reo gas engine

1950 REO MOTORS Royale Lawn Mower gas powered 2 wheel art Vintage Ad . This shaft was connected directly to the blade on some models, while another model called Flying Cloud used a V-belt from this shaft to another jack shaft that drove the blade.

The particular engine I'm talking about is a Model 404, Type E2. Nice job again Matt.

REO, which stands for Ransom Eli Olds, was located in Lansing, They were used on reel mowers, rotary mowers and snow I also have a list of all engine models posted here.

Then the The models 6-21 and 6-25 used Continental engines. compact, reliable and seemingly indestructible. The only maintenance necessary was to change the oil and

With your information I searched photos on the net. Watch; Reo Gas Engine Motor Carb Rebuild Kit Carburetor Kohler Clinton Carter Model N. Brand New.

When the engine returned to its idling speeds the clutch was automatically disengaged. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

It’s the conventional cab with set back front axle, big square long, high, Royalex one piece titling hood with the bold DIAMOND REO letters spelled out on each side.

was president of Reo Motors at the time the lawn mower line was started.

I have written a Brief History of Reo Engines. Gasoline engines up to WWII were often valve in block design (L-head), during the war more overhead valve (ohv) engines were used, and after the war all new engines (except 1 F-head and 1 Overhead camshaft (ohc)) have been ohv. Plus our Flywheel Forum column helps answer your engine inquiries!

This site is dedicated to REO lawn mower engines. REOs are extremely rare here, maybe we have a handful. Trying to locate it now. Unfortunately no bearings are listed for Cont'l R800. By

The piston had some side play, and the output Gas Engine Magazine brings you: restoration stories, company histories, and technical advice.

Thanks to you all for information!

In return White would get a well-respected brand with a loyal following and a dedicated dealership network.

But there is no way to date the engine from the number on that plate? April 1, 2017 in REO.

Per Thyren, seen one unit of this type, and one may conclude it was not very This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. sure it was going to come unglued, but it didn't!

Also, this configuration would, I believe, be rather


Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information.

On 4/17/2017 at 10:13 PM, Bud Tierney said: What year is this REO engine, and what model was it in?

Kinsey’s grandson were originally used to power reel-type mowers. Something went wrong.

That engine was introduced in 1949 and became a great success.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I am the happy owner of a 8 cylinders Flying Cloud Reo of 1932.

Model 552A REO engines such as this one belonging to Donald. I collect Reo gasoline engines, a small air-cooled engine that was used on lawn mowers, etc., made from 1948 through 1958.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have the same... Vi är just i uppstarten på ett REO-projekt i Göteborg. Subscribe and connect with more than 23,000 other gas engine collectors and build your knowledge, share your passion and search for parts, in the publication written by and for gas engine enthusiasts! This wise choice enabled the models to continue to sell moderately well. Required fields are marked *. The standard Reo mower engine was mounted on a slightly tilted platform inside the boat, and a power shaft went through the bottom of the boat to drive an aluminum prop - the common man's inboard-outboard ! At this time, REO was using Clinton and Briggs & Stratton engines, but engineer Francis Korff was busy developing REO’s own engine in REO’s engineering lab.

the engine to various other uses, with the latest application being You probably know more than I regarding Reo's but to my knowledge, the only 8 cylinder Flying Clouds were 31 and 32, Models 8-21 and 8-25. This material is copyrighted, but feel free to download a copy for your own use. I can vouch for Both engines were state-of-the-art designs and utilized modern aluminum pistons, counterbalanced crankshafts and were both statically and dynamically balanced.

According to Don Houghtaling, Reo Service Manager, this little washer cost them over 5000 replacement engines. Post in the forum instead. We got a REO project and would be interested in parts. Watch;

I just bought this engine from Per.

Tilt, was by now the President and General Manager and had started making arrangements for the sale to take place after C.A. Copyright © 2020, Antique Automobile Club of America. This would also help fill in the gaps of their own truck product line. I have heard a very interesting story concerning the introduction of the Trollabout.

The plant for the immediate time would stay operating at its present locale of 4509 W. 26th Street in now what was referred to the Cicero area of Chicago. Following the post-war boom, truck sales slowed down drastically in early 1949, but three years earlier the company had started building engine-powered lawn mowers. Reo started the Lawn Mower Division in 1946 with a 17-inch push-type mower, and a 21-inch engine-powered reel-type mower. REO Models 1949-1958 Listed by Model Number; REO data used by permission of Erv Troyer. $20.29. Hi. Already a Member? Mvh Henrik Ogstedt 0702-013270. and the crankcase.

View cart for details. Plate reads R800-977. The cylinder is

I removed the head, the output shaft housing

The Models brought forth by White to form their Diamond-T line were the proven performers catering to the construction, refuse and material distribution fields along with the short and long distance hauling arena.

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