medieval 2 total war best units

Desert Cavalry - Fast skirmishers with javelins, best used to harass enemy flanks and fend off archers. Professional pikes range from 240 - 350 florins and generally exist to give a few factions something to best other militia pikes (France, Spain). By using this site you consent to this use in our, Poor bows have Attack rating 5 and cost less than 320 florins. Lightly equipped, but exceptionally brave and fierce. Knights of Santiago - Based in Spain, the Knights of Santiago are charged with driving the Moors from Iberia.

This weapon is a difficult one to use effectively. Qapukulu - Elite household guards, well armoured and equipped with maces, Qapukulu make for tough opponents in hand to hand combat. the strongest heavy infantry? Merchant Cavalry Militia - Poorly trained, but well equipped cavalry who fight with a sword. Huscarls who wield the Axe as their primary with a shield. Javelinmen - These troops are drawn from the Spanish peasantry, protected by light armour and fighting with the javelin, in Iberian fashion. Qilich Arslan - Qilich Arslan and his bodyguard. Use flaming arrows against tough targets. Created by. Best use of these is armoured spear lines or worse.

Swiss Pikemen - The most renowned mercenaries of their age. Welsh Longbowmen - The first wielders of the longbow. The data files are the only source. Punishing against defences and units. Retinue Longbowmen - Well armoured professional soldiers. Sporting heavy cannon broadsides and a thick hull. Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings, create_unit [settlement / character name] [unit id] [amount], create_unit London "Merchant Cavalry Militia" 2. Regular lance cavalry is a large grouping cost from 590 to 860 and have Attack rating 10 (Charge 6 or 8). create_unit London "Merchant Cavalry Militia" 2. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Polish Knights - Well armoured and equipped, and practiced in heavy cavalry tactics these knights make a fearsome addition to any Polish army. Woodsmen - Hardy folk from the forests of North Eastern Europe, armed with a large axe. Professional Maces have an Attack rating of 7, and are both mid-tier missile units: Nubian Archers (470 fl) and Longbowmen (560 fl). As with infantry, the sword is a generalist weapon, and is wielded by about 80% of cavalry units.

You need to expand quickly, get your money and tech up fast. Halberds comprise the halberd, the voulge, and the swordstaff. Dismounted Light Lancers - Despite preferring to fight on horseback, these lightly armoured warriors have dismounted to fight on foot. General's Bodyguard - The combination of heavy armour, a fully armoured horse and a lance make these elite warriors mobile killing machines. This category includes some missile units, and generally cost around 400 to 500 florins depending on armour. Gendarmes - Superb well armoured professional heavy cavalry armed with a lance. Highland Rabble - Ill disciplined and fierce peasants from the Highlands armed with a basic hand weapon. They are not strong in melee although often have armour-piercing weapons. Mid level Mace units have Attack rating 10 and range between 610 and 820 florins. Noble Pikemen - Well armoured Pikemen made up of Scottish nobles preferring to fight in the infantry. Aventuros - Impetuous and hot blooded gentry, armed with pikes and excellent armour, this elite unit is one of the best pike units available. The spear is the lighter of the shock weapons that cavalry can wield (the other being the lance).

Genoese Crossbowmen - Superior Italian crossbow unit armoured with brigandine and a pavise.

Spear infantry. Mamluks - Bought as slaves, and trained from boyhood and well equipped, these soldiers make formidable heavy cavalry. Voulgier - Well equipped, these men make solid infantry, and their polearms make them effective against both foot and mounted foes. Next is "Good Stamina" and the best level is "Very Good Stamina". A good defensive tool able to fire singly or in a six-barrel barrage. Khan's Guard - Magnificently equipped elite troops loyal to the Khan, and willing to protect him at all costs.

Dismounted Conquistadores - Well armoured and equipped with a sword, Conquistadors make superb heavy infantry capable of devastating attacks. These units never feel like value for money. The Javelin is a very effective mounted weapon. Royal Mamluks - These men are the Sultan's guard and are chosen from the best Mamluk cavalry, making them the elite of the elite. Madness! Akinjis - Light cavalry used as mercenaries by Muslim forces. Avoid melee with these as it is generally of Attack rating 2. Serbian Hussars - Renown for their hit and run tactics, Hussars are equipped with light mail, shield, lance and sword. The sword is a common melee weapon although units who wield it as a primary weapon are not the most numerous unit in the game. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Units who wield a spear/lance as their primary and wield the Axe as a secondary weapon. Combined they have an effect on the performance of a unit in combat, including parrying. Urban Militia - Equipped with a sword, well trained and protected by heavy armour these troops are far superior to most militias.

