super mario sunshine dolphin

Dual Core and Idle Skip also enabled. By adding the Gecko code below, and enabling it, Super Mario Sunshine will run at 60FPS. Direct3D 12 runs at the 50 FPS range unless the heat wave effect is disabled, and even then it has pretty significant drops when around goo. Super Mario Sunshine is definitely a title that everyone will enjoy. Step 2. The boxes were invisible starting with 4.0-8388, but returned to the old behavior in 4.0-8450. Debug Symbol Files. This way, I could achieve about 2.8GHz. - The Retro Byte, (1440p) Super Mario Sunshine Gameplay - Dolphin 5.0, Super Mario Sunshine 60FPS Hack (Official), Super Mario Sunshine - NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV - Dolphin Emulator 4.0-7947 (1080p) - GameCube, Let's Play Super Mario Sunshine: Part 1 (Dolphin - HD Texture Pack) (1080p HD) - Nintendo GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine ~Co-op Test~ (Dolphin) {5.0}, Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition,, Avoids improper graffiti behavior under Direct3D, Avoids crashing after long periods of play, Fully Playable: 50-60FPS with DX9 plug-in, OpenCL Enabled and Recommended Configuration. The game completely freezes after running for a while. 30FPS/60VPS. Requires Texture Cache Accuracy to be set to safe to prevent missing graffiti textures. Detailed Wiki and an active user community help with editing complicated settings, providing quick troubleshooting. Encounters "Failed to submit command buffer" during or straight after the opening scene with Vulkan, making it completely unplayable. 1080p @ 60FPS, recommended settings - rare drops up to 50FPS, visible stuttering but perfectly playable and enjoyable! By adding the Gecko code below, and enabling it, Super Mario Sunshine will run at 60FPS. More information on the hack can be found in this post: video was featured in this blog article - Graffiti appears blocky, this can be fixed by disabling scaled efb copy but causes the heatwave effect to appear pixelated when running at a higher internal resolution. Step 3. Super Mario Sunshine reads the mip level of the sand to change the color of the water slightly in the distance. Ultrabook fan goes very fast, not ideal system for playing. R4 3DS Cards for Mario game emulation on the NDS & 3DS. Its gameplay is unique and new and will offer Mario fans something to dig in to. I'm trying to run Super Mario Sunshine, and it seems to run okay in menus but the moment I get into Isle Delfino, the frames drop significantly no matter what resolution I play it in. Step 4. Fully Playable 60-80FPS with DX11 plug-in, Fully playable with a resolution of "size of the window." Click on the ‘Download’ to get access to the 7Z archive with the software EXE and additional files. Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed. Go to Dolphin Wiki to check the ROMs compatibility. Be sure to "MMU ​​Speedhack" let off, to avoid errors Games. There are no lingering effects after the map is open or closed, just the transition. Frame drops only last for about half a second or so and quickly fix themselves. 50 Shine run w/ Vulkan at 3xIR, 1xAF, No AA & settings recommended under "Graffiti Behaves Oddly". Everyone just wants to be Mario – even his enemies. Using a few hacks and game patches, Super Mario Sunshine can be made to run a smooth 60 frames per second in Dolphin. To see uploaded files, click ‘Refresh’ - the software reloads a page and presents you with an updated list. Very playable 8-10FPS. Incorrect water color at 1080p, looks slightly greener.

The only issue I noticed was that sometimes the music hangs at the last note played, but this was solved by just resetting the emulator, or reloading a save state (so you can save state often to avoid this). Playable, some lag during cutscenes, nothing major. Search Google The essential settings that you need to modify are the following ones: Choose an OpenGL mode - it’s the most universal and well-customized Backend. Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed. Playable, some lag during cutscenes, nothing major. Super Mario Sunshine is an excellent choice for emulation beginners. If certain Action Replay codes are activated, then the game may crash upon trying to return to a completed level.

All rights reserved | Privacy Policy, 7 Tips to Growing your Business During a Pandemic, Houston Online Trading Academy Owner Wins HBJ's 2020 Women Who Mean Business Award, Gavin McConnon Explains How Technology Has Impacted Business Management, 9 Tips You Need to Know About Creating an Attractive Trade Show Booth, 3 Fun Facts About Computer History that You Probably Didn't Know, eBook: The Power of Emotion in Customer Service, eBook: The Innovator's Guide to the Digital-First Contact Center, Checklist: Power of Emotion. In newer Dolphin versions, an error has crept in, and that if I had during the game on the memory card save, and then save-game-state charging, and later a game was stored on the memory card would, there is an error, you can not play more of this to save memory card. Dolphin's website allows installing an older version - this comes handy if you need to set up a multiplayer mode - but it’s best to choose the newest one. Configuration: 720p, 1xAF, no AA. OpenGL seems to be much faster than Direct3D. Optional gecko code to remove heatwave effect: 0419f83c 4e800020.

