old west cross draw holster

This group became a serious fighting force for the Confederacy and feared by the Union forces. Before Rangers carried the .45 Colt 1911 many packed a double action Colt or Smith & Wesson (K) frame revolver in .38 Spl, .357 magnum. Each piece of this set was worn, on duty, by one or the old guard Border Patrol agents. The belt has a scalloped lower edge and lazy S style tooling on the top and bottom. Ranger Jackson kept his scabbard on the front floorboard of his vehicle within easy reach.

Upgraded Wickett & Craig premium tooling leather and matching cattle brand buckle. For full basket weave or flowers & vines add $49.95. Our process does NOT soften the holster, it remains firm and lightning fast to draw from. Confederate Le Mat sidearm was also known as the “Grape Shot Revolver.” It was developed in New Orleans in 1856. Knife is large two blade hunter style wit9h the main blade at 4″ and 1/8″ thick high grade stainless steel. Many items taken off of the bodies of the Dalton gang members killed in the street are being donated to the museum as local family members feel the need. General Patton U.S. or Eagle buckle ~ $49.95. Normally stamped “U.S.” on the front with military markings on the back side. Two revolvers were issued early in WW 2, Colt and Smith & Wesson 1917 in 45 ACP. Tapered belt with oval buckle and no loops~ $149.95. This historically correct holster, gun belt , knife and sheath has over 300 spots, 20 conchos, and a sterling silver “Naja” amulet and buckle. They tried to return to a peaceful civilian life but were not allowed to and were constantly hounded by Federals and the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Holster with 1 3/4″ belt loop & (D) rings on the rear ~ $159.95. In the New York police TV series, The Commissioner carries his father’s “Fitz Special” with the front of the trigger guard cut away. Buckle with correct belt including the second belt adjuster buckle visible in the photo above ~ $149.95. Double magazine pouch with directional clip sleeves is secured with flaps and snaps. Less fatigue on your shoulder and adjustable to fit your comfort ~ $24.95. Rig (as shown) in photo with one holster and Billeted belt ~ $374.95 (also sized for Model P Jr. and Ruger Single Six .22) to add tooling, specialty buckle, or additional holster $ POR. With full basket weave or hand tooled flowers and vines  ~ $174.95. With one line stamp add $10. We can expand the pattern to fit any width belt. Your choice of color from the home page samples ~ Same pricing as above. Didier Masson was an adventurer, as well as a barnstormer, he saw combat service with the Lafayette Escadrille in WW1. The original pistol was manufactured at the Colt factory from standard 1860 parts and modified into the Richards  Model .44 cartridge conversion. to shiny and stiff, great if you are using if for show. Holster unlined with one line edge groove ~ $99.95. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 per item. For lining add  $50 per piece. Very secure with a WW2 snap system or use a Sam Browne stud-  your choice. With one line edge groove ~ $124.95. Holster with edge groove ~ $149.95.

With basket weave or full tooling add $49.95. Very easy to form to the 45 and my 51/2" Cattleman clears it very fast and smooth. With edge stamping on top and bottom add $20. Our holster is patterned after the original in one of our customers private collection. But, with that said this holster will fill most needs and is extremely well made, durable and adjustable. It seems that the holster could be unlaced and removed from the belt slide and worn on the belt without it. The bandolier is contoured to your back and not just a normal waist gun belt. Made from 7-8 gauge leather, with welt it is tougher than the original holster. Well worth the price!! It is unknown how it ended up back in Jesse James home state. Additional gunfire ensued and during the melee Jesse’s 1860 Colt and holster was dropped. Scaled down version of the Panhandle holster to fit the short Colt Officer’s Model .45 Auto. Over the shoulder holster with additional chest strap add ~ $29.95.

If you are going to order a Holster to go with this belt please order the. For safety strap with snap or Sam Browne stud add ~ $10. Get your replica today and you can draw with lightning speed from this rig. (Tip available at a later date) For buckle set in solid Sterling Silver call P.O.R. Later they were issued Winchester 1894’s in 30.30 caliber. For scallops add ~ $24.95. original in the collection of John Taffin, Senior Editor for Guns Magazine. Now this is a true original “Border” gun rig. Items arrived quickly an were well packaged to avoid damage in transit. Graceful sweeping throat with Texas star, holster skirt, and buckled drop loop. Example shows both plain and full tooled single pouches. We suggest a choice of our “one of a kind” Indian made authentic edge stamps. This design is adapted from the A.W.

