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It’s possible that your miniature border collie, when it gives birth, will give birth to full-size puppies. Collie puppies for sale and dogs for adoption.

If you would like to find out if your dog is predisposed to one of these conditions or has it already, then you can take the dog to a veterinarian for testing. Mum and dad are our own pets. There are a few genetic and common health issues that miniature border collies can, unfortunately, suffer from.

They take to training well, and they can learn fast, so they are good for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands to thoroughly train their dog or who don’t want to spend a lot of time in obedience training.

The Best Way to Show Off or Remember a Beloved Pet. Why buy a Collie puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Mini border collies are a beautiful breed that not that many people have had the pleasure of witnessing! Genetic health problems.

A Miniature Collie Mix is not a purebred dog.

They were originally bred to be watchdogs and farm dogs meant to guard people and... Share your thoughts on this breed with us! Of course, if your dog has health problems, that can greatly limit its lifespan, and genetics play a part as well in how long they live too. However, if you want a dog who doesn’t require much energy or attention, this breed isn’t for you. Small and Miniature Border Collie puppies for sale. Of course, with regular vet checks, your vet will be able to keep a close eye on your mini and keep them in good health. Some dogs need to be told what they can and cannot do repeatedly, but not miniature border collies.

Looking for your new pet can be very difficult and each puppy breed is different. my  E-book, The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Dog (and how to avoid them).

Our litters of Miniature Border Collie Hybrids are highly anticipated, we searched for many years to find the perfect dogs, our criteria was tough to fill. 7. Puppies will be current on shots and worming. In other words, the mini versions are less expensive to keep and ideal for those who want less doggy drama! Miniature Border Collie By Emma Williams  |Published 02-28-2020.

Mini border collies are energetic dogs who love to chase down smaller animals and follow you around wherever you go.

Family Raised, scaled down, and have the same intelligence, temperament and instinct for Herding, Agility, FlyBall, as the larger dogs, but are small enough to travel easily and be a "house" dog. I have 3 merles 2 girls and 1 boy and 3 tri coloured 2 girls and 1 boy. In the 21st century, breeders are still experimenting with genes to create different dogs and the creation of smaller dogs seems to be extremely popular. Currently, we do not have any Miniature Collie Mix puppies available Collies tend to be very trainable dogs, so if you want them to help you control your farm animals or you want to teach yours some tricks, then it shouldn’t take a lot of work to do so. Use the options below to find your perfect canine companion! AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Helping qualified owners find the perfect puppy.

If you buy something through a  link, I receive a small commission with no additional cost to you. Health guaranteed.

Essentially they’re a smaller version of the popular border collie, and so ideal for people who have small apartments or who just adore small, lovable dogs. Just 3 puppies left I have 6 little collie puppies for sale. Raised under foot in our home, the pups are handled from birth, well socialized with the bestfood and health care. They pick up on commands quickly and figure out their role without any hesitation. These are the dog breeds of 13 famous dogs.

Look at pictures of Collie puppies who need a home. Just as a quick example, today's typical 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier was once related to a breed that began as a larger breed with a popular sire, Huddersfield Ben, who was 11 pounds and a tough ratter in his day. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. To find your perfect puppy, navigate our Mini Collie Mix puppies page below!

Make sure you understand and research all dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Mini Collie Mix puppy from one of our reputable breeders.

They will both be able to be seen with puppies. We expect every breeder to comply with all state laws and follow strict guidelines that we have put in place.

This may not come as a surprise, but a miniature border collie eats less food, requires less exercise and takes up less space than a border collie. They had to have excellent temperaments, in other words be great with kids, not too hyper, maintain their working heritage, and be the.

Featuring breed spotlights, seasonal activities, and helpful tips for every level of owner!

Talk to your vet about what foods would be best for your miniature border collie to eat.

, but these breeds may interest you... "Lassie, Come Home!" Curious to find out more about the mini version of one of the most intelligent dog breeds?

All sellers & buyers verified by SMS. (See, Privacy Policy), Copyright 2013-2020  Small Dog Place   All Rights Reserved. Common minor health problems in these lovable minis include seizures, hypothyroidism, retinal atrophy, and canine hip dysplasia. A Miniature Collie Mix is not a purebred dog. How long can you expect a miniature border collie to live?

Miniature border collies are made by breeding a regular border collie with a smaller dog, in most cases. Wherever you stand on the ethical continuum, remember, that this is not a new phenomenon. Did you know that the miniature border collie is not a true breed? Take that runt and breed it to another runt from another litter and you are creating a smaller version of the same breed.

Mini-Hybrids: All of our 50/50 puppies are sold. Miniature Border Collie Hybrid pups aka Heritage Bordies. Is it advised? Your thumbs up means so much to us. This can help you prepare for the future, or give you peace of mind.

If you’re a fan of fluffy dogs and don’t mind the extra grooming that often comes with them, here are a few of the fluffiest dog breeds: Dogs from TV shows and movies can make us smile, laugh, cry, and wish for a dog of our own.

The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed.

You can do your research on the Miniature Collie Mix breed by reading our dog breed profile on the Collie. That may not seem like a small dog to you, but it is considerably smaller than a full-size border collie. Check it out! Miniature border collies are made by breeding a regular border collie with a smaller dog, in most cases.

Thanks for visiting our Miniature Collie Mix page!

If you want to ensure that your miniature border collie lives a long and healthy life, take your dog to the vet regularly for checkups and ensure that you feed your mini bundle of love a healthy diet and give her or her plenty of exercise. We do not condone any puppy mills and strive to bring you only the best, well-loved puppies. Click here to see my Site Map        Blog       Disclaimer       Privacy Statement, Click here if you want to  Write for Us     or   Contact Us.

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