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Avez-vous des informations générales à son sujet ? ", Slovene Folklore, Author(s): F. S. Copeland, Source: Folklore, Vol.

Today, the tradition has resurfaced. Pest and Power is out NOW! Like most other acoustic stringed instruments, it has a sound board and hollow cavity to make the vibration of the strings audible. Most hurdy-gurdies have multiple drone strings, which give a constant pitch accompaniment to the melody, resulting in a sound similar to that of bagpipes. When hard to trigger, the strike or the bridge is said "sec" (dry), "chien sec" or "coup sec". Vous ne voulez pas voir de publicités ?Mettez à niveau maintenant, Dites-nous ce que vous pensez du site Web de [citation needed] The equivalent names ninera and niněra are used in Slovakia and the Czech Republic respectively. Some instruments also have optional sympathetic strings, generally guitar or banjo B strings.[8]:10–12.

ASP,[3] Alestorm,[8] Faun,[9] and Ayreon[10]. Lyrics; FAQ; Link to Shop; About; Concerts; Patty Gurdy's Circle . It was and still is played by professional, often blind, itinerant musicians known as lirnyky. The instrument is sometimes more descriptively called a wheel fiddle in English, but this term is rarely used among players of the instrument. Most contemporary hurdy-gurdies have 24 keys that cover a range of two chromatic octaves. During the 18th century, however, French Rococo tastes for rustic diversions brought the hurdy-gurdy back to the attention of the upper classes, where it acquired tremendous popularity among the nobility, with famous composers writing works for the hurdy-gurdy. The Hungarian name tekerőlant and the alternative forgólant both mean "turning lute".

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Melodies are played on a keyboard that presses tangents—small wedges, typically made of wood—against one or more of the strings to change their pitch. In traditional tekerő playing, the buzzing bridge is controlled entirely by the wrist of the player and has a very different sound and rhythmic possibilities from those available on French instruments. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin. Modern makers have increased the number of buzzing bridges on French-style instruments to as many as four. [17], Margaret J. Kartomi: On Concepts and Classifications of Musical Instruments. Because of the prominence of the French tradition, many instrument and performance terms used in English are commonly taken from the French, and players generally need to know these terms to read relevant literature. Some modern instruments have as many as fifteen strings played by the wheel, although the most common number is six. The first was guitar-shaped and the second had a rounded lute-type body made of staves. The cotton on melody strings tends to be quite light, while drone strings have heavier cotton. [7]:38 The Flemings and the Dutch call it a draailier, which is similar to its German name, Drehleier. Medieval depictions of the symphonia show both types of keys. Leier, lant, and related terms today are generally used to refer to members of the lute or lyre family, but historically had a broader range of meaning and were used for many types of stringed instruments.

At about the same time, a new form of key pressed from beneath was developed. During this time the hurdy-gurdy also spread further to Central Europe, where further variations developed in western Slavic countries, German-speaking areas and Hungary (see the list of types below for more information on them). The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to those of a violin. Both forms are found in French-speaking areas, while guitar-bodied instruments are the general form elsewhere. Nous n'avons pas de wiki pour cet artiste. Small-wheeled (wheel diameter less than 14 cm, or about 5.5 inches) instruments are traditionally found in Central and Eastern Europe.

Later on, the organistrum was made smaller to let a single player both turn the crank and work the keys. [11], "PATTY GURDY - Pest & Power : Review bei Stormbringer", "HARPYIE – Hurdy-gurdy player Io has left the band! She took up the instrument in 2014 and describes her genre as "Dark Folk Pop". ", "Program – International Maritime Folk Festival", "Patty Gurdy part of line-up at Tredegar House Folk Festival in Newport", "Album Review: Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut", "Half Way Post: Songs That Have Made My Year So Far (Pt.

