qhyccd polemaster software

This is only for use on iOptron Equatorial Mounts.

Can you do a tutorial on how you would use it with the SkyGuider Pro? I have never went to these lengths to confirm the preciseness of my polar alignment myself, but if you are interested, you can watch this presentation on the Astro Imaging Channel. Your email address will not be published. Otherwise good review. The reason for this specification is that by releasing the RA clutch, you shift the rotational center of the mount.

I’ve had a lot of people mention the SharpCap method – and I should have mentioned it as an alternative in the video! The PoleMaster camera lens has an 11 x 6 degree of field of view. Many thanks! I heard the reassuring “new device connected” chime on my Windows 10 OS after plugging in the PoleMaster, so I new the camera was successfully recognized by my PC. QHYCCD PoleMaster Software (※下記メーカーページでダウンロードして使用) https://www.qhyccd.com 対応OS Windows XP・32bit/Windows 7・32bit/Windows 7・64bit/Windows 8・32bit/Windows 8・64bit/Windows 10(※対応OS You repeat the process of measuring the drift error and adjusting the mount by adjusting the altitude and azimuth bolts until the drift error is as close to zero as possible.

QHYCCD PoleMaster Ver114 is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by QHYCCD PoleMaster Ver114. Check out the Celestron ADM adapter I used to mount the PoleMaster to the CGX-L mount (on the telescope dovetail bar). The PoleMaster software user interface. The drift align tool in PHD2 works by measuring the error (drift) of a star and adjusting the mount to reduce the error. Yes there is an adapter for it. Some amateur astrophotographers has found that by using the drift alignment tool in PHD2 guiding, you can improve your polar alignment accuracy even further with the PoleMaster. There are clearly usb power issues with Polemaster and some systems. QHY PoleMaster Electric Polarscope Specs . Software: QHYCCD PoleMaster Software - Windows Version Recommended* Rough Precision: Approx. Yes! Because this feature of PHD2 gives you a way to measure the amount of drift error in your polar alignment, it can be a useful way to really dial in the accuracy of your polar alignment that you have determined using the PoleMaster. A high precision camera can achieve a higher level of polar alignment accuracy than “my best try”. The mount was already roughly polar aligned to my latitude at 43 degrees north and pointed in the general direction of Polaris in my backyard. I felt comfortable manually polar aligning my telescope mounts and camera trackers, from the iOptron SkyGuider Pro, to the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro. Can you do a short review of using the Pole Master with a DSLR setup? I’ve used the Polar Alignment routine in SharpCap before – made a video about it and everything (https://astrobackyard.com/polar-alignment-in-sharpcap/) It was certainly a great way to align the mount – and a great option to consider for SharpCap users. If you haven’t found an adapter to mount the PoleMaster to this mount, consider the iOptron iPolar device. Check out its features: Accuracy: Your best polar alignment can now be achieved with a PoleMaster in the order of a maximum 30-arcsecond range. The PoleMaster mounted to a Celestron CGX-L mount and RASA telescope using an adapter. Then, you are asked to rotate the RA axis of your telescope mount to determine the rotation of the mechanical axis. Nice review. Thanks. Depending on the angle my telescope is pointed (on the EQ6-R), this simply isn’t an option. StarrySky is an Android application that can be equipped with the QHY 5-II. The PoleMaster I am using is for my Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro EQ mount, and I have fastened it to the mount using the dedicated QHY adapter for this model. For atmospheric refraction to work correctly, the USB connector on the PoleMaster must be facing east. I have seen a few iOptron SkyGuider Pro rigs with a PoleMaster attached. The imaging camera in the PoleMaster has a resolution of 30 arc seconds. The peace of mind knowing that your telescope mount is optimized for the apparent rotation of the night sky is one aspect of the hobby every one of us can appreciate. The adapter allows you to take the PoleMaster off of the mount while not in use or in storage, but I think I’ll leave it right where it is. The hardware was easy to install, and the materials used and overall finish of this device is attractive. You would just need the adapter. More Apple Software Update Interface: Mini USB2.0 . I was wondering if your guiding accuracy improved at all with the polemaster? But in a hobby where little things make the difference between a good image, and a great one – I like to take every advantage I can get. The tiny camera adds no weight to my rig and maintains a low profile. Hey John – With a precise polar alignment, most modern mounts with a balanced load can accurately track the sky for long exposure images of 3 minutes or much more. After zooming out to 75% view, the north star, Polaris was obvious. From small camera trackers such as the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer to monster mounts like the Celestron CGX-L. Be sure to speak with the vendor about which adapter you need for your mount. Even though it was not completely dark out yet, I could see a formation of stars in the display screen right off the bat. The process involves matching an overlay of star positions with your current view of Polaris and surrounding stars. Required fields are marked *. In fact, there is a long list of benefits to using the QHY PoleMaster over a manual alignment routine that I seemed to have ignored up until now. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, The Polar-Aligner is a great tool to align your equatorial telescope mount. The company has recently updated its site, which lead me on a bit of a wild goose chase. However, if you are using the atmospheric refraction feature, you’ll need to remember to adjust the temperature and pressure settings for that night. Like millions, I have an iPhone and an iPad. Just an FYI, not sure if it makes any difference, but pretty sure the polemaster manual calls for the USB port to be facing to the left (east side) when viewing the camera from the front of the scope. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t bang anything against the device by accident when setting up. Each mount will have its own periodic error but I have found the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R and Celestron CGX-L to perform excellent without autoguiding for up to 5-minute exposures. After hitting the “connect” button, the PoleMaster delivered a live-view loop of the stars in the northern sky. “V•¶ƒnƒEƒXTOMITA@•Ÿ‰ªŒ§‘å–ìéŽsŒäŠ}ì2’š–Ú1-12@TEL : 092-558-9523@FAX : 092-558-9524. This doesn’t work with the Celestron CGX mount though does it – or have they come up with an adaptor now?

