlie will love it!! I used the printables for my son's star wars lego party. Click to subscribe, MyMiniFactory - Credit - Remix - Noncommercial, 270 I found a lot of useful information at here. There aren’t any “perfect” LEGO Storage solutions for all LEGO enthusiasts—the best solution for you will depend on dozens of factors such as the age of the primary LEGO builder, the size of your LEGO collection, how much space you have, and your budget. Any Brother printer which connects to a PC/Mac using the Brother P-Touch Editor application and prints on ‘P-touch’ ½″ (12mm) labels will work. Just finished my first run through.

I’ve fixed this for the next version. I’m seeing the same thing in Version 3.4. What a blessing! Here are some pictures: Star Wars Lego Birthday Party. user can know it. (function( timeout ) {

When printed on ½″ (12 mm) laminated tape, each label is less than 2″ (5 cm) wide. My son is going to be so excited! Also have a look at my Lego Minifigure if you like printed Lego things! Thanks Ant, If you open TECHNIC-gears_4.lbx, and scroll all the way to the right — keep going ! I do not have a Brother printer. I love the idea of having your son help create the favors. – How would you recommend categorizing larger creatures from Jurassic Park sets? Thankyou so much for sharing…I've just done a Lego themed party for my 9 year old and used your box template for the loot boxes. I would enlist the help of a print shop to know just how much to enlarge it. You labels have been a huge help. setTimeout( These files are automatically updated daily. MAKERS. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. Thank you! Hoping that he’ll love these as much as I do . It’s easy to print LEGO Brick Labels on a compatible Brother Label Printer. Thank you so much for the downloads. Please reload CAPTCHA. MYMINIFACTORY. It was nice to be able to create on my own. Maybe you might want to switch to a font that is available on Win and macOS by default. Sorry about that! Further down in this page, you will find a list of compatible printers, and detailed instructions to help you print these labels. If you re-download the collection, you should get version 35.1 (which you can confirm by opening VERSION_35.txt). 313 Hi Tom, thanks for the labels. Thank you for giving yours to all of us moms who have lego nuts at home. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

February 1, 2011, This is my last Lego Birthday Party post. 3) The Arm, Mechanical – you have the item number 53989 listed twice (53989/ 53989).

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