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Votre commande livrée en 1 seule fois  et sur rendez-vous**. Weight limit is 7000 lbs. It is tuned to a particular structural frequency so that when the table resonance is excited, the damper will resonate out of phase with the structural motion of the structure. When you choose a Newport optical table, you have chosen not only the proven superior performance and quality, but also our wealth of knowledge, experience and committed product support along your way. SIMPLIFIEZ VOUS LA VIE AVEC LE SERVICE LIVRAISON GROUPÉE AVEC INSTALLATION MONTAGE: -    Livraison en une seule fois de tous* les produits de votre commande (*uniquement valable pour les produits éligibles) y compris à l’étage. En effet, si vous vous apercevez après le départ des livreurs d'une anomalie sur votre article l'ensemble des frais à cet incident sont intégralement à notre charge. Modes of rectangular plate-like structures like optical tables had been discussed and depicted in numerous handbooks and textbooks. Damping is needed for optical tables to reduce the resonance amplitudes and minimized the system deflection when the resonances are excited by ambient vibrations. This is because the table is designed to be as stiff as possible and acts as a rigid body when its resonances are not excited. Our optical tables have helped in many scientific and industrial success stories across various subjects from fundamental physics to semiconductor manufacturing. An optical table is a vibration isolated platform, specially designed to support applications of photonics and laser and to isolate the various sources of vibration that disturb optics and laser related experiments and metrology. Cookies & Privacy – This site uses cookies to help optimize your browsing experience. It is usually affordable and good for applications that do not require high damping performances. LD00535K,LD00536H,LD00539P,LD00540B,LD00543M,LD00544J, Équipements et services contre la propagation des virus, NOUVEAU : Service de nettoyage et de désinfection des locaux, Nettoyage des collectivités : Comment assurer la sécurité et l’hygiène des locaux, Rentrée 2020 : des idées pour une classe post-covid flexible.

TMD is the most effective method among all known passive damping methods, as it concentrates damping efforts where it's needed at the frequencies of dominant resonance modes. Dynamic deflection would also be reduced, as thicker optical tables require taller honeycomb structures inside without increasing the overall mass significantly. Field upgradable to SmartTable active damping using IQ upgrade kits. This part is handled mainly by tabletop. Therefore the stiffness to mass ratio is improved so the rigid body frequency zone of the table is expanded. Home > Optical Table--(Mover,Hoist) Optical Table--(Mover,Hoist) Displaying products 1 - 1 of 1 results: Show: Sort: Optical Table Hoist . Table Opti+ Move fixe hauteur 76 cm avec repose pieds, plateau rectangle gris: LD00536H: 76 cm: T6: Gris: 270,00 € Ajouter au panier. Simply sandwich the table between the holding brackets and allow the transport system to do the work. The Integrity VCS delivers comparable damping and isolation performance to other optical platforms at a more affordable price – while also offering accessories to improve platform requirements. No need to … Q: Why use composite wood for side panels? ©2020 Newport Corporation. Table Opti+ Move fixe hauteur 76 cm avec repose pieds, plateau rectangle érable: LD00535K: 76 cm: T6: Érable: 270,00 € Ajouter au panier. Ne sont pas repris que dans leur emballage d'origine, intact et non descellé : les consommables, les ordinateurs et tablettes tactiles, tous les périphériques informatiques, téléphones, télécopieurs, GPS, appareils photos numériques & caméscopes, vidéoprojecteurs, rétroprojecteurs, photocopieurs, écrans d’affichage dynamique ou interactif, téléviseurs, lecteur DVD, matériel audio, clés de stockage et carte mémoire, logiciel, licences, solutions de vidéosurveillance, photocopieurs, ventilateurs et climatiseurs. Optical table system with frame - Meets competitor’s top performance models, featuring 2 precision tuned dampers. Fits through a standard 36” door with table. Nouveau client ? From very demanding applications like confocal microscopy, spectroscopy or interferometry, to applications under a small budget, Newport has the right optical table for them all. You may rotate the table top 90 degrees (vertically) to fit thru tight spaces.

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