simian line celebrities

• Jermain Coleman, 'Maino' (right hand: weak head line) Especially in the Western world, few celebrities have a simian line in both hands; 19 double simian crease celebs are listed below (incl. The top 5 most well-known celebrities with a simian line in both hands are: • Tony Blair (former UK Prime Minister)

• Keanu Reeves (right hand: incomplete bridge) • HOW TO RECOGNIZE Simian Lines? 'Taeyang' and 'Sol' - singer, South-Korea (r-hand: incompl. 'Method Man' - rapper, US (both hands: disconnected complete simian line). Alain Delon has a complete simian line on his right hand. Billy Joel - singer-songwriter, US (left hand: incomplete simian line) 'PewDiePie'- Youtuber, Sweden (left: complete simian line) In 2015, Benedict played William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre. (left hand: normal [short, irregular heart line]). ], left hand: complete simian line(right hand: normal), right hand: incomplete simian line (left hand: normal), Armin van Buuren, Dutch DJ (most popular DJ in 2007-2010), left hand: complete simian line (right hand: normal), Hillary Clinton, former US presidential candidate, l-hand: disconnected incompl. Floyd Mayweather - boxer, US (right hand: dissociated incomplete simian line) Seems to me the simian line is a marker that denotes some sort of major either intensity, willpower, or extremism, even craziness maybe. • BIG FIVE PROFILING: personality & Simian Line

simian line), Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a.k.a. He is an American entrepreneur, author, life coach, and philanthropist who was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list in 2015 and 2016. Coleen Rowley - FBI agent, US (right hand: complete simian line) simian line (r-hand: normal), Benedict Cumberbatch, UK actor Lena Headey - actress, England (right hand: incomplete simian line) VIII - Palmistry books TOP 100 - listed by 'Amazon Sales Rank'!

• Takashi Murakami (Japanese artist). Additionally, Nigel has strongly criticized the euro currency and has been noted for his speeches in the European Parliament. V - Can Mental Illness be Diagnosed from the Palm?I.

Celebrities & their hands: 100+ famous hands! Even though the simian line is relatively rare among celebrities & famous people, some of them do have the single palmar transverse crease: 80+ reports are presented below, but only 15 reports involve a simian line in both hand! Corey Hawkins - actor & singer, US (left hand: complete simian line)

- Explore the personality profiles of celebrities -. • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left hand: weak bridge, broken heart line)

Ina Garten - author & White House Office staff, US (r-hand: compl. • Shakib Khan (right hand: bridge)

Another rather remarkable fact is that the 2 Oscar winners belong to a very small group of only 5 top-actors who have received the "Cecil B. DeMille Award", the Golden Globe oeuvre award for "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment": Anthony Hopkins [2006] & Robert De Niro [2011]. Rainn Wilson has a complete simian line on his right hand.

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