seattle chop zone map

Domino’s delivery people drop off dozens of pizzas ordered by CHOP supporters and donated to those inside. This is a protest.” As if to amplify his point, a speaker system on a nearby ball field blares James Brown’s horn-drenched anthem, “Say it Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud.”. “One of our real challenges there is trying to determine who is a leader or an influencer,” Best said. The pair, who identify as white and use they/them pronouns, have settled in one of the more than 80 tents pitched in an adjacent city park. As many as 40 people with the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation began cleaning and restoring the former Capitol Hill protest zone, 'CHOP' early Wednesday morning. For about a 10-day period, it was very tense,” says Frank, Tensions have all but disappeared, he says, and those who do seek medical care often return with gifts. Learn about fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and memoir from the former editor of The Stranger. Pet owners bring emotional support dogs to share with folks in need of a canine cuddle, while drones operated by unidentified visitors swoop and buzz overhead. A group of people worked to preserve the Black Lives Matter mural along Pine Street in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood Sunday, but the artists behind the mural say they do not appreciate the act. Will the area wind up as the headquarters for a revolution? The facility, home to an educational and social-service agency, is now called El Centro de la Raza. Instead, organizers want their demands to occupy the headspace of attendees, though some attendees may harbor other thoughts.
Both Nim, 16, and Jordan, 20, say they came to CHOP to support people of color. “This is what love and unity looks like,” Anthony, 32, says as he gazes upon the peaceful crowd. Since then, the area has been reimagined. In President Trump’s ongoing practice of governance by tweet, he labels occupiers “terrorists” and “anarchists.” If Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan didn’t “take back” the city, he warned, “I will.” After reminding the president that sending U.S. military troops into the city would be illegal, Durkan replied, “There is no imminent threat of an invasion of Seattle.”. Another night of clashes between protesters and police ended with 10 more arrests near the former occupied protest zone in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. “To realize the world is watching is hugely impactful.”, T-Dubs, 33, a black lifelong resident of Seattle, hopes the message spelled out on street isn’t forgotten: “This is a majority-white city, and black issues have not been given the amplification they’ve deserved.”. Seattle resident Leonard Peltier, who went on to become a prominent Native activist, was arrested, while actor Jane Fonda voiced support for the nonviolent cause. You can hear his impersonations of Bernie Sanders and Jeff Sessions on Blabbermouth, and you can read his poems at, Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC Jr., an African-American man in a clear plastic poncho and Seattle Seahawks facemask, who’s participating in a daily info session known as a general assembly. Group members lived in the building for eight years, an action that ranks among the country’s longest acts of civil disobedience. We want to hear from you! Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an emergency order Wednesday morning directing protesters to leave the area of the CHOP, Capitol Hill Organized Protest, and Cal Anderson Park area.
In 1993, the city eventually agreed to turn the building into the Northwest African American Museum, which includes 36 units of affordable housing. Thank you! And while some seek the release of protestors nationwide, the city attorney recently announced local peaceful protestors won’t be prosecuted. Some call it CHOP, some call it CHAZ, and no one knows quite what it is.

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