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I have already voted yesterday for President Donald Trump because of his Platform for Life, from Conception to Natural Death. Court of Civil Appeals District 1, Office 2 — Jane P. Wiseman. All Rights Reserved. We must stop this plague on our land and in the world,where still praying and will continue to pray,God is our only help.

She was appointed to the Court of Civil Appeals by Gov. Your email address will not be published.

If you or your church would like to distribute our FREE nonpartisan voter guides , please contact us. Endorsements from National Right to Life Victory Fund, Endorsements from the Family Institute of Connecticut, Endorsements from Georgia Right to Life PAC, Endorsements from National Right to Life Victory Fund *, Voter Guide from Illinois Right to Life Action, Voter Guide from Right to Life of Indiana, List of Preferred Candidates from Iowa Right to Life, Candidate comparisons from Pro-Life Louisiana, Christian Voter Guide from Christian Civic League of Maine, Congressional Candidates Survey from the Maryland Catholic Conference, Voter Guide from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Voter Guide from Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life, Endorsements from Missouri Right to Life PAC, Voter Guide from the Montana Family Foundation, Voter Guide from the Nebraska Catholic Conference, Endorsements from the National Right to Life Victory Fund, Endorsements from New Hampshire Right to Life PAC, Endorsements from New Jersey Right to Life, Legislative scorecard from the Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, Endorsements form National Right to Life Victory Fund, Endorsements form North Carolina Right to Life PAC, Endorsements from the Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota, Candidate surveys from Oklahomans for Life, Christian voter guide from Oregon Family Council, Voter guide from Life PAC Southwestern Pennsylvania, Endorsements from Rhode Island Right to Life, Voter guide from South Dakota Right to Life, Voter Guide from Tennessee Right to Life PAC, Legislative score card from Pro-Life Utah, Candidate comparisons from the Virginia Society for Human Life, Voter guide from Human Life of Washington, Voter guide from West Virginians for Life, Endorsements from Wisconsin Right to Life, Reasons Why The Equality Act Would Force Doctors To Do Harm, Biden, Harris, and Abortions Late in Pregnancy, Kamala Harris’s abortion views should matter to everyone. He previously spent 23 years as a judge for the Third Judicial District, in southwest Oklahoma. He is the first African American to serve on the court. That

Thursday, May 7, 2020, is the National Day of Prayer. ... Voter Guide 2020 V3. As a matter of fact he sound fabulous.

Take the Pro-Life Voter Guide with you to the polls in the 2020 November General Election! The following profiles of the judges on this year’s ballot are derived from publicly available information.

Hudson then spent a year as the first assistant attorney general before becoming a special judge in the Ninth District from 2012 until his appointment to the Court of Criminal Appeals. They “vision” of a socialist, pro-choice nation is a nightmare for America. Oklahoma has three appellate courts — the Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals. National Day of Prayer Today: Cry Out to God for America!

Justice Tom Colbert was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2004 by Gov. Click here to print the Pro-Life Voter Guide, Kamala Harris’ veneration of abortion and contempt for Catholics, President Donald Trump Earns Texas Right to Life PAC Endorsement. from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1983. sick. Do you approve of the direction your leadership has taken? Hi Beverly, thanks for your question! He also holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Virginia. In that role, he helped establish Oklahoma’s first drug court. At the time of his appointment, Fallin said, “As a prosecutor, he has been both ‘tough on crime’ and ‘smart on crime.’”. His father and grandfather were both lawyers, and his great-grandfather was a framer of the Oklahoma Constitution.

He has served on the Court of Criminal Appeals since 1989 and was appointed by Gov. They exist for the purpose of identifying and supporting pro-life political candidates and opposing pro-abortion candidates in state level elections. 29 Jul.

Darby practiced law in Altus before becoming a judge.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court is the state’s highest court in matters regarding civil law and the Oklahoma Constitution. Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president—at least that’s what the American public is led to believe. Now Available— The Race To November Donate Now KFL PAC: Celebrate HUGE pro-life primary wins by supporting pro-life candidates up and down the ballot. Previously, he was also the first African American to sit on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, where he served from 2000-2004. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. “The issues stand presented to the wrong branch of government,” he wrote in that case. PAID FOR BY THE FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION, President Donald J. Trump’s Timely Responses to COVID-19, President Donald J. Trump’s Remarkable Record of Achievement.

He went into private practice in Guthrie and then served as district attorney for Payne and Logan Counties from 1996 to 2011.

The Pro Life Voter guide has been reliable & indespensible in helping me to make my decisions!