Makes the cutscenes run very slowly on non-NA releases, Causes falling stars to appear in the top corner and top middle of the screen, Makes the swimming blue/red coins in Gelato Beach near impossible to get (without the turbo nozzle). The emulator is intuitive and well-adapted to the specifics of the franchise.

Configuration: 720p, 1xAF, no AA. Debug Symbol Files. Mario makes his debut on the Nintendo GameCube with Super Mario Sunshine. The built-in Widescreen Hack causes various clipping and reflection issues. Some of the graffiti is fixed, but some can't be seen with this graphic configuration in use for Direct3D. With the 60 FPS and 16:9 codes, the game runs perfectly from start to finish with no noticeable drops. The file has to be saved to the storage - you’ll be able to access it anytime and in any emulator. Emulation accuracy is near perfect with a few small bugs and graphical glitches.

Yoshi can also be used for offense -- he can eat fruits and squirt out the juice on enemies to turn them into platforms to step on.

Mario has never had so many cool new moves, or looked so good in 3D.

Very playable 8-10FPS. See issue 9087. Super Mario Sunshine is definitely a title that everyone will enjoy. Game likes to crash randomly with the 60FPS hack, but enabling Synchronize GPU Thread seems to fix that. You should see your ROM in the software now. The effect is very subtle, and may not even be visible on your monitor, depending on its color reproduction capability. Fine at 50FPS and 50VPS with the DX9 plugin, not tested the DX11 plugin, and change the texture accuracy to fastest, enable OpenCL and OpenMP, disable fog, EFB to Ram, disable AA.

Fully playable at native internal resolution and enabled OpenCL and Disabled Per Pixel Depth. Using recommended settings with 16:9 Gecko code and DirectX 12. Playable! Direct X11 provides a better picture quality, but the speed falls a bit behind. The graph below charts the compatibility with Super Mario Sunshine since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. Tested with (DX9). Fully Playable: 50-60FPS with OpenGL plug-in, OpenCL Enabled, Upscaling Auto stretch (1080P), Anti Aliasing 4X, OpenMP decode; Sound with DSP-LLE Files on one thread CPU core & Alsa. When loading this specific level (for example, just after the cutscene with Mecha-Bowser), the screen goes black and nothing more happens. After the download is finished, open the ROM with Dolphin.

I had to use Throttlestop because my CPU's clock is too low. Games plays perfectly. Graffiti appears blocky, this can be fixed by disabling scaled efb copy but causes the heatwave effect to appear pixelated when running at a higher internal resolution. See issue 8059. Super Mario Sunshine 4K Texture Pack by Henriko Magnifico. Tested with (DX9). FPS solid @ 25-30. See issue 8059. This time the adventure takes place on a tropical island, giving it a new and refreshing look. Very occasional glitching of audio where music would be stuck on first note during level transition, fixed by re-entering a level.

Only listed problem encountered was Debug Cubes, no crashes or map slowdown. See the full list of available Nintendo GameCube emulators for … That was until I played SMS. This has been confirmed with a "Press B to run fast" code. I used Bighead's Custom Texture Powershell scriptto make the goo and other seamless textures, big thanks to him! However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Adding ArbitraryMipmapDetectionThreshold = 3 (this value was determined empirically) to the [Video_Enhancements] section of the GameINI will make this effect work at higher internal resolutions, by causing the sand texture to be detected as an arbitrary mipmap. Direct3D 12 runs at the 50 FPS range unless the heat wave effect is disabled, and even then it has pretty significant drops when around goo. Screenshots: Super Mario Sunshine GameCube ISO Info: Release Date: August 26, 2002 Explore huge 3D environments that range from a lush waterfall paradise, to an exciting amusement park complete with a rollercoaster you can ride. The below Version-Specific 60FPS Gecko codes fix the blue/red coin fish speed and graffiti fill speed. Enabling Synchronize GPU Thread fixes the problem. Use DirectX 11 to fix the heat effect issue. Incorrect water color at 1080p, looks slightly greener. DOWNLOAD Super Mario Sunshine (EU) ROM (Download Manager) DOWNLOAD Super Mario Sunshine (EU) ROM (Direct) PLAY Super Mario Sunshine (EU) ONLINE.

No graphics bugs seen. Mario makes use of a new water pack, which allows him to hover, launch, and rocket around levels, as well as spray enemies with.

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