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We are one of the nation’s leading litigation boutique law firms with offices in Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. To win because it’s so fun to celebrate. When the pressure is on, it’s 24/7, where all of us are making personal sacrifices for the good of our clients. Where Susman stands alone is in founding a firm that has become much better than its original footprint. Daniel is one of the best chefs in the world, but he wasn’t going to give us any legal work. At Susman Godfrey, we want to win because we are stand-up trial attorneys, not discovery litigators. That latitude, as well as the people, was what attracted her to Susman Godfrey. - Susman Godfrey LLP founder and renowned trial lawyer Stephen Susman passed away Tuesday after fighting a weekslong battle with COVID-19, which he contracted while recovering from a bike accident, according to his family. The trio of Tribble, Harrison, and Bhatia, anchored by Manne, catalyzed Susman’s risk taking into a durable machine that now has more than 30 partners who generate multimillion-dollar fees year in and year out. Our interests are aligned with our clients-we want to achieve the best-possible outcome at the lowest possible cost.

Tribble is the most senior of the three, and combines a technical mind with a special appreciation for risk taking. You have to be able to hear what you’re listening to and understand where it comes from in order to understand why Susman Godfrey is unique, special and without peer as an American law firm that excels in courtroom battle. Photo by Felix Sanchez. All rights reserved. “Susman Godfrey lawyers had handled cases across America – including NYC – but we had no beachhead here. But first, Manne gave him a little negotiating tip: Raymond needed to ask Susman Godfrey to help Raymond buy a plot of land in Sunflower, Mississippi, so that his Sunflower County Freedom Project could take root and flourish. Harrison and his team of Bill Merrill, Ashley McMillian and Abby Noebels took on Texas legend David Beck in the case. His strategy involved finding some good store-level witnesses from Northern Minnesota. The question is: Are you the kind of person who will rise to the occasion or shrink from it?” says Harrison. And I realized this group just has a passion for so many things,” she says. Finally, we want to win because each of our attorneys shares a commitment to your success. That approach has led him to slice a hefty swath through technology-driven litigation, both in joint ventures with patent firms and independently, winning more than $1B in patent litigation. Financial, Equitas, Lyondell, and Kellogg Brown Root, while winning over $1B in verdicts and settlements for clients including Lyondell and Masimo. He called her immediately. “I have grit,” he said. The two are kindred spirits, and Harrison has reveled in the trials he’s handled with Susman, Godfrey, Manne, and others since the day he joined in 1993 following a clerkship for the chief judge of the 11th circuit. But here’s what sets Susman Godfrey apart: when the case was tried the next year, Srinivasan presented the witnesses at trial. Raymond joined Teach for America for two years and lived in a rural town in the Mississippi Delta called Sunflower, where he was later inspired to create the Sunflower County Freedom Project to help kids who truly have nothing. Northeast-born and Texas-raised, Harrison has compiled an astounding track record of wins mixing commercial litigation and public interest cases. “What I would say about our firm is that our work in plaintiff’s cases teaches us to be lean and to focus on the issues that really matter. The gatekeeper for entry into the nation’s most elite lawyer club is Erica Harris, a longtime Houston partner. And, because we staff and run all cases using the same model, clients who prefer to hire us by the hour also benefit from our approach. For more than forty years, Susman Godfrey has focused its nationally recognized practice on just one thing: high-stakes commercial litigation. When the judge asked Susman on the first day of trial if he was ready to give the opening statement, Susman rose, smiled, and drawled, “Your Honor, Ms. White will be delivering the opening.” After taking a deep breath, she did. For the first bunch of years, Steve, Jacob Buchdahl, and I were completely occupied with the challenge of the moment, which was getting to the point where we had our legs underneath us – the challenge of letting the best legal market in the country know that the best trial firm was in town and open for business.”. Everything that we do is designed to prepare our attorneys to persuade a jury. The bar is incredibly high, since the firm is deciding whether to invest its contingent time, and often its out-of-pocket cash. He’s won big trial verdicts and won acclaim for his community service. His dad was an algae specialist in Hawaii. We thrive on variety, flexibility, and creativity. They were together across office lines on typical cases, and the firm’s recruiting in every office focuses on hiring the very best lawyers completing federal judicial clerkships, not via mergers or lateral hiring. Louis suffered an array of life-threatening illnesses, most pointedly a chronic inability to breathe on his own. “Usually, people have plenty of notice. Lee Godfrey joined the firm in 1983, and continued as a co-managing partner until his retirement in 2014. Within months of joining, she went to trial – her second – with the one and only Steve Susman, with whom she collaborated to prepare every witness and craft every argument. Manne was graduating in 1980, and Susman called and asked him to come interview. So the truth is, I didn’t have many wild dreams at that point,” says Carmody. One of its earliest stars, Parker Folse (a clerk to then-U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist), moved to Seattle to open the firm’s first non-Texas office in 1995. In a comment that would be startling elsewhere but underscores the ties at Susman Godfrey, one partner said of Harrison, “I’d take a bullet for him.”. © Copyright SUSMAN GODFREY LLP Attorneys at Law. Their families all have second homes in Telluride because they like to hang out together.

We are often brought in on the eve of trial to “rescue” troubled cases or to take the reins when the case requires trial lawyers with a proven record of courtroom success. That night, King Louis took over his own breathing. The firm’s attorneys would come by at all hours as Raymond spent his evenings with Louis, writing a string of email updates to the firm during his endless hours at the hospital. She used her talent as a competitive swimmer to win a scholarship to college and then returned to Baton Rouge where she set new marks in almost every class she took at Louisiana State University Law School.

“They excel in so many different things. Bhatia is the only lawyer to have lateralled between the nation’s two most exclusive law firms – moving from Wachtell to Susman in 1995. The die was cast for the next era of winning at the firm, pairing Susman’s own penchant for swinging for the fences with a turbo-charged group of risk takers who loved calculated risk and brought a set of skills and swagger that are unsurpassed. That’s indisputable. Among his strokes of genius was the realization, while representing Emerson Electric in the early 1990s, that Susman Godfrey could carve out a huge niche by adding its courtroom panache to the toolkit of patent litigation. We have a unique perspective, the will to win, and an uncommon […] We proved that big cases do not require big hours. And it shows in every line of the words Raymond wrote to the firm as he visited the critically ill Louis over his first 82 days of life.

He liked sitting down and staying with a problem until it was figured out.

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