Peasant Archers - Accustomed to using their bow for hunting, these peasant archers are armed with a small bow and knife. Attack ratings are closely related to the primary weapon Attack rating. Polish Nobles - Able to circle in front their enemies and shoot, these excellent troops hurl their javelins before engaging in melee.

In the case of charges, training level affects cavalry more as their higher pace puts their cohesion out more. From the purpose of usefulness, a few examples: Sherwood archers, England Royal Bandierum, Hungary Teutonic Knights, HRE And so on. Pavise Crossbowmen - These troops are armed with a large shield to protect them during the slow process of reloading their crossbow. King Harold - King Harold and his bodyguard. Pikes are an over-sized, two handed spear. If you like being dangerously cheesy. Basilisk - Very powerful cannon with great range, damage and accuracy. Kwarizmian Cavalry - These Khwarizmi are well equipped and protected heavy cavalry ready to fight for whomever can afford them. The normal level shows nothing on the information card. Pavise Crossbow Militia - Italian crossbow militia, armoured with mail and a pavise. Norman Knights - Exceptionally fierce knights, wearing heavy mail, and equipped with sturdy lances. © Valve Corporation.

They can defeat cavalry but are vulnerable to everything else and need a lot of support with an Attack rating of just 7. As for difficulty whilst starting a campaign?=Russia due to distances & Venice. These units fire a slowly reloading, armour piercing bolt in a flattish trajectory. Encased in plate armour and wielding foe-crushing maces. There are three ratings and all are visible on the unit cards. I tested the unit in custom battle and they are really disappointing. Aventuros - Impetuous and hot blooded gentry, armed with pikes and excellent armour, this … Later units are either heavy and expensive (Lancers, Quapukulu) or light and cheap (Demi Lancers, Hussars). Units who wield it with a shield as their primary weapon, Pike units who wield it without a shield as a secondary weapon, Missile units who wield it, sometimes with a shield, as a secondary weapon. France looks to be easy too, as they have those "terminator" (cheater) multi functional infantry units (aventurier, scots guard) that are heavy armor knights and crossbowman in same time... while for other factions these are seperate units. Dismounted Byzantine Lancers. Missile infantry.

Camel Gunners cost 1180 for Attack rating 16. Can destroy nearly any wall in one shot. Gunpowder units unlock late in the game and have a rapid technological progression, so there is some variation in this category. Dismounted Mercenary Knights - These superb fighters can fight mounted or on foot and are well worth their fee. Alan Light Cavalry - Hardy horsemen accustomed to the plains and steppes of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region. I'm glad you enjoyed the guide and the mod - I have played the game more post-mod than I probably did before I had it, I think you’re right, no formed charge. Sudanese Tribesmen - Tribesmen from Africa armed with swords.

These units are tougher due to their Partial Plate (level 8) armour but otherwise are similar to professional pikes offensively.

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also i find light lancers like the hussars to be generally quite shit especially for when they are available. Bodyguard - Men picked for valour and loyalty to protect the general. Genoese Crossbow Militia - Superior Italian crossbow garrison unit armoured with brigandine and a pavise. Dismounted Lithuanian Cavalry - Lithuanian archers are lightly armoured except for a large shield and are armed with a bow and a sword. Lad'Ya - Early Russian ship created near Novgorod. This means that they can seem to be doing poorly then win out in the end. A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. I’m in the middle of my first ever Polish campaign now and am trying those nobles against the Mongols. England - The British isles are good turtling spots, but Scotland is fairly powerful early game, so be careful with them. Elephant Artillery - These fearsome beasts have small cannons, comparable to serpentines, mounted on their backs. and the best mobility missiles cavalry...etc. As with Axes, defence skill is lower than Swords to represent the lower parrying ability. Tercio Pikemen - Superior armoured pikemen, known for their discipline and determination. Exceptional Genoese Crossbows and Aventuriers, costing 610 and 690 florins have Attack 14 and are decent in melee. Which is the best heavy cavalry, heavy infantry, missile cavalry in Medieval 2 Total War? Mounted Crossbowmen - Using smaller crossbows than the infantry, these units use their mobility to stay out of trouble while they reload. Lightly equipped, but exceptionally brave and fierce. Poor swords are lower grade missile and pike units with an Attack rating of 8 or less and can almost be ignored except against the units in the same category. These units are expected to be used as a striking force at 470 and 610 florins. 1. Crossbow Militia - Crossbow Militia are peasant crossbowmen called up to defend settlements. Highland Archers are the poorest axes with Attack rating 7 but this will be useful against armoured archers or spears. Pavise Spearmen - Lower gentry serving military duty. Noble Highland Archers - The best Scottish archers available, armed with a bow, mail and hand axe, these archers are good in a fight.

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