ocelot kittens for sale

Large and muscular, the powerful Ocicat looks very much like a small wild Ocelot but is surprisingly friendly and devoted. Yet, they are surprisingly heavy for their size. They vaccinated dewormed and have great temperament and are very social. Occasionally a fully classic tabby will appear in a litter, but these are ineligible for competition.

The Ocicat may resemble a wild cat but it is a domestic cat through and through. Selective breeding can be necessary to maintain the species, so it's not necessarily the best idea to neuter the animal, yet owners of breeding cats should be prepared for often dramatic changes in behavior towards people once the animal is paired with another.

Each individual Ocicat hair has several bands of ticking. They are up-to date with all their worming and age appropriate vaccines. Be the first. Young Adults Available. Grooming The Ocicat has a low-maintenance coat that can be kept in top condition by running a rubber brush over it weekly to remove the dead hairs followed by a polishing wipe with a chamois cloth to add some shine. Males tend to become stand-offish and less affectionate once a pairing is established. Those litters contain several cinnamon females, a chocolate silver male , a small ebony silver male ,and a tawny female. Still, a Ocelot will be more suitable for your family pet. Litter DescriptionOcicat Kittens for Sale.

Cute and Lovely Ocelot kittens ready for sale. Now man's encroachment onto the ocelot's habitat and hunting areas has severely depleted especially the North American population. As a young kitten they remain longer with their mother than other wild cat species, and tend to follow their "mom" (whether feline or human) closely. Virginia Daly created the Ocicat by accident in 1964 when she was trying to develop a Siamese with points the same color as an Abyssinian.

We guarantee your Ocelot kitten will come well socialized, litter-box trained, & ready to be a member of your family. Ocelots can be obtained by anyone if they have the right permits to own a wildcat. Beautiful "home-grown" kittens frolicking about year-round. No Ocelots currently listed for placement. At the same time, ocelots can be quite dangerous if they attack. The exotic-looking Ocicat is a stunning animal...exquisitely beautiful and awesome in presence. Owners who live in Florida attest that they often find lizard tails lying around the house, frequently still moving! The Ocicat is a highly active cat. These are strong cats that are ready to stalk their prey at any moment – whether toy mice, balls of paper, or anything moving to pounce upon! Originally created by combining the Siamese, the Abyssinian and the American Shorthair, this cat's signature coat pattern features thumbprint-shaped spots. A powerful, muscular spotted cat with the appealing look of a wild cat, the Ocicat is actually a domestic cat created through inspired development practices. Eventually the breed moved forward and TICA granted the Ocicat championship status in August 1986. Appropriate ocelot toys are extremely sturdy, capable of withstanding jaws and claws: boomer balls are a good choice, and they have the additional benefit of floating on water.

Also have two litters of kittens ready to leave . Cute and Lovely Ocelot kittens ready for sale. Ocelots are very strong, and this should be taken into account when considering if they are appropriate to your home. Temperament Ocicats are a very extroverted cat breed. Contact the cat breeders below for Ocicat Kittens For Sale. We also have young fertile cats that can be used for immediate breeding programs. Sale!

Today the Ocicat is found all around the world, popular for its domestic temperament wrapped in a wildly exotic disguise.

Like any cat, they need a good balance of organ and muscle meats, plus plenty of calcium and taurine. The general ocelot population has also been depleted by trapping them for the pet trade. Call us: (727) 451-9750‬ | Contact Pets4You.com Mail us: Wuuff, Inc. 7901 4th St N STE 300 Saint Petersburg FL 33702Call Us (727) 451-9750‬ Contact Pets4You.com, Disclaimer • Privacy Policy • Terms of ServiceDisclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Service, Add widgets to the Sub Footer at Appearance > Widgets, This site is served, operated and maintained by Pets4You.com®. Several colors available. Ownership of an ocelot puts limitation on the owner's life that a regular domestic pet does not, and a commitment to such a cat cannot be made lightly. Be the first to review “Ocelot Kitten For Sale Online”. Sold with alter agreements. A companion animal for a single Ocicat- either another cat or a dog is highly recommended to deter the inevitable depression or disillusionment brought on by long hours of isolation. Ocelot Kitten For Sale Online $ 2,000.00 $ 1,500.00.

They are being raised in an environment with children and other home pets such as dogs, birds and other cats, so they are perfectly socialized. Description; Additional information; Reviews (0) Description Ocelot Kitten. Ocelots tend to target the groin, neck, armpits, and insides of elbows, where a single strike will open major blood vessels. Falcon Eggs For Sale Online $ 60.00 $ 55.00 Add to cart; Sale! I will be selling them at a reduced price. Sweet tempered, healthy & smart. Description. New owners must pay for spay/neuter. Similarly, it is very important to teach them beginning in infancy that human hands are never toys. Overall they cannot be fed "cat food" and there are few suitable manufactured diets, they must generally eat raw meat. However, most ocelot prey weighs less than 3% of the cat's body weight. All our kittens are hand raised and bottle fed. Like a lot of other hybrids, many are drawn happily to water and enjoy playing with it, although they do not much relish being bathed for a show.

