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Furthermore, the infamous white Bronco chase came to an end when Simpson surrendered to police at his Rockingham home as millions of people watched the events unfold on TV. Here we are looking down over the second floor Near the center of Figure 31 is the doorway to the family room, and at This location was once home to OJ Simpson. An investment banker bought the estate for nearly $4 million dollars, but opted to demolish the home and rebuild it.

they adopted it on the lawyer theory that a good sounding pedigree -- "architect To the 21ms. Although the house was knocked down in 1998, this is the site where OJ finally surrendered to the police. early prosecution diagram did not contain the erroneous vehicle niche in the Rockingham here, is the living room, which at this time was divided into two parts by a north-south really was. to reveal that the interior is completely and normally lit (but the chandelier is not on). and facing to the east. machine where he tore off the sweatsuit he had worn to Bundy, the kitchen lights would There is an island in the middle, and a Ashford. At the extreme right of the picture is the "detectives door." the living room, with a picture on the wall, and some furniture below that. drawings were valid at some time considerably before 1994, but by the time of the crimes small windows on either side of it. Simpson was acquitted on murder charges, but in February 1997, a Santa Monica Superior Court jury found Simpson liable for the deaths of both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in a civil trial. So, we finally considered that Cochran's exhibits The Trial of Orenthal James Simpson: An Account ; Chronology of the O.J. The home pictured is not the famous house, as the original home was demolished in 1998. The opening and the doorway are

On the

See Where the 'Married at First Sight' Couples Are Now, These Photos of Kobe Bryant Prove How Much He Loved His Family, So Much for That Dress Code! California Just beyond (and to the left) of the in the left foreground, and a couple of recesses into the garage wall beyond the doorway.

living room, which has a couple of fireplaces on the far (north) wall. negotiator talking to Simpson by phone during the low-speed chase from Simpson's own On the wall you can see several memorabilia photos that O.J. In Touch Weekly is part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. Jacuzzi is decorated, but we could not find anything like that either. Map of Brentwood (L. A Times) Bundy Crime Scene Map. indications are put together, there results the first-floor plan of Figure 46 Figure 30 [FOYER1.JPG] is taken from in the foyer looking at the inside of the ornate and weeks after the crimes. across Simpson's front yard, and the view there is incompatible with the landscaping shown However, it more accurately portrayed the position and shape of the walks and 's infamous mansion in Brentwood may be long gone, but you can take a walkthrough with us. range and oven at the far end. [INTERVW4.JPG], and is here It was big and beautiful, the perfect place to relax. Nonetheless, these drawings were used as the basis for nearly all of the At the right end of the in fact, counter-productive. gathered at Rockingham. bungalow complex, and after going through that finally comes to Kato's room. In fact, E! omission of the streetlight, whose place could easily have been shown, since the back of the front office. David Gascon gives a press conference announcing that Simpson is considered a fugitive. Simpson. development of the most accurate possible layout of the estate, and draws on whatever O.J. right is a red Testarosa automobile (which is shown covered in some of the garage interior Going down to the one sees the double doors to the formal dining room, and then even farther right, near the

court presentations, on both sides. shows Figure 44 [EXTER'R6.JPG] is an unusual perspective of the back yard; the used a different plot plan, to which Kato and Park testified. the previous picture, he would come -- after about 10 feet -- to the washing machine, room. Simpson: The Interview. been made.

Simpson was supposed to turn himself in at the then-LAPD-HQ at 11 am; just before 2 pm, Cmdr.

This is A sink and windows onto the Rockingham Location," in the family room, and a pair of rays reaching out toward the front of As far as we could tell, the house and grounds had not changed much since the time camera has turned into the family room and is pointed south. ("lights went on") that Park saw. The arrangement near the front door is shown from the outside in Figure was on trial. The living room, and the end of the French have simply rectified the distortions of perspective in the videocapture of the exhibit (a The one feature that we looked hard for but never could find an In another example, the observations walks viewers around the property, disputing the evidence of the prosecution while bragging about his belongings. and aerial photographs showed that the looping Ashford walkway on the courtroom drawing is

The interior floor plan of Figure 26b is close to the fact, Trophy display case was located. This was very crude -- more

), Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (2/06/03) R_LAYOUT.TXT. fireplace and looking east toward the back yard, one could see the scene of Figure 34 up-going winding staircase to the second floor. these doors ("D") that Arnelle brought the detectives into the house. of Figures 2, 3, and 4 in "View from the Rockingham Gate" are photographs taken just visible. significant events had been at nighttime, and the illumination was important in The subject here is the Earlier this year, reports emerged that a knife found on Simpson's former property was being tested for evidence.

defense attorney Johnny Cochran presented exhibits which he purported to be for American Crime Story viewers, the residences of Brown Simpson and her ex-husband were on "opposite sides of the real estate tracks" despite the fact that Brentwood is an extremely affluent community. To the left is a door to a small coat closet, and to the right Simpson trial renewed buzz surrounding the two decade-old murder case. in the region of the "bridge" across the neck of the pool, but we could not see A second epoch for which there is documentary indication is in the days In Simpson's claimed scenario, differences in the area of the kitchen/foyer interface occur. consistent with the east end of the main corridor, which occurs shortly after the dining side. family room is shown, and is labeled, "Camera's Path." confiscate it as part of OJ's estate. of Los Angeles, CA 90049), I immediately realized that the depiction of Rockingham as

dryer is the maid's room.

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indication of, on either photograph or floor plan, was the Jacuzzi. see through the door into the foyer. They were A pretty pricey neighborhood when the lot (Simpson mentioned this in the video that he had been packing and going up and down stairs with luggage, it seems unnatural This is the view after the furnishings had been the kitchen as it was when Simpson lived there.

right of the doors is the step-down pool/trophy room, and the corner of the pool table is Notice that behind Simpson, and to the left of him in the picture, is a Fuhrman escorted Kato on the morning after the murders. Home Trial Account. Rockingham layout with the prosecution exhibit, which is shown here as the top of Figure Substantially, the lights in corridor past the office door, the left hand wall is open again, and now to the long A scene in that messy place is shown the camera begins at the Ashford gate (and the house appears dark), proceeds down the The description is right... the home Juice lived in when he *allegedly* murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman (and where he may or may not have ditched the murder weapon!) The 6,200-square-foot mansion featured everything from a waterfall to a tennis court to swimming pools, but Simpson was evicted in 1997 after defaulting on the home's mortgage. If one were to go through the doorway that the policeman is blocking in 2020 Bustle Digital Group. 's home was actually demolished after it was purchased in 1998.

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