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Henry Tudor set aside any suspicion of a relationship and that is what counted. Elizabeth Woodville had used her beauty to snare a king. Things seemed to be pretty quiet at first. To marry her was to acknowledge that claim was a lie since it was unthinkable to marry a queen of questionable birth. You also make Elizabeth still think Richard would marry her even after he publicly denied her. He had lived a life of excess and it caught up to him. This may have been a gift to her from Richard. Elizabeth at 19, as she was when this letter was reportedly written, was not actually in charge of her life. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In the meantime, Richard received information that Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth was bigamous due to a secret marriage prior to his secret marriage with Elizabeth. ( Log Out /  Richard seem to treat his niece as well and Elizabeth had no apparent tension with him despite the awkward family feud. So how much of this is a creation of a novellist, and how much of it is a fact? “Bear in mind, too, that she had known Richard all her life…” Richard would lie like a rug to further his political ends but all evidence indicates he took a formal oath seriously. Elizabeth of York (11 February – 11 February ) was the first queen consort of . ( Log Out /  Richard also openly denied these marital plans to his niece and also denied the rumors that he had anticipated his wife’s death eagerly.

What exactly the nature of their relationship was has been eroded by time, but there is far too much smoke around the issue for there not to have been at least a reasonably-sized fire. ( Log Out /  Create a free website or blog at She probably has more truth in her books than some historians do. Although a marriage between uncle and niece was not strictly forbidden by the church, it had caused much revulsion among the councilors, and Richard’s most trusted men Ratcliffe and Catesbury warned him that such decision would lose support of Northerners as it would seem Richard had caused the death of his wife in order to marry Elizabeth. It also struck fear in Henry’s heart – or his brain, rather, since he likely didn’t have much emotion tied up in Elizabeth herself at this point. From her standpoint, Elizabeth probably thought Richard would have been more compatible than Richard. Anne probably had been in ill health for some time. Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Henry explored the idea of other possible wives until his advisor emphatically reminded of his promise to marry Elizabeth. And to be honest I’m rather sick of the focus on Richard III and Elizabeth of York. Then there was the beautiful 18-year-old Elizabeth, who came from aggressively fertile stock and was already decked out like a queen. Henry VII may have also feared Elizabeth would try to dominate him the way her mother dominated her father. Did I mention that Elizabeth of York’s brothers (the heir to the throne) had gone mysteriously missing while under the guardianship of him? Her marital prospects for much more grim now that she was illegitimate .So what happened with Uncle Dick? – You may ask. They had just spent months fearing for their lives in sanctuary. Henry VII was not tremendously eager to marry her, possibly because he had suspicions about her relationship with her uncle. Having grown up with Westminster as the primary London base of her parents, the visit would mark Elizabeth’s first not as the daughter of the king or even a princess, but as “Lady Elizabeth,” bastard niece of King Richard.

( Log Out /  Unfortunately the original letter failed to survive and his account cannot be validated. If Edward IV could make a knight’s widow his queen, Richard III probably thought he could also make Elizabebeth of York a queen. He first had to have Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville marriage declared legal before he could marry Elizabeth of York. Also that account that claims Richard had to be “convinced” not to marry her is full of crap, there’s no way in the middle ages you’re getting 12 doctors of divinity together at one place in such a short period of time.

Their ambassadors and spies helped weave the tale through the rest of Europe – Burgundy, Brittany, Rome, Spain and Portugal. Walking around the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun: Day 1 in Thailand.

And all of that sidesteps the question of whether or not Richard had killed Edward V and Richard, Duke of York – or, more to the point, whether Elizabeth believed that he had. So too , with many other things which are not written in this book , and of which I grieve to speak ; although the fact ought not to be concealed that , during this feast of the Nativity , far too much attention was given to dancing and gaiety , and vain changes of apparel (between Elizabeth and Anne that caussed people to gossip); while it was said by many that the king was bent , either on the anticipated death of the queen taking place , or else , by means of a divorce , for which he supposed he had quite sufficient grounds , on contracting a marriage with the said Elizabeth . Personally, I believe Anne died from consumption. I don’t think she hates Richard for not accepting based on historical evidence that he was some maligned, innocent king. The “why” of it actually isn’t that tricky, for all that it sounds horribly incestuous. I can’t prove it, I think its very unlikely. Most likely nothing. A betrothal to the heir to the French throne, the Dauphin, had fallen through previously. Never was. She was the linchpin to his claim (whether he wanted to admit or not and he didn’t), but she could also serve the same purpose for Richard. In the course of a few days after this , the queen fell ex tremely sick , and her illness was supposed to have increased still more and more , because the king entirely shunned her bed , declaring that it was by the advice of his physicians that he did so . Elizabeth, however, had no power beyond the raising of her children and the ordering of her household. An artist’s rendition of his face with truly human features, not that doll they came up with, shows a very handsome man. I think the most likely scenario is that it was Anne or Anne and Richard and the move was naive, not malicious. Also it wouldn’t have been Ratcliffe and Catesbury who be telling Richard he couldn’t marry EOY, they were both low born nobility, if anyone would have it would have been John Howard, Duke of Norfolk and Sir Francis Lovell. Here are a couple excerpts from, Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses, by Sarah Gristwood. Omg No, he never thought of marrying her, Richard specifically was planning marry Joanna of Portugal, this all well known, and Gregory utterly ignores this, he was also planning on marry EOY to the later Manuel I of Portugal.