Extremely clever, these cats are reportedly capable of opening child-proof latches and committing many other acts of mischief, mayhem, and merriment to the amusement or horror of a full array of cat aficionados.

Adorable 3rd generation home grown ocelot and caracal kittens available and ready to go. As a rule it must be for the life of the cat, and ocelots are known to live into the late teens and even early twenties. They have great wounding potential, and a simple bite can be a dangerous event. Browse Ocicat kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Shipping.

Small Connecticut Cattery specializing in healthy quality kittens from Grand Champion lines. All our kittens are hand raised and bottle fed.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The relationship of an ocelot to its owner can often be categorized as the cat owning the person. Look at pictures of Ocicat kittens who need a home.

They really are domesticated and remarkably tender pets! Spotted like a wild cat but possessing the gentle and frisky temperament of an everyday housecat, this breed originates from Siamese and Abyssinian stock with American Shorthairs (silver tabbies) added later, contributing to the breed’s silver color, prominent bones, and startling coat patterns. Caracal kittens for sale $ 2,500.00 $ 1,400.00 Add to cart; Sale! They chew or suck on many fabrics and textures in order to experience them. A busy active household suits them better than a lonely existence with a single owner who works full time. Telephone contacts preferred Ocicat Kittens For Sale in Norfolk, Connecticut United States, Litter DescriptionOcicat Kittens for Sale, Great to have you here! Ocelot Kitten For Sale Online $ 2,000.00 $ 1,500.00 Add to cart; Sale! Why buy an Ocicat kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? As a rule it must be for the life of the cat, and ocelots are known to live into the late teens and even early twenties. Kittens For Sale!Downsizing Cattery! Ocicats usually come in tawny, cinnamon and chocolate with 12 acceptable colors. Appearance The Ocicat comes in one pattern – spotted – but in twelve different colors: Brown (Black), Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lilac, Lavender, and Fawn, plus the silver version of these colors. Ocicats are excellent companions for people who want to spend a lot of time with their cat, but require a definite commitment to a lifelong relationship.

Most can easily be trained to do things typical of a dog: fetch; walk on a leash and harness; come when called; speak, sit, lie down on command; and perform other impressive tricks.

That litter included the expected Siamese with Abyssinian points. Female ocelots in heat, in particular, can be nerve-wracking sights -- rushing here and there, constantly growling, rolling on everything. The number of ocelots in the wild has dropped far enough that they are classified as animals which are likely to go extinct in the next few generations unless they receive help from mankind. Her daughter declared that the cat looked just like an Ocelot and suggested they call him an Ocicat—and thus the new breed was named. Cat trees are a very good idea for a cat always ready to spring into action.

Many ocelots will be less affectionate with humans once they've been paired with another cat as a mate. The cats dig and climb, so fences must be very secure at the bottom and the cage needs to be roofed. We use cookies to make our website optimal for you and to continuously improve it. Each kitten comes complete with papers, 1 year health guarantee, toys and other accessories. Tonga was neutered and sold as a pet, but further breeding of his parents produced more spotted kittens, and these became the basis of a new and separate Ocicat breeding program. Receive a weekly or monthly email list of new breeders. SKU: N/A Categories: Domestic Pet's, Exotic Kittens & Cubs, New Arrival Tags: Ocelot Kitten, Ocelot Kitten For Sale. Ocelots are a lithe, graceful cat which is native to both North and South America, though they're primarily found in certain South American areas today.

Raised underfoot with children & dogs. Long ago, the ocelot roamed across North America, South America, and Central America. Priced from $100 - $500 depending on age, plus tax.

Ocelots are also, in comparison to the other wild cats, more challenging to maintain as pets. GREAT CONTRAST! She then bred Dalai She with a chocolate point Siamese. They are highly intelligent and are great problem-solvers, willing to study a situation and experiment for quite some time before arriving at a course of action. Few kittens are cuter than an ocelot baby. Whats IncludedShots and worming, etc. Most get along well with animals of other species, although they are likely to assert their dominance over all pets in the family. They love climbable poles and platforms, and they love water enough that they will dive under the surface completely to retrieve a toy. Ocelots tend to like experiencing life orally. Enrichment should keep in mind that ocelots have both arboreal and aquatic interests. Meow! They are also TICA registered. At the same time, ocelots need enough room to run. The relationship of an ocelot to its owner can often be categorized as the cat owning the person. Home / Exotic Kittens for sale / Ocelot Kitten For Sale Online. They are very active and playful, and many will keep playing with balls or ropes as long as they can convince the person to keep playing. Several colors & patterns. Owners of endangered species like the ocelot have other considerations beyond their relationship with the cat. They also tend to strike again if deflected. Ocelots have stronger jaws even than a pit bull dog, so fences need to be strong enough to safely contain the cat.

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