national tree of egypt

These are mere examples, but Egypt has much more of these trees which dare time. Mulberry leaves are oval and have pointed edges. The mixer is run for 1-2 minutes, the seeds are sedimated in the bottom, collected, washed, dried and kept till the seeds are cultivated in a special container. 6 Answers.

At the time of the Crusades, Egypt had paid more attention to cultivating wood trees, to build marine fleet.

Sycamore grows fast under conditions of earth humidity. Flowers appear in sycamore when the age of the tree is ranging from 5 to 6 years old. The origin of Mulberry in Egypt is the north of China.

The growing of trees can be effected by covering or shortening the main branches to limit the trees height, removing the dry branches or infected ones.

In the Western Desert of Egypt, where there are around 1 million palm trees, health treatments include burying the body in the sand, afterwards the patient would be given this juice to accentuate the healing process.

They proliferate by knobs.

There were 20,000 feddans of trees cultivated on both sides of Nile from Gerga to Aswan.

THE FIG-TREE is a symbol of Israel's National privileges. 5- The Grozia Mulberry is a kind improvised by the institute of silk research in Gorgia Republic. All Rights Reserved. From there, its trees moved to Central Asia, Afghanistan, north of India, Pakistan, Iran and the Middle East. The national crop of Sinai, Egypt and just about every desert environment.

Its fruit is compound carried on fruit flesh stand. It was spun, very much like wool, to produce a long line, strong but somewhat brittle. Doom trees are planted on the Nile banks in Nubia, and the Dakhela and Kharja Oases, also in Dendara, facing Qena, Aswan and in the Sudan in Kerdefan.

After growth, the numerous quantities of seeds are decreased to one, which is the strongest. When the tree reaches the age of proliferation, the cultivators make circle around the tree by beating. There are a male and female plants in a 'Carm' which is the plantation of trees around a spring or well. The Lotus and Papyrus were the symbols of Lower and Upper Egypt during pharaohs times and we know from the holy Koran that Egypt was famous for vegetables such as Onions, Garlic and Lentil . 1 decade ago. Having only been discovered in 1980 the Samwa is bush like shrub that has pale flower and yellowish green leaves.

The Pharaohs got benefit of this property, so they used doom tree branches as floating passages over the River Nile. They make splits in the tops of fruit whose diameter extends from 1.5 to 2 cm2. Its branches spread horizontally over a diameter ranging 15-20 meters, therefore it is planted in 15-20 meters spacing. It proliferates less than the first kind. They grow strongly.

The longer the fruit stays on the tree the sweeter and bigger it becomes, also it gets softer and darker from the original red at the beginning of the growth that is also bitter. 1- The Horny Mulberry whose trees are strong and good for shading and getting wood. It is naturally grown in Egypt in the Sinai peninsula, Elba mouton, Nubia, besides Ethiopia and the Arabian peninsula. These trees give fruits and are wind shields; providing shade, air purification, producing wood for the purposes of carpentry, fuel and making coal.

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