sfaa residential tenancy agreement 2018 pdf

/CropBox [0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0] BASIC RENTAL AGREEMENT OR RESIDENTIAL LEASE ... B.__ until _____, _____ on a month-to-month tenancy until either party shall terminate this agreement by giving a written notice of intention to terminate at least 30 days prior to the date of termination.

tenancy or upon discovery, shall explicitly disclose that condition to the tenant and shall do either of the following: (1) Execute a mutual written agreement with the tenant for payment by the tenant of the cost of the gas or electric service provided through the tenant's meter to … $250.00- 31-100 units San Francisco Apartment Association Forms ... SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement (Single form) SFAA Product Code: SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement 2020. >> /Resources /TT0 3 0 R Landlord Hardship Application for Interpreter (PDF) 595: Landlord Withdrawal of Unit from UPT Worksheet for Tenant Hardship (PDF) 598: Rental Assistance Programs in SF – Referral List (PDF) 599: Request for Exemption of Rent Board Fee (fillable PDF) 990: Good Samaritan Tenancy Information (PDF) Rent Board Fact Sheets; 501 Regular price: 100.00 Discounted member … The following statement is required by the Alberta Residential Tenancy Act to be printed on any written residential property lease. Forms related to San Francisco rental housing are available only from the SFAA office, online (free for members) or through our "Fill Out Forms Online Service" (members only benefit for a … /MediaBox [0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0] This website offers functionality that requires JavaScript. >> April 30, 2018 or later.

415.255.2288, Mailing address: Copyright © 2019 San Francisco Apartment Association. San Francisco Apartment Association %PDF-1.5 1 0 obj /TT1 2 0 R FORM 1 AA Residential Tenancy Agreement Page 5 of 11 . All Rights Reserved. To easily turn ON JavaScript you can follow the instructions provided on the following websites: Enable JavaScript and WikiHow. endobj << Box 426469 /Rotate 0

>> $25.00- 1 time use (This will allow you 48 hours to complete the lease agreement online. /ColorSpace Contact /Length 4802

If you are signed in click here to access our Online Lease:

As a courtesy, SFAA has allowed an additional 5 copies in addition to the actual unit count on record.

San Francisco, CA 94142-6469.

This tenancy agreement (or lease) is required for tenancies entered into on . Payment can only be taken via the website link above. << << 2020 Archive. Security Deposit Interest Ordinance (pdf), Investigation of Wrongful Eviction Complaints, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program, Tenant Petition and Form A: Decrease in Housing Services, Tenant Petition and Form B: Failure to Repair and Maintain, Tenant Petition and Form C: Unlawful Rent Increase, Tenant Petition and Form D: Passthrough Challenge, Tenant Summary Petition (for pending unlawful rent increase), Tenant Report of Alleged Wrongful Eviction, Tenant Report of Alleged Wrongful Severance of a Housing Service Pursuant to Ordinance §37.2(r), Report of Excessive Rent Increase Under the Tenant Protection Act, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Request Form, Expedited Hearing Information and Application, Ellis Notice of Interest in Renewed Accommodations, Temporary Eviction for Capital Improvements - Tenant Disclosure and Change of Address Form Req'd by §37.9(a)(11), Capital Improvement Petition: Properties with 1-5 Residential Units, Capital Improvement Petition: Properties with 6 or More Residential Units, Capital Improvement Petition: Seismic and Other Work Required by Law, Special Circumstances Petition (based on rents for comparable units), Substantial Rehabilitation Petition for Exemption, Petition for Extension of Time to Complete Capital Improvements, Section 1.21 (tenant in occupancy) Petition, Petition for Determination Pursuant to Section 6.14 and/or Costa-Hawkins, General Obligation Bond Passthrough Worksheets (1998-Present), Ellis Act Forms (withdrawal of residential units from rental market), Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet, Instructions for Completing Utility Passthrough Calculation Worksheet, OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form A: Landlord Has Not Recovered Possession, OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form B: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is Occupying the Unit, OMI-Statement of Occupancy Form C: Landlord Has Recovered Possession and the Owner or Relative is not Occupying the Unit, Landlord Declaration regarding Buyout Disclosure, Notice to Tenant Req'd by §37.9(c)-Eng-Sp-Ch-Viet-Rus-Tag.pdf, Landlord Hardship Appeal & Hardship Application, Declaration of Non-receipt of Notice of Hearing – Tenant or Landlord, Notice of Withdrawal of Appeal – Tenant or Landlord, Allowable Annual Rent Increases (1982-present), Security Deposit Interest Rates (1983-present), Capital Improvement Imputed Interest Rates, Capital Improvement Uncompensated Labor Rates, Notice from Petitioner of Amended Petition, Notice of Withdrawal of Petition – Tenant or Landlord, Notice of Withdrawal of Unit from Petition – Landlord only, Request for Duplication Services and/or Review of File, Request for Full Decision After Minute Order – Tenant or Landlord, Tenant Election Form for 100% Capital Improvement Passthrough Alternative, Referral List for Other Government Offices and Non-Profit Agencies, Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Procedures and Time Chart, Tenant Hardship Application for Interpreter, Subtenant Hardship Application for Interpreter, Landlord Hardship Application for Interpreter, Landlord Withdrawal of Unit from UPT Worksheet for Tenant Hardship, Rental Assistance Programs in SF – Referral List, Fact Sheet 3 - Security Deposits, Interest on Security Deposits, and The Rent Board Fee, Fact Sheet 5 - Landlord Petitions and Passthroughs, Fact Sheet 7 - Annual Allowable Rent Increases and Banked Rent Increases, Fact Sheet 8 - Hearings, Mediations and Appeals, Fact Sheet 10 - Water Revenue Bond Passthroughs. SFAA members are able to pay to access, email and print the SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease Agreement) online.