All were marked RY. Yes, this is a 5 star review plain and simple. Reduced size double drop loop to fit the Ruger Bearcat .22 pistol in right, left or cross draw. Color photo on page 222-223 of Harold Peterson’s book “The Treasury of the Gun.” The holster is 9-10 gauge, folk cut and hand tooled with leaves and vines. Taos inspired Vaquero holster and gun belt. Often found in leather or canvas and varies from 18 to full loops for cartridges. Please specify belt width you want this holster to fit. It had a multiple drop loop holster with fringe along the stitch line and three large domed brass studs at the throat. For one line of decorative edge stamping add $10. With full coverage like basket weave or flowers & vines add $49.95. The previous owner has authorized us to have the exclusive rights to his photos for historical recreation and promotion. Holster, belt, and buckle ~ $374.95 (For more on the history of the Knights of the Golden Circle just Google KGC on the internet). That’s the best any man ought to expect. Our adaptation from descriptions of his gear reveals a high top Slim Jim Style holster with a tapered gun belt and a fancy buckle made of nuggets from his mine.

Our version reproduces Wyatt’s folded gun belt with nickel clipped corner buckle. He began carrying it as a member of the Confederate guerrilla group led by Bloody Bill Anderson. Quick View. Unlined, double drop loop holster with stamping and tooling. With basket weave or full tooling add $49.95. They dressed the best, ate the finest food and wore the most expensive guns and hand tooled gun leather. With one line of edge stamping add $10. With one line edge groove ~ $124.95. Confederate guerrilla holsters of the period would have the trigger guard area exposed as well as the hammer. A very popular revolver during this time was a Colt Police Positive in .38 S&W Special. (Original in the Chisholm’s Trail gun leather collection) One of the first early experimental flap holsters for the 1905 / 1911 Colt .45 auto pistols.

For lining add $49.95. This choice is also great for women on the go. For lining add ~ $49.95. With edge stamping ~ $144.95. Search for it for almost a year and just by coincedance I stranded on the webside Historical Emporium and there ist was....very happy with it. Holster fit my 1875 perfectly and is well made. Note: Special thanks for critical input from Mike Conti, author of several novels on  Bryce. The price ok also. ~ P.O.R. Bandolier is contoured to your back, not just a normal gun belt slung around your neck.

A Double mag pouch with flaps is also available for $119.95.

There is an adjustable strap on the back side of the holster to secure it to your belt. Can be made butt forward or butt to the rear. This rig was on display for many years then was lost. General George S. Patton wore one of these under his coat at meetings. Now we also have Colt 1911 clip pouches attached to the bandolier- POR.

With or without D rings for shoulder suspension.~ P.O.R.

Can be made right or left hand for either pistol. Shown as currently worn by Capt. Lined holster with tooling, studs, and unlined belt~ $624.95 (Note: different thickness of leather are used when lining the holster.

Can be made for any western SAA in any barrel length. If you have an extended magazine or bumper pad at the bottom, it is your responsibility to let us know and you will need to send one of these into us for correct fit. Holster with edge groove only ~ $124.95. Page 106 Packing Iron, by Richard Rattenbury. Special Thanks to Bob Bailey for his support of our development of this Ranger gear collection and for arranging for us to personally interview Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson on July 18th, 2011. With edge stamping ~ $144.95. For lining add ~ $49.95. You may substitute this gun belt with full bullet loops except under the holster if desired. With one line of edge stamping add  ~ $10. The holster is studded and hand laced. For decorative stitched Sam Browne belt add $49.95, COLT PRE – WW I BELT–   My great uncle, Captain Elmer Stetler, joined the U.S. Army in 1903 as a private. My Uberti Hombre 45 fits in it perfectly. The drop loop often had a large steer head embossed on it. Frank replied “I will go when I am ready.” At that point Frank James started carrying his last gun, a new Colt 1903 hammerless .32 caliber auto pistol. They were also known as the Wild Bunch, not to be confused with another gang of the same name with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I submit it to you, with all the gratitude I can muster for your expertise and guidance in this process! With edge stamping ~ $325, with full floral tooling~ $349.95, Famous El Paso City Marshal Dallas Stoudenmire was fond of carrying his 3 ½” 1860 Richards conversion in his pocket. In the last Raider film the heroine wears a leather 1 1/2″ wide, military belt with a two piece “Boys Brigade” buckle. In 1942 North Africa was invaded. Both Bob Dalton and Bill Powers used similar rigs at different times. Note the close contour to the gun and the full access trigger guard. Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Adapter with edge groove ~ $49.95.

Lining adds $50. or toe plug add $20. In the 1973 crime drama “Dillinger” Ben Johnson portrays Special Agent Melvin Purvis. It continues under the belt and attaches to the belt with a hook to the back side without interfering with the belt loops on the front. Lining adds $50. We can recreate this set in any of our colors for any western revolver. Many law officers and law breakers cut their Colt barrels off at 3 1/2″ so the pistols would not show under a coat. See Amazon for “Jelly Bryce: The Legend Begins.” Also thanks to Phil Chriswell, early special agent holster historian. With attached clip pouch add ~ $24.95. A perfect fit for my Taylor's & Company "58" conversion with 8"barrel. With one line of edge stamping add $10. (Original Photo in uniform) Battalion commander, LTC Leonard Umanoff, 2 BTN 334th INF HQ’s Group is wearing an OSS Colt 1911 Tanker shoulder holster with spare mag pouch.

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