rahu transit 2022

Ketu’s rare incisive intelligence will help you find hidden meanings, ancient secrets and help you work in trauma-filled environments.

So use this time, as Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu all are very powerful.

Governments will have to spend to save their economy which will conversely hit their treasuries.

They are permanently retrograde so will shift from Gemini - Sagittarius and enter Taurus - Scorpio respectively on 23rd Sep 2020. Likely that issues related to in-laws, their family can pop up and even some health issues can bother, any near dear may have critical health issues.

Rahu in this sign ordinarily can bring in stability and an increase in things indicated by Taurus. Rahu, which is all about extravagance, material wealth, and mass communication, complements Taurus’ qualities.

Overall it will good period from transit point  of view to Leo natives.

During this transit, Lord Rahu transit from Gemini to Taurus and Lord Ketu transit from Sagittarius to Scorpio. 1, 2021- Feb. 8, 2022), Rahu Krittika (Oct. 5, 2021 – Apr. (Retrograde Mars in Aries, post here). Women cause unnecessary harassment along the way.

Rahu Transit into the 6th House. When Rahu is in Taurus, Ketu will be in Scorpio, a watery and fixed sign of secrets, mysteries, and transformation. Human Genome project was successful.

Things which go against the conscience will happen in personal life as well at global levels. In vedic Astrology, Rahu  Ketu are slow moving shadow planets after Saturn, as transit has a lot to do with fructifying results of ongoing dasha hence can’t be ignored.

Native will be spiritually inclined and tends to visit any holy/sacred place.

This period will be mix there can be loss of tangible things but gain of intangible things.

Rahu and Ketu do not directly give material stuff but trigger events from the astral, the sub-conscious, the psychological and the unseen parts of yourself.

Thus loss of faith , opportunity, money and also indication of fear from enemies appears to these natives.

While evaluating results on the global levels, remember that we had two energy-heavy total solar eclipses 26th Dec 2019 and 21st Jun 2020. Scorpio is related to the hidden aspects of life, occult sciences, and transformation.

And the best one is to understand how their energies work and use them intelligently to benefit. The new dat... Pluto - Complete Transformation of the World !!! For children being born with Ketu in Scorpio, these typical keywords will be reflected in their natures. Rahu’s main goal in life is to dismiss the status quo and explore said pleasures.

Native’s spouse may have some health issues and conflicts with spouse can occur, spouse will feel more spirituality inclined though can become stubborn.

Native may feel more energetic and courageous. In general, it is a good transit will bring material and spiritual growth as well. Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 Predictions. So he gives a different type of confidence coupled with fearlessness.

Ketu in your 12th house could open the doors to spirituality for you during this transit period. During this it seen that native may filled anxiety and fear which will be mostly apprehensive and will have no real life connection hence native will have sleep related issues and ill health on account of his mental state, native will be unhappy but he/she will feel inclined towards occult, black magic, negative side of tantra etc. Or learn to sing? This transit is going to bring good news for these natives in terms career and gains as it is highly likely that if dasha supporting.

So you can neither hope for any luck on the monetary front like the inheritance of property, etc., nor bank on your spouse or business partner.

If your job involves, banking, art, food, speaking, etc you will get opportunities to showcase yourself. In your birth chart, locate where Rahu is placed, the house/ sign/ planets linked to him.

Being ruled by the bull, Taurus is the storehouse of procreative energy. In Astrology, Rahu only has head and not the body. Uttar Pradesh, India, For Any Help?

This may not be a favorable phase, especially regarding finances. You might feel more creative and versatile. The planetary transits can influence you depending on your moon sign. You work on your instinct and know that you are right.

Read more to know about the Rahu Ketu transit 2020 to 2022 predictions for Leo moon sign. They are permanently retrograde so will shift from Gemini – Sagittarius and enter Taurus – Scorpio respectively on 23rd Sep 2020. Terrorist attacks, hostage situations, communal riots.

So if you plan to get married in these few months, be very clear and not carried away by wishful thinking. You might get unexpected opportunities to really jump upwards spectacularly. This transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020-2022, will be passing through the 8-2 axis from the natal moon position in the chart.

First try to know what they mean in your chart. Poison related vulnerabilities will occur. Families can get ‘unusual’.

It will cause increased crime rates, threats, sudden deaths, violence, simmering situations which can explode spectacularly, suicides, civil riots, war-like situations, communal violence, suicide bombing, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. These planets are indicators of your past life karma and play a significant role in shaping your present life situations. Though it can provide a lot, it may fail to give lasting happiness. Individually participating in Fire Lab for Ketu will help you: 18-Month Period for Fruitful Efforts, Transformation & Achieve Life Goals.

I have written several posts on Rahu/Ketu, their nature and real nature also on remedies, Mantra, Homa, donating stuff, etc (do use the index page to locate these posts). R-51, sector -12 This will tell you which karma you are going to be pulled towards/ Rahu, and which aspects of life you are going to be separated from/ Ketu. However one should be careful while the upcoming Mars retrograde is on. Get your Rahu – Ketu transit report and decide on when to act and when to wait.

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