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Seems to me like this guy is suddenly trying to capitalize on the fears of a group of people, his FB followers, who don't really know any better, by showing them all these "what if" scenarios. I wish he would shuuuuut up about the drunk donkey stuff. Read the comments on his page and you will see lots of people who credit him for helping them plan appropriately for hurricanes.

I hadn't heard the full story behind the Drunk Donkey shirts (I don't normally watch his Live posts on FB) but my thought here is that it can be interesting and perhaps even helpful to hear worst-case predictions, but viewers should avoid panicking due to an arm-chair weatherman's commentary. We have people groping other people in front or large audiences. However, the page aggregates data and charts from different sources, which makes it a helpful one-stop shop for enthusiasts. Because nobody gets 15 minutes these days, media moves too fast. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

See a low bandwidth website image exclusive to the APP too. If he makes a definitive statement it’s only after seeing lots of evidence that backs up that statement. Plus it'll be really stupid if that lady loses her job.

Don't know the guy, never been to his page. ❤️. Mike's Weather Page now has 700,000-plus followers. I also think the drunk donkey insult was incredibly disrespectful, and not helpful, and I’m glad he handled it with grace and humor. Get notifications when we are going live. Stay updated via my APP with updated models, maps, and more. It's up to people to avoid donating for the senseless aspects such as his travel and things like that the man has ability to get a job everything he produces on his website is already available elsewhere on many different sites. I consider him to be a rather computer-savvy con man he's only there to gain donations and contributions from the public he feeds off their hysteria and turns it into profit... he's always seeking contributions to fund his trips to Daytona for the races to softball regional finals for his daughter you can look back over his post over the years and see this he's just a shyster that's found a niche... opinions are where everyone has it's just that one can provide a service without asking for donations for everything it can be done in subtle ways there is nothing subtle about this person he is just using a tool he has acquired through people's need to know an interest in weather for profitability... nothing really wrong with that it's not like you're selling something that isn't there.

‎Mike's Weather Page has been a #1 tropical web page to millions since 2004! and then I started to realize that all he is about is supporting his semi extravagant lifestyle and the travels of his daughter to softball games through Facebook donations he seeks donations and contributions for everything, he jumps on the bandwagon and start sales immediately, is he a businessman, or is he a con man that is using followers hysteria to fuel his lifestyle.. Does anybody else follow this guy on Facebook? Mike's Weather Page. Stay updated via my APP with updated models, maps, and more. ...I mean it. It is perfect, just like his site. As for his meteorology he makes constant claims that long range models Are not to be taken seriously. And he even says he's an arm-chair weatherman all the time and that people need to listen to the NHC before making decisions. I honestly don’t blame him for that, but all the systems were already in place so it’s not like he rushed to capitalize on some drama.

Mike's has been a tropical weather source to millions since 2004 and has been blogging here on Facebook …
And it's not really like he is the one who keeps bringing it up all the time besides the t-shirt thing, it's his fans. Hurricane Tracker By HurricaneSoftware.com's - iHurricane Free. Mike just seems disorganized and a bit in love with the idea of tragedy. Spaghetti models is obviously bookmarked, but I honestly can't stand his FB live videos. Its not professional to call people names on air, but this was not worthy of being fired. He is very up front in saying that he is thinking out loud and only running through possible scenarios.

Timing puts it close to landfall Friday night into Saturday this week. as long as this guy is up front about how speculative or unlikely things are, it doesn't seem like a big deal. Join. I stopped watching because the whole thing is so stupid.
When I first started viewing Mike's weather page I wonder the same thing what was his credentials? This app simplifies the page but keeps every last bit of the data. He is a down to earth fellow Floridan good Ol boy with a very sharp instinct for weather predictions.

TropicalTidbits for Sat-view, noaa.gov for official data, and this sub and discord for discussion. The info the app provides used to take me 5-10 visits to other sites. “Yes, I’m going to show the European Model,” Ertle continued, clearly perturbed. Since 2004 millions have trusted Mike and turn to his updates daily... and even hourly during Hurricane season each and every year. During the lead up to Florence's landfall, I guess he shared some sort of "worst case scenario" model that got people on his page pretty stirred up and went semi-viral. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I guess I just got so caught up in the page, I missed the obvious. Hence Jamie’s disappearance I guess, but it sucks that a bunch of people who don’t live here have caused a local station to tank so quick and maybe got a frustrated woman fired. People can share their observations, start their own threads that may be location specific, or post in the official threads for each storm. Savannahian here. Maybe he's like the Paul Flart guy, the farting security guard? I feel like Florence really put me off with him. See…

Teespring is the free and easy way to bring your ideas to life. And during September and October he usually goes lives once a day when the NHC gives anything a chance of formation. As soon as the drunk donkey thing happened his buddy designed a T-shirt and it went up for sale.

Then the station got spammed like hell from Mike’s followers. Design your product, set a price, and start selling.

Go yell at those people instead.

Shear is strong.

But he also says they are just that, this is just a hobby, and he's not a professional. We just realized that he has an app, only recently! Special storm sections go live when there is a storm. Mikes gives you the information and allows you to decide what to do with it. Some Featured Press and Various Links Here: By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. But this is what he does and apparently it does him well.

Log In. Side note as well, this is an excerpt fron a new article about the drunk donkey situation, “This is the track of Florence,” Ertle said, standing in front of a graphic showing the storm’s path, “and I already see a question from someone: ‘Are you going to show the European model?’”. Same here, if I want a quick look at something on my phone that site is pretty ok. Tidbits can be a little difficult to use on small screens. Great job, Mike! Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. I share Levi Cowan's videos because I feel he does a great job of explaining what is going on without getting carried away and all doomsdayish. I like his page to get a lot of data/models very quickly, I don't care for his blog portion, he seems to really run the 'worst case' doomsday stuff well in advance of the storms. Special storm sections go live when there is a storm. Watch YouTube videos, see a live Twitter feed, and view Mike's Facebook page too. Go now. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The station won’t comment but it’s looking like she may have been fired.

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