suzuki sj 410

The Suzuki SJ 410 is a very compact and economical SUV thanks to its relatively small but powerful engine, you can criss-cross the road and you don't have to worry. [46][47] Production commenced in Japan on 29 May 2018 at Suzuki's Kosai plant. Souhaitez-vous être automatiquement informé si de nouveaux véhicules correspondent à votre recherche ? Suzuki’s stubby little crossover, with a tall roof, short wheelbase, standard all-wheel drive and spacious greenhouse, is not quite like any other vehicle on the road. Engine proved to be rather troublesome (fuel injection system, crankshaft plating, etc.). In 2013 Suzuki New Zealand reintroduced the Suzuki SJ series into New Zealand badged as the Suzuki Farm Worker 4x4,[22] although the Maruti badge can clearly be seen in the centre of the radiator grille. If you are a lucky owner of a Suzuki SJ410from whichever yearthen you'll be glad to know that it is popular and relevant enough that a whole support network has risen around it. The SJ-Series Samurai was introduced to the United States (Puerto Rico (SJ-410) and Canada earlier) in 1985 for the 1986 model year. Power was originally 65 hp (48 kW) but was increased to 86 hp (64 kW) in 2005, the same as in gasoline versions.

ESC works only in 2WD-H and 4WD-H transmission modes (it turns OFF automatically in 4WD-L mode) and essentially works only when braking. The Indian built SJ-410 has only ever been available in a long-wheelbase version. The (dis)engagement of 4WD transmission mode and the switch from one gearing range to another is performed by a dedicated transfer case mechanical unit, which is separate from the regular gear box unit. The body and interior were also redesigned, with a new dashboard, seats, and grille.

All four Jimny generations have dependent suspension (solid / beam axles) both at the front axle and at the rear axle. It was originally intended to be marketed as the Eljot ("Elliott") in Germany, but copyright issues with Disney's Pete's Dragon movie made this impossible. The tiny Hope company sold very few ON360s, only 15 in the domestic market and another 30 exported to Southeast Asia,[2] although a total of 100 ME24 engines were purchased.

exemple la prise de contact avec les vendeurs, la connexion à votre compte ou la gestion de vos véhicules en vente. Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? Wider and with bigger wheels than the Jimny 550, with an LWB pickup model available. TC works only in 4WD-L transmission mode and it turns ON automatically when entering that mode. Such vehicles had a certain level of "technical autonomy" (example: softer springs for improved on-road comfort, finer interior cloths, etc. "Panoramic" high-roof version added, as is the intercooler.

New coil sprung chassis, more aerodynamic front and new bumpers. [16] So that owners of 550 cc Jimnys would not be able to retrofit the larger, wider wheels of the Jimny 1000 to their cars, the Japanese ministry of transportation dictated that Suzuki fit wheels with a different bolt pattern. [17] It was built only on the short wheelbase, as a two-door convertible and commercial, or with the three door wagon or van bodywork. This revision included softer suspension settings and a larger anti-roll bar to reduce body roll. if (json) { Savoir-Faire français Entreprise française domiciliée en France. For the home market, it first appeared in June 1976 as the Jimny 55 and reflected the changing kei car rules and stricter emissions standards. [42] The Jimny is also available as a parallel import in Singapore. The suit resulted in an inconclusive settlement. The fourth generation Jimny and Jimny Sierra were launched in Japan on 5 July 2018,[45] with styling reminiscent of the earlier LJ and SJ Jimny generations. As of 1989, the Indonesian Katanas and Jimnys received square headlights. All four Jimny generations have separate frame and body ("ladder frame chassis"). Spécialiste en pièces carrosserie multi-marques et peinture automobile à prix discount, //
There were three Samurai coil sprung models.