He served two tours in the Navy and has worked in the banking and insurance industries. Mary Fallin in 2015. General Election: November 3, 2020, Oklahoma Secretary of State2300 N Lincoln Blvd Opposition to limits on late term abortion. We are proud of President Trump’s accomplishments, we support him for four more years! Kane is a lifelong resident of Osage County.
Court of Criminal Appeals District 2 — Robert L. Hudson. Before his appointment to the court, he served as an associate district judge in Marshall County and as a district judge for the 20th Judicial District, Division II.

When Kane was appointed, Gentner Drummond, a former candidate for attorney general who practices law in Osage County, called him “fair to a fault, a strict constitutionalist and equally empathetic to the business person and the homeless person.”. is from the University of Tulsa and his undergraduate degree is from Southwest Missouri University.

Brad Henry. I hate to stand before God for murder. She went on to serve as a vice president at the natural gas company Transok and then as vice president, secretary and associate general counsel at ONEOk, also a natural gas company. “I would dismiss the case for lack of indispensable parties.”. No more homicides judges and governments. More than ever, stopping abortion and rescuing lives means we must vote pro-life in November, at the state and federal levels. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, are truly compromised as political leaders.

She has also previously taught at the National Judicial College. Take the Pro-Life Voter Guide with you to the polls in the 2020 November General Election! PAID FOR BY PRO-LIFE TEXANS A HUMAN COALITION ACTION PAC.

Mary Fallin in 2018 and is the only Fallin appointee still sitting on the Court.

Wiseman performed the marriage ceremony between Sharon Baldwin and Mary Bishop, the first same-sex couple to get married in Oklahoma.

Judges are appointed to these three courts by the governor, selected from a list of nominees compiled by the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Outside the court, he runs a farm and ranch outside Guthrie and served as a commissioner for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for almost 10 years. While there are a host of important issues at play in any election, no issue of more preeminent than the violent killing of thousands of unborn children every day in our nation. Before her appointment, she worked in education, spent time in private law practice and served as a staff attorney for Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Ralph Hodges. It is always very difficult researching who is Pro Life that will stand up to Morals and Values guarding the lives, protecting the innocent, I want to please the Lord in all that I do. Tags: 2020 election, 2020 voter guide, conservative, Donald Trump, Pro-Life Voter Guide, Republican, texas, voter guide.
The Faith and Freedom Coalition has released its election voter guide for the state of Oklahoma’s 2020 Presidential and Senate elections. Oklahoma City has long been known as the “buckle of the Bible-belt” and the capitol of the “most conservative state in the Nation.”

After his active service, he remained in the Marine Corps Reserve until 1998 and served on the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals. I appreciate the help Pro-Life Voter guide gives! More than ever, stopping abortion and rescuing lives means we must vote pro-life in November, at the state and federal levels. Thank you so much for sending this. This helps you to make an informed decision when voting based on the candidates for office and state legislative issues that impact our Judeo-Christian beliefs. Election Alert: Candidate Surveys Posted for November 2 General Election. Three judges are up for retention in this election. Once a heart beat is detected, there is a life present, period. Voter Guide 2020 V3. SUPREME COURT. Voter Guides by County for the 2020 General Election VOTER GUIDES BY COUNTY New! I believe in Life and abortion is Along with Kane, Darby dissented from the Court’s 2019 decision to grant an injunction that barred the enforcement of a law banning certain second-trimester abortions.

We are proud to offer readers a high-quality resource with analysis and education for the Nov. 3, 2020, election. Brad Henry in 2008. He received his undergraduate degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and his law degree from OU. Your email address will not be published. He served as a municipal judge in Bixby then as an alternative municipal judge in Tulsa before becoming a district court judge, where he served until his appointment to the Court of Civil Appeals.

Though its decisions can be appealed to the Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals is responsible for most of the state’s final decisions in civil cases. Abortion is a great sin against the vulnerable innocents created in the WOMB..There must be other alternatives & solutions to an unwanted pregnancy & birth..I read that DEMS like abortion so they can use the organs of that little beingGod Forbid..

You can even print it out and take it with you to the polls when you vote.

KFL PAC Announced Endorsements for the 2020 General Election View Candidates Show your support for pro-life Senator Kevin Braun View Flyer . Pray to End Abortion! She attended Cornell University as an undergraduate and earned a graduate degree in American history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before attending law school at the University of Tulsa. His family members are the Darbys behind Darbys’ Big Furniture, and the justice worked in the store as a child, according to his official biography. The Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals are the state’s courts of last resort for civil and criminal matters, respectively. See Endorsements. The 2020 General Election is undoubtedly the most critical election not only in our Nation’s history, but for our city as well.

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