[4], The pitches on the organistrum were set according to Pythagorean temperament and the instrument was primarily used in monastic and church settings to accompany choral music. PATTY GURDY - feat. Pour que tout fonctionne correctement, veuillez rafraîchir le site. This technique is often known by its French term, the coup-de-poignet (or, more simply, the shortened coup). Because of the small size of the wheel these instruments most commonly have three strings: one melody string, one tenor drone and one bass drone. These keys were much more practical for faster music and easier to handle; eventually they completely replaced keys pulled up from above. The data exchange of the musical information between the hurdy-gurdy and connected computers, samplers or synthesizers are managed via MIDI interface. She formed Patty Gurdy's Circle with the members of Subway to Sally. Lirnyky were categorised as beggars by the Russian authorities and fell under harsh repressive measures if they were caught performing in the streets of major cities until 1902, when the authorities were asked by ethnographers attending the 12th All-Russian Archaeological conference to stop persecuting them. The tail of the buzzing bridge is inserted into a narrow vertical slot (or held by a peg in Hungarian instruments) that holds the buzzing bridge in place (and also serves as a bridge for additional drone strings on some instruments). In Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, the instrument is called "wheel lyre" (колёсная лира, колісна ліра, колавая ліра). When the crank is struck, the hammer lifts up suddenly and vibrates against the soundboard, producing a characteristic rhythmic buzz that is used as an articulation or to provide percussive effect, especially in dance pieces.

Another Hungarian name for the instrument is nyenyere, which is thought to be an onomatopoeic reference to the repetitive warble produced by a wheel that is not even. Her 2019 festival performances included Smaabyfestivalen in Flekkefjord, Norway and Tredegar House folk festival in Newport, Wales Her collaborations include ASP, Alestorm, Faun, and Ayreon . [8]:10–12 However, metal strings have become common in the twentieth century, especially for the heavier drone strings or for lower melody strings if octave tuning is used. This instrument has two melody strings and four drones. By the end of the 17th century changing musical tastes demanded greater polyphonic capabilities than the hurdy-gurdy could offer and pushed the instrument to the lowest social classes; as a result it acquired names like the German Bauernleier 'peasant's lyre' and Bettlerleier 'beggar's lyre'.

Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology, University of Chicago Press, 1990, Christopher Page, "The Medieval Organistrum and Symphonia. The most famous of these is Nicolas Chédeville's Il pastor Fido, attributed to Vivaldi. A number of regional forms developed, but outside France the instrument was considered a folk instrument and there were no schools of construction that could have determined a standard form. The solo organistrum was known from Spain and France, but was largely replaced by the symphonia, a small box-shaped version of the hurdy-gurdy with three strings and a diatonic keyboard. In some types of hurdy-gurdy, notably the French vielle à roue ('fiddle with a wheel') and the Hungarian tekerőlant (tekerő for short), makers have added a buzzing bridge—called a chien (French for dog) or recsegő (Hungarian for "buzzer")—on one drone string. Although the song does not use a hurdy-gurdy, the repeated reference to the instrument in the song's lyrics sparked curiosity and interest among young people, eventually resulting in an annual hurdy-gurdy music festival in the Olympic Peninsula area of the state of Washington each September.[9]. Her collaborations include Many folk music festivals in Europe feature music groups with hurdy-gurdy players. Il y a quelques années, le musicien folk allemand Patty Gurdy est tombé amoureux de l'instrument médiéval appelé "Hurdy-Gurdy". In the earliest hurdy-gurdies these keys were arranged to provide a Pythagorean temperament, but in later instruments the tunings have varied widely, with equal temperament most common because it allows easier blending with other instruments.

[unreliable source?]. In the Basque language, it is known as a zarrabete. The free end of the dog (called the hammer) rests on the soundboard of the hurdy-gurdy and is more or less free to vibrate. The drone strings produce steady sounds at fixed pitches. To achieve proper intonation and sound quality, each string of a hurdy-gurdy must be wrapped with cotton or similar fibers.

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