Fog lamps mounted on bumper, ahead of grille. In other South American markets (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay) it was sold as the Suzuki Samurai. [citation needed]. Choose from our vast selection of Suzuki SJ410 parts and accessories to keep your vehicle in tip top shape.
A glassed high-roof version was added on 1985.12. [23] This is due to the fact that while very compact and light, it is a real 4WD vehicle equipped with a transfer case, switchable 4WD and low range. In Thailand it was called the Suzuki Caribian. Santana also produced standard "closed body" Jimnys. A lower 5th gear (.865:1 vs the earlier .795:1) increased engine rpm and power on the highway, and improved dashboard and seats made the Samurai more comfortable. Envoyez nous une photo lorsque vous l’aurez achetée ! Rear bench seat now has a center hole cut-out to allow both rear seat belt buckles to be easily tucked in when not used, so that they do not stick out from the floor. Veuillez indiquer votre code postal ou votre ville. 4WD transmission system is now button-operated instead of the previous lever-operated system (transfer box is now shifted by a 4WD control computer through the use of electromagnets instead of a mechanical lever, and the 4WD control computer has a different operating logic). "PAS D'INFORMATION" apparaît quand il y a trop peu de modèles comparatifs pour effectuer une analyse correcte.

Copyright ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 100 "Winter Action Special" vehicles were released in October 1986. Immatriculation .

hex size; Projected tip; Removable nut terminal type; Gasket seat style, 511002 Wheel Bearing - Rear, Sold individually, 1980 - 1985 Suzuki SJ410 Base All Engines, 1984 Suzuki SJ410 Base 4 Cyl 1.0L GAS, VIN F10A548473 & Before, 143.43005 Brake Caliper Repair Kit - Direct Fit, Kit, 1985 Suzuki SJ410 All Submodels All Engines, Warranty : 90-day or 3,000-mile Centric limited warranty, Anticipated Ship Out Time : 3-4 business days, Page 1 of 524 | Showing 1 - 15 of 7858 results. Cher utilisateur, Ne ratez pas votre prochaine voiture, poser une alerte surleparking revient à poser une alerte sur des dizaines de sites ! Provenance : Italie. Low sales and pending stricter safety legislation prompted the withdrawal of the Samurai from Canada and the United States markets after 1995. The interior was also improved, with new seats and steering wheel. LeParking est un moteur de recherche de voitures d'occasion. Not all production plants switched over to produce coil sprung Samurais. Rickman Ranger/2160 short wheelbase version, Rickman Space Ranger 2160 long wheelbase version. The vehicle is actually the leaf-sprung Suzuki Maruti Gypsy King MG413W, powered by the G13BB 1.3 litre 16 valve engine, producing 80 hp (60 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 103 N⋅m (76 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,500 rpm, mated to a five-speed, all synchromesh gearbox and a high/low 2wd/4wd transfer box. Aile avant droite (pour répétiteur) SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à >> - OEM : 5860080021, Aile avant droite bord de roue SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 89 - OEM : 5860000000000, Aile avant droite bord de roue SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 90 à >> - OEM : 5860052C60, Aile avant gauche bord de roue SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 89 - OEM : 5880000000000, Aile avant gauche bord de roue SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 90 à >> - OEM : 5880052C60, Aile avant gauche SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à >> - OEM : 5880080021, Capot moteur SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 95 - OEM : 5830051C01000, Coin de pare chocs avant coté droit SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 95, Coin de pare chocs avant coté gauche SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 95, Feu arrière droit SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à 95, Feu arrière gauche SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à 95, Feu clignotant latéral jaune SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à 95, Grille de calandre noir argent SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 91 - OEM : 721118301009E, Grille de calandre noir gris SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 92 à 99 - OEM : 7211570A02000, Panneau latéral arrière droit bord de roue de 82 à 86, Panneau latéral arrière gauche bord de roue de 82 à 86, Pare chocs arrière SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à >> - OEM : 71810-80111000, Pare chocs avant noir SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 82 à 86, Pare chocs avant noir SUZUKI SAMURAI (SJ) de 86 à 91 - OEM : 7180000000000, Radiateur, refroidissement du moteur 300 x 383 x 34 de 82 à 92 - OEM : 17700A80001, Radiateur, refroidissement du moteur 358 x 390 pour boite manuelle de 84 à 88 - OEM : 17700C83001. [2], The LJ was updated in May 1972 and renamed the LJ20. Santana also produced petrol editions alongside the diesel editions. Nous vous suggérons de la modifier pour recevoir correctement les alertes mais aussi pour retrouver votre mot de passe oublié. SUZUKI SJ 410. At the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki presented the all-new Jimny with a much more modern design. At the same time, a glassed high-roof version ("Panoramic Roof") was added.[35]. However, the negative effect is that 4WD transmission mode must not be used on any surface which is not rather slippery, especially if having to steer.

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