mazhabi sikh surnames list

Don’t get on a hype okay! This convention is an extension of the Hindu Rajput or Kshatriya tradition into Sikhism in addition to some other aspects of Rajput martial culture like "Jhatka" , "Shastar Tilak" , etc, which are preserved in the traditions of Nihang and Hazoori Sikhs to this day. I’m johal jatt im interested in your information? It was originally the name of a warrior clan in the Khatri community. The ugly head of caste will do no good for anybody . Bruuuuah! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Too much wishful thinking imho. Jalandhar … So inform me if you put all due and thn why you not put our surname here .. .. not long back, recent past great jat leader sir chhoturam humbly requested the govt then that floor grinding stone n oxen of jat may not be kept as rahan by the bania lending them money while janta party prime minister desai resigned requesting the president if babu jabjivanram could manage the crisis however ch. my chamar caste and beliefs doesnot allow me to harass other innocent . He wrote , "In Afghanistan, among a rough alien people, the Khatris are, as a rule, confined to the position of humble dealers, shopkeepers and moneylenders; but in that capacity the Pathans seem to look on them as a kind of valuable animal and a Pathan will steal another man's Khatri not only for the sake of ransom, as is sometimes done in Peshawar and the Hazara frontier, but also as he might steal a milch-cow, or Jews might, I dare say, be carried off in the middle ages with a view to render them profitable.". It really shouldn’t matter what caste you belong too. There is nothing to be ashamed of one’s caste. The root cause of all this was the system called brahminism (caste system created by the Brahmins). This sentiment is altogether against the spirit of Sikhism but unfortunately does exist. The very name SAPTSINDU defined the natural and national boundaries of India.

There is no high or low in Sikhism. I want every chamar to become a political animal and be inspired and think of raj. . These 15% have been ruling and controlling India since independence. [citation needed], Many Sikhs use the sole Singh and Kaur (without any other family name). Jai Guru Ravidas Ji. Matter of fact all the castes except Brahmin and Khatries, rest of them have the same roots, That is why you find the same last names in the so called lower castes including the Jatts. But I hate this division of humanity. Some say that they are the descendants of Shudra fathers and Kshatriya mothers. They are also known for their industry and exceptional work-ethic.

Very important occupations identifier surnames as Chamar ( cobbler), Dom ( worker in a burning ghat) have been used for calling somebody names. Thotha chana baje ghana,brahmin being emty wants high status by false caste qalification. I can’t say I’m Jatt without someone labelling me as a believer of the caste system. 100 guna we people are doing torchur to all and we claim to be ahimsa wadi people? These lower caste Muslims also later invented the tales of foreign origin to escape discrimination from the upper caste Muslims. जब इसलाम धर्म स्वीकारे | मुख से कलमा आपा उचारै || I can say this! 3.Kler bina akal ke hi hum tumhe apne under me rakhte hai aur aka;l laga di to tab kya hoga socha hai kabhi ……….. Toh tum kya socthe ho bus tum hi harami ban sakte ho kya hum harami toh tum humase bhi jyada harami ho hamare pass to 20-30% reservation h tum logo ke pass toh 70% h fir bhi rothe hi rahte ho so sad ;( beta ye manu ke rule ni chate ab india me

. The gurus tried to create pure human beings with clean unblemished hearts without caste or dress or other distinctions such as surnames, which is why sikhs supposed to have the five K’s. For other castes: we are not against any body. Religions like Budhism, Jainism and Sikhism also have inputs from Adi Dharam. It seems to you are the ‘dumb ass and don’t know anything’ or have not learnt anything except live in total ignorance.

gotam budha father raja sudhodhan was from sakya caste n mother was daughter of koli raja .rajas/ rajputs can be from any caste koli , kunbi, jat, mala, jala ,hindu, mugal n so on when two fight one wins while other looses has to do the job the winner raja wishes as suryavansi raja was in services of kaluram dom/ chandal was created . so please don’t change your surname. Scholars such as J Alexander provide evidence that Islamic system of abducting and transporting Black slaves from Saharan and sub Saharan Africa to Dar al Islam (largely, West Asia and North Africa) lasted over 1000 years and was already well-established before the trans-Atlantic slave trade to Americas was begun by Christian Europeans. If our people ever spoke of the injustice they suffered, they faced starvation for them and their whole families. JAI HIND…..JAI CHAMAAR.

What is the need to tell anyone about your caste? Harijan, untouchable , and latest nomenclature as SC and Dalits are highly derogatory words having a lot of repelling apeal .The moment an Indian from other caste comes to know about these low caste words his mind is filled with a hate and in most of the probability he would not like to be associated with them. Being afraid, however, to form them into separate corps, Maharaja Ranjit Singh attached a company of Mazhabis to the existing battalions (misls).

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