Residential Tenancy Agreement (Standard Form of Lease) Note. SFAA members are able to pay to access, email and print the SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease Agreement) online. 265 Ivy Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 2017 Archive.

>> stream 2020 Archive. If you are unable to login with your SFAA ID Number please click here to use the formsRUS direct login link (https://online.formsrus.com/formsrus/login.cfm) If you are still having trouble, contact Maria Shea @, 415-255-2288 x 10 or email maria@sfaa.org  /Filter /FlateDecode << For technical support please contact Forms R Us directly: (408) 947-2107 or support@formsRus.com or watch the demo on how to access our lease online: $325.00 - 100+ units.

14. Fill Out Forms Online Service takes secure payments with Visa and MasterCard. /StructParents 1 2018 Archive. Online Lease Access. Please see below for pricing for online access to the lease agreement for the current year. ]^�����#�x4�qQ���#����HgfΌ3��t�N���9�Eg�����f�d��F��/��;N&�'/���9��;W��/��D���kH|��Y�-���?����g��@���c�,�3G�����,��:N�hE��[��>��Z�xb?ḷ��x����!NN1\��m��΢�N��F��6��؎7�p�ϱy� M�� ��+/�Ε�p�X}������TV���"_$l�D�zJ���֫��*[�*�C�c�K�Y��!�F�U����I��$Cƚ׵�&�Um�/�h��H�^���U99��8bC�]��g:G�H�T��Mo���ld[\��'���n�щ�fpe�uC�K�d>�t4 �F�.�5G� �se"QS�gYti�����hn�5&ߌ�m�ApO� �A^����٭�~͗�P�a`}�O����D� H8 CAA forms include everything except our SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement. Browsers supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 ( note older versions of IE are not supported)  Members are allotted the number of leases that is associated with their unit count. /Contents 6 0 R

Dnߍ�r�kk�qT7.�K�՝��Y�~'gd�R�������E�?-���mj��v��L���n^�"�"9�Ɋ���9�li��d)Hk��fې\�|F�9�9e'MNS�� �zG�aS;�LX4��q��>*RĜI&�q�|��y��R�_����9e`ۏi�t4�B�_.�p7;�/(�G�5�����^�-�ڜ�d%�gK����Y���G�jr��/,��8����r"'5��.

:k�W&=�!�w��#e�j8F]X�3v� Q�zdd�c�z����Ì|@@�'��#�LK拥�kɯk����I2���,�Ί}������[oqd���ⱳ(9��|B�]-�l�nf�K������2t�K�OGYq"uʚ���-��IOA�{.\������w��BՕCM�ˣ���Qm 8�7f�i�!��L՜A�����%�����3+��&e4�˱2�e��/I>m��6r��x��um�FKᰮ�e�x���U�=�l�rW�}"C�]y�����ÿT������=s/�#��go#��׃/8 T�ˡ�=⢧-nr����V���:�����- k��T�a�KAL�]֧���"W�-t�Td��)��)4%����Ǫ��sĉ�BY�y�>��$=�Z����A k���0��X�߼o"k��*���@~Q��jw֓��� � �����c����>@q����% [��}�僡�Ȯ��W�ݾ�(?��s��9�����Ò.��}(�KU��#�"(��ƈ�V�2g��I 嗂6�,٦Є� ����6���xN����5��`������\��y_M���r˼U+�Nޱ���d{n�ܰ5/l. The printed San Francisco Residential Tenancy Agreement is available to purchase online from this website. %���� The Terms of Use and License Agreement apply to all who take advantage of our Fill Out Forms Online Service. If you need to access the lease after the 48 hours has expired you will be able to renew the 48 hour subscription)

/Parent 5 0 R Please see below for pricing for online access to the lease agreement for the current year. Click here to access our Online Lease It does not apply to care homes, sites in mobile home parks and land lease communities, most social housing, certain other special tenancies … /Font <<


If the premises are not separately metered, the notice of the charge must specify: 14.1 the calculation as per the agreed method; and . 2017 Archive. t��m�i/u����b9����&rҽ_�g�!%�np"SԐ��3��4?:��^�:yw��R����? 中文 and Filipino on this website and in our offices. 2.

2018 Archive. The tenancy created by this agreement is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and if there is a conflict between this agreement and the Act, the Act prevails. Changes to the agreement for 2020 Costs Cost for SFAA members: $20.00 per lease plus sales tax, or a pad of 10 leases for $180.00 plus sales tax Cost for non-members: Pick Up at SFAA Office: $100.00 per copy (plus tax)

SFAA members are able to pay to access, email and print the SFAA Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease Agreement) online.

/CS0 4 0 R Regular Members                                                         Management Companies $450 for one year, $200.00- 1- 30 units P.O. 6 0 obj /Type /Page

If you are signed in click here to access our Online Lease: If you are unable to login with your SFAA ID Number please click here to use the formsRUS direct login link (, https://online.formsrus.com/formsrus/login.cfm. H��Wmo�8��_����S~I�(

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