... My photo of the Pinwheel Galaxy using the QHYCCD PoleMaster for polar alignment on the Celestron CGX-L mount. Good point Kevin – yes it does! PoleMaster MAC Software Software download (MAC) The MAC version is currently an informal version and works fine on most MAC models. Once you have chosen your option, click the "add to cart" button. Monitor the Windows device manager to troubleshoot any connection issues.

There’s no way I’m buying that awkward “arm” to mount a polar scope or a PoleMaster on the CGX. By rotating your mounts right ascension axis by 15 degrees or more, the software can confirm this value. Astronomical calculations of the sun & the moon. There is a reason so many amateur astrophotography enthusiasts own a QHY PoleMaster. Their (current) software requires administrator to run! PoleMaster Maybe u can get one for review. I use a mobile app (Polar Finder) that gives me a readout of the current position of the north celestial pole, and fine-tune the altitude and azimuth controls of my mount to line the axis up as best as possible. Thanks.

Is it possible to get your rig accurately polar aligned without the PoleMaster? The manual instructs you to position the USB port of the PoleMaster to the left-hand side when looking at the device head-on. In this post, I’ll review the QHY PoleMaster from the perspective of an experienced amateur backyard astrophotographer who’s spent a lot of time manually polar aligning mounts using polar finder scope. For mounts like the Celestron CGX-L that do not have a polar axis scope in the mount, a specialized L-bracket and adapter is needed to mount the device. Copyright(c)template All Rights Reserver. 503, Block A, Singularity Center, Shahe Town, Changping District, ​Beijing ,China ,102206, Cookies help us deliver our services. It took the job of polar alignment using my polar finder and then ASPA in about 10-15 minutes down to a 5 minute (at most) affair. Aligning the polar axis of my telescope mount with the true north celestial pole using the PoleMaster. When even a single aspect of your astrophotography setup is off, you can quickly squander your night sky bounty for the night. However, this makes getting underneath the polar scope tricky and somewhat painful (I feel old).

With a slew of recent technical headaches and an unforgiving winter, my appreciation for devices that make my life easier has grown. A Windows version has been available since the introduction of iTunes 7. I am typing right now on a windows 10 desktop, but that doesn’t come outside with me. Thanks so much for all the videos you make , as a newbie to this great hobby I was wondering if I can get away with just the PoleMaster ? PoleMaster Polaroid is a pole-mounted, handset-mounted tool that enables one of the most direct and simple ways to align the pole axis with your phone and is available in a fraction of the time Very accurate alignment of the polar axis. Instead, keep the RA clutch locked, and perform this rotation by pressing the east button on the keypad. I like to leave my telescope mount tripod legs at their minimum height for maximum stability. The precision adjustments for alt and az make it so easy to dial in perfect polar alignment. hi Trevor 2 moves or more than 30 degrees can be difficult from the home position, so if the telescope starts in the west it is not an issue. Microsoft Office Profesional 2013 - es-es 16.0.13231.20390, Another security update for Chrome 86 available, Tools to help with a full hard disk drive, Firefox 82.0.1 update fixes causes of crashes, Never miss an update for QHYCCD PoleMaster Ver114 again with UpdateStar, UpdateStar I have been connecting the Polemaster directly to my laptop which is on mains power. The stars were completely sharp in my short 2-minute exposures using the PoleMaster. Final Thoughts. With the 2 downloads unpacked and installed, I ran the PoleMaster software on my field laptop with the camera connected. Whether you want to improve your polar alignment accuracy, save time, or ditch those 2nd and 3rd alignment stars when setting up – the PoleMaster can make your time under the stars more efficient.

This means that the pole star should be visible if the mount has been roughly polar aligned. If you’r interested in seem my SharpCap setup here is a link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155078397866358&type=1&l=a8b5b413db. The pressure and urgency to capture images increases when you have a limited window of clear sky time. I experienced that cliche moment I expect all backyard astrophotographers had with this device their first night where I thought, “I should have been using one of these a long time ago”.

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