species 8472 vs q

(VOY: "Scorpion", "Scorpion, Part II", "Prey"). They are solely concerned with their own perception of the welfare of Bajor. There were first introduced to Star Trek audiences in the Original Series as an alien antagonist. Forum Posts. The Nacene themselves were a highly advanced species not even native to the Milky Way Galaxy.

It is the discovery of this infiltration by the Klingon Empire, and the Federation's refusal to believe their warnings, that contribute to the outbreak of war between the Empire and Federation at the game's outset. Lt. Worf of the Enterprise experienced and fought against these first hand. In their past they were persecuted by the “solid” species of the Gamma quadrant. In ancient times on Bajor, certain Bajorans experienced visions when they encountered majestic orbs.

Moore recounted, "We approached Ron Thornton at Foundation and said, 'Look, here's what we're trying to do. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2, p. 28) During Burg's tenure on the project, the communication between him and Curry was profuse, with them exchanging many sketches and ideas. Their sole purpose in life is to fight and sacrifice themselves for the Dominion in battle. "The very first thing I did," Teska recalled, "was, once I had these drawings, was just did a very simple, blocky kind of shape, just to kind of get the proportions and figure out how big the head, how big the body and everything would be, and then gave that back to Paramount. "Some have three legs; some have two legs; some of them have a split tripodal base, with below the knee bifurcated. This one had this very strange kind of neck and very strange body structure, with three legs and everything. In 2017, ScreenRant ranked the Species 8472 the 11th most bizarre aliens in Star Trek. Non-humanoid 28 & 30), Following this initial rejection, Ron Thornton advised Steve Burg to produce several quick sketches featuring a variety of looks that the producers could choose from. Another influence on the tripod design was a similarly three-legged, alien character that had appeared in a science-fiction fantasy play that Curry had written, designed and directed, as one of his thesis projects in grad school. That was about it." ("Braving the Unknown: Season Three", VOY Season 3 DVD special features), Visual Effects Producer Dan Curry was also influential in the genesis of the Species 8472 design. [3]. 29, No. In doing so, they would expand their biological and technological distinctiveness and advance towards a goal of perfection. Some Species 8472 were uncomfortable experiencing the lives of lifeforms so different from themselves, while others found elements of it enjoyable. Burg later admitted, "I have to say I agree [....] It does have sort of a mantis-like feeling and I think that kept on through [the design process], but I think there was a miscalculation in that we began by making it too derivative, not of Star Trek things, but of other creature designs. They wanted something like the alien, but they didn't want a rip-off." Why don't you have your guys draw something up, and we'll look it over' [....] I would never presume to jump on that three-legged thing unless it was a script point. If Species 8472 cells were introduced into another lifeform, they rapidly proliferated and began to consume it from the inside out. For example, the neck is actually three very thin muscles, so there couldn't possibly be a guy in a suit. So, you know, as an animator, as a character designer or creature person, I was totally jazzed about bringing this guy to life. They also enter a state of life and death lust every seven years called the pon farr.

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