If you knew this history then you know Tristan is forced to kill Iseult’s maternal uncle in a power struggle the uncle started but in which they both see themselves as justified. Oh God ! I do not think Elizabeth regarded Richard as her brothers’ murderer because I think the princes were alive during this period. Create a free website or blog at Does anyone else see the irony? – You may ask. Elizabeth of York had been raised with the expectation of becoming a queen. A true historian as she is, does not need to blacken the Duke of Glousters name, pre-Tudor documentation reveals that he along with the Duke of Buckingham, did the blackening all by themselves. Elizabeth of York was of course still the daughter of a king but she and her siblings had been declared illegitimate by an act of parliament . Later in the 1470s and early 1480s, yes, but they still crossed paths on numerous occasions at Edward IV’s court. Change ).

It was rumoured that Richard III intended to marry Elizabeth of York because his Elizabeth of York did not exercise much political influence as queen due to . The timing of the Portugal issue, however, is that such a match wasn’t really on the table until March when Richard toyed with double marriage alliance between himself and a Portuguese princess, and Elizabeth with a Portuguese prince. Tristan and Iseult fall in love over their shared love of music – Richard and EoY both liked music. I see no reason to put any credence in a letter NOBODY else ever saw. The supposed letter written by Elizabeth may or may not have existed, and Richard’s marriage negotiations with Portugal does not necessarily deny the feelings they may have shared together. Elizabeth had recently left sanctuary in Westminster Abbey where she was ensconced with her mother, Elizabeth Woodville, and four younger sisters, Cecily, Anne, Katherine and Bridget. How serious he was and to what extent he had thought it through, we don’t know. Hence he would have to take unprecedented steps of reassuring his subjects of what he wanted them to believe, truth or not.

I don’t really think Richard or Henry Vii or their allies killed them but no theory makes total sense. If there’s one thing to be certain of, it’s that these rumors stemmed from something real. About the middle of the following month , upon the day of the great eclipse of the sun , which then took place , queen Anne , before – named , departed this life , and was buried at Westminster , with no less honors than befitted the interment of a queen . nevertheless, I disagree with Anonymous assertion that Richard was in negotiations to marry Joanna of Portugal. So, what is there to say about this? His wife Elizabeth was from a very large and unpopular family, the Woodvilles. This letter was written in February. We do not know Richard’s feelings about his wife. He was wary of her. And then she intimated that the better half of Fe[bruary] was passed, and that she feared the Queen would nev[er die].”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Was there a romance between Richard III and Elizabeth of York? George Duke of Clarence drowned in malmsey wine: Fact and Fiction. For it appeared that in no other way could his kingly power be established , or the hopes of his rival be put an end to . Etc…. The false narrative perpetuated by the Richard III society. I think Richard was a man who needed to be needed. The question then becomes, from which party did these rumors begin? Though people do not agree on the extent to which Elizabeth Woodville influenced Edward’s rule, few would say that their marriage wasn’t passionate. Although Henry VII was a faithful husband, he made sure Elizabeth confined her interests to her children, housekeeping and religion. I also believe Richard when he publicly swore on oath that he had not compassed his wife’s death or plotted to marry his niece. so what does everyone think of this, if anyone is reading this ?

If Richard had an intent to marry Elizabeth I doubt he would have called such attention to it by dressing her up as a mirror image of his still-living wife. All of this was great news for Henry Tudor. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For years, I have had this unexplained connection to Richard the Third since I was a child, don’t know why, read many books about Richard the Third and even wrote at least 2 papers on various subjects on this man.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For Richard to marry Elizabeth, as Rebecca points out, would be to undermine the entire rationale under which he’d taken the throne. Phillipa Gregory is not a true historian. She was around 17 years old at this time and still unmarried. Indeed, so would Richard and Anne. First, she thanked him for his many courtesies and friendly [offices, and] then she prayed him, as before, to be a mediator for her in the case of [the marriage] to the King, who, as she wrote, was her only joy and maker in [this] world, and that she was his in heart and thoughts, in [body] and in all. She doesn’t claim to write history books, so why do folks slam her? If Richard wanted to thwart a marriage between Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor, all he had to do was marry her off to anyone else. Elizabeth of York was given two books by her uncle, Richard III-Tristan and Iseult and Boethius Consolatio Philosophiae.

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