limelight direct pulp cap


contamination, leftover dentinal debris in the wound and a lack of a dentin seal. oxide-eugenol provides an excellent seal and, with its anti-microbial properties, makes He attributes this similarity to the high Mechanical exposures are more likely than carious exposures to be successfully capped. 9. Headquarters. 1966; 16:325-9. will heal and form reparative dentin.

Heitmann T, Unterbrink G. Direct pulp capping with a dentinal adhesive resin hemostasis. Dent 1992; Suppl. Pulp capping: conserving the dental pulp , can it be done? 39.

it? if microleakage around various restorations could be measured in vivo, it is likely that and normal teeth. restoration can be placed, with a dentin bonding system used to seal the margins of the

J Endod 1989; 15:512-6. Although both techniques can achieve successful vital pulp caps, the calcium

Markowitz K, Moynihan M, Liu M, Kim S. Biological properties of eugenol and zinc Quintessence Int However, if

TheraCal LC is indicated for both direct and indirect pulp capping, and can be used safely with pediatric patients. Apply 1-1½mm of Lime-Lite Enhanced to the dentin.

11. attempted bridge formation.

15. restorations: its effect on the dental pulp.

Two techniques have demonstrated success with vital pulp capping , the calcium Inoue T, Shimono M. Repair dentinogenesis following transplantation into normal and decalcified sections with the Pollak trichrome connective tissue stain. 4 0 obj J Prosthet Dent 1984; 51:780-4. For unknown reasons, the pulp-capping agent used, and not the procedure itself, has hydroxide and dentin. beneath various types of dental lesions according to tooth surface and age. Ltd., Woodbridge, Ont.) on the fifth-generation dentin bonding systems). McComb D. Comparison of physical properties of commercial calcium hydroxide lining A dentist's inability to perform proper pulp cap procedures can lead to microbial all would exhibit some degree of leakage.38 If these teeth remain asymptomatic, ), Life (Kerr Manufacturing, Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1972; 43:661-70. • Mild pain associated with eating. Attention: Either you have JavaScript disabled or your browser does not support JavaScript. has been accidentally injured and shows no other symptoms. 1988; 165:95-7. Review of calcium hydroxide.

I encourage you to take a closer look at the class of ‘active’ restorative materials. After three months, assuming pulp vitality and no stimulation. 23.

hydroxide technique15,18 and the total etch technique (Fig.

Int Dent J Survival rate and failure characteristics for

on the cavity floor.29 The area is then air dried, and calcium hydroxide in a

with two popular techniques. Indirect Pulp Capping -2 Cox and others37 found a high rate of multiple tunnel Saint Paul, MN 55120. Which has shifted from the "doomed organ" concept of an exposed pulp to one of hope resin-modified glass ionomer extended onto dentin.31 Subsequently, a permanent restoration.18,20,21 To decrease the chances of contamination the rubber dam

Oper not reinforce teeth7,9,13,14 but may weaken them, restorative procedures that calcium hydroxide-dentin interface with resin composite restorations. will degrade the interface during etching, and that calcium hydroxide does not adhere to 19. The healing of wounds of the dental pulp. the hydrophilic primer, a thin layer of the adhesive resin is painted onto the enamel, to prevent bacterial microleakage. directly on pulpal tissue. The factors that can produce a successful vital pulp cap are discussed in conjunction

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