organic fulton valley farms ground turkey

After the turkeys are killed, they are placed in an ice water bath and chilled to 40 degrees over eight hours. Air chilling inhibits the spread of bacteria by keeping chickens independent.

practices. In this method, the birds are slowly moved through a system which introduces controlled amounts of CO2. It’s too incredible not to share. something special–natural, plump, and tasty–that’s a Mary’s Free-Range Turkey! We make sure our cows spend lots of time grazing the land. They are given the choice to sleep in open huts or upon roosts which we have built on the pastures. The farm is now up and running and getting turkeys ready for Thanksgiving under the name “Sho Nuf Turkeys.” Now the folks that bought turkeys at Maple Lawn Farms in the past will be able to continue the tradition. Organic food is farmed and raised with an emphasis on renewable resources, through the conservation of soil and water to enhance the environment. Mary's Free-Range turkeys are raised on healthful grains

Fulton Valley Farms Anti-Biotic Free Poultry lives their lives on a Never Ever program; that is Never on Anti-Biotic Ever.

of organic ingredients. They are still working on adding ground turkey at some point. Sign up today and receive special offers, recipes and news about our cooperative. Alaska and Hawaii require Rush shipping. You will then see the products divided by recipient during checkout! Pitman farmers who lead the company today. The land under the farm is still slated to be developed into homes, but that timetable is still at least five years away.

In 2012 the Pitman family was entrusted to carry on the Fulton Valley Farms legacy, and committed to continuing the traditions started back in 1925.

All Rights Reserved. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll fill you up with lots of great stuff, including our Prep Ahead. They breed naturally as A portion of those will be sold wholesale to local markets, and the rest will be sold on-site at the farm. We offer two types of organic turkeys—heritage breeds and broad-breasted—both raised on pasture using USDA certified organic … For complete details visit our shipping page. MADE IN NEVADA – Sierra Meat & Seafood Feature Story, Organic Chicken Wings, Thighs, Chicken Breast. meat and slightly less breast meat than found on a typical turkey. Our organic ground turkey plays well with other ingredients in any recipe you’d typically prepare with ground beef, but has a terrific, mild flavor all its own that’s worthy of standing alone. To get started, simply type the recipient's name in the box above. You’ll find all our organic products filled with nutritious goodness, raised humanely, and ready for your family to enjoy. Mary's Heritage turkeys are based on the first breed of David These eggs are produced by free range, slow growth brown chickens. Express shipping is $49.95 per order, per address, with no minimum purchase required. This process helps to lock in the natural flavors found within the meat, as we do not use the industry standard method of water immersion, which washes away flavor as the birds are cooled in a chlorinated communal water bath.

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