tenor guitar chords

Gsus2.. Gsus2/B. Where are our Rolling Stones fans? dom9 = 9 (Major triad, minor 7th plus 9th). Fdim/D.. Fdim7... Fsus Fsus.

Am/Gb.. Am6 Am6. f7) F#m7 F#m7-5 F#maj F#maj7 Gb.. Gb... Gb/Ab. Click the links below for chords and tunes for these popular songs, based on the standard tenor guitar tuning, CGDA. Fadd9. Dbm7.. Dbmaj, d2) Dbdim/A.. Dbdim/B. Esus2.. Esus2/A. Edim7.. Esus Esus... Esus2. F7 F7. Dbm/B. F/Eb.. F/G F5. Asus2/C.. a8) Aadd9.. Aaug/D. Dsus2/C.. Dsus2/Db. Bb/G.

Am/F. D9add6 Dadd9 Dadd9, Dadd9,. Abmaj Abmaj7 Abmin, A... A..... A/Ab.

Fdim7.. Fsus2.. Fsus2/A.

Gb/E. E/Gb. Below, you’ll find simplified versions of major, minor, and seventh chords. Bdim/Ab.. Bdim7.

Bdim/G.. Bdim/G..., Bsus. Think like a Tenor Player. Gdim7.. Gsus Gsus2,, Gsus2. c2) C... C.... C..... C......, C/B C/B. D/E.... D/E..... D/E...... D/E....... d4) D+ D. D.. D.... D/B.. D/B... D/B.... D/B..... D/E D/E. Gmaj7.. Gmaj7sus4 Gmaj9 G#5. F6 F6. scale length (approx): 23" (Gibson tenors are 22 3/4") (6 string guitar = 25.5", plectrum guitar = 26") standard tuning: CGDA standard string gauges:.036 .024 .016 .010 (use bronze strings for acoustic, steel for electric) alternative tunings: Bb/Db. C#7 C#7(b5), C#m C#m7 C#maj C#maj7, Db. Click the instrument type in the row for the chords you want to see. D/G.. D11. Dbsus4 Dbm/A. Gsus2/Gb.. Gsus4/E, Gsus4/E,, Gsus4/E,. F6.. F7.. F7/A F9 Fadd9. Esus.. e6) E7.... E7/add11. Gb6. C9 C9(11) C9(b5) ., Cadd9,,, Cadd9,,,, Cadd9. Asus4/G. 2 = add9 (Major triad, plus 9th), D#7 D#m7 D#maj D#maj7 D#min. g1) Gbdim7. Dsus2.. Dsus2/Bb. e2) Eb5. Bb/Ab.. Bb11 Bb4 Bb5. Em/D,., Em/D,.. Em/Eb. Gsus.. Gsus... Gsus2, Gsus2/B.. Gsus2/C. D/Db. G6.

Abdim7.. Absus4 Abm Abm/D. Gdim/E.. Gdim/Eb. The reason why I have chosen the keys of C, F, G and Bb is not because they are the most popular keys, but because of how one chord easily connects to another. 6/9 = 6/add9 (Major triad plus 6th and 9th) 7/add11 = 7/11 (Minor triad, minor 7th, plus 11th) Csus.. Csus2 Csus2. Fmmaj7 F# F#+ F#/E F#7 F#9 F#dim F#sus, f6) Fmaj7 Fmaj7(+5) Fmaj7, Fmaj7,, Fmaj7/A Fmaj7/C Fmaj9. The idea of searching for tenor banjo chords is a great one. Esus2/G. Credit where credit is due: the fretboard charts were made at guitarscientist.com. D/C D/C# D/C. A/B. Gdim/E. Dsus2/C. (no 3rd) = 5 (Root and 5th - Power chord), The suggestion of using mandola chords or using mandolin chords and transposing can be done of course. Below we’ll go over some of the most popular tenor guitar tunings and the different chord shapes in each. Recommended. B7 B7#9, B7.... B7/add11. Ebm7 Ebm7. a3) Abm/E.. Abm/E... Abm/Gb... Abm7, Ab#5. Ebmin, e3) Eb#5. Eb6. E/D. The open D tuning is a great starting point for alternative tunings. This tuning is just like the lower four strings of a guitar. Ddim7. Asus4/B. c6) Csus2/E, Csus2/E,, Csus2/E,,, Csus2/E., Csus4/A. Bsus2. b4) B/Ab. Gm9.

If you were looking, not for chord charts for your instrument, but for CHORD SEQUENCE PLAYING CHARTS for common session songs and tunes look HERE and HERE. I have prepared a chart, You may also be interested to check out our, C#m7, C#m7b5, C#dim, C#7+, C#7b5, C#maj7, C#9#5, Ebm7, Ebm7b5, Ebdim, Eb7+,Eb7b5, Ebmaj7, Ebm9. d9) Dsus2/G,, Dsus4 Dsus4/B. Gsus2/E, Gsus2/E,, g9) Gsus2/E.

Dadd9.. Dadd9... d7) Dadd9.... Daug/E. Gm6 Gm6. Em7, Em7,. Edim/D. Bb6/add9. Am7 = A minor 7th AM7= A major 7, Augmented and diminished chords are often represented by a + and - suffix e.g. C6 C6. It has been suggested that Formby abhorred the Dallas ‘signature ukes’ such that he would bandy them about on stage for the duration of the plug, then swap them out for an Abbott or Ludwig when it came time to play the song, as he did when swapping keys. Dsus2/B.. Dsus2/Db. Their popularity throughout the 20’s is evident in that much popular sheet music of the time advertises tabulation for ‘banjo ukulele’, in spite of the fact that tuning is identical to that of ‘regular’ ukuleles. a11) Am/F.... Am/F..... Am/G Am/G. Eb#5.. E E+ E/D.. E/D... E/D.... E/Db. f5) Fm7 Fm7. A/Gb... a4) Abm7. Bb Bb+ Bb. Gb/E.. Gb/Eb. Special thanks to the Mandolin Cafe's primary business partners. You can play p ower chords with this tuning, but that’s not all you can do. Fsus2. Dsus2/G. G. g3) G(add9) G+ G, G,, G.... G..... G/A G/A. Aaug/G. Db6. Dm7... Dm7/add11. D6.. D6... D7(#9) D7.. D7... D7sus2 D9(add6) D9. One of the best things about the tenor guitar is the vast array of versatile tunings it can accomodate. Csus2/B.., Csus2/E.. Csus2/F. Esus2/Db. Look for a tenor banjo or a mandola chord chart. Baug/E.. Bdim Bdim/A. b7) Bm... Bm/A. Each key has a set of chords which are the ones most commonly used for that key. Ebsus Ebm. g7) G7sus4 G7sus4. E9 E9.

The reason why I have chosen the keys of C, F, G and Bb is not because they are the most popular keys, but because of how one chord easily connects to another. Fmaj7.. Fmaj7... Fmaj7/#11.

Dmaj Dmaj7 Dmaj7.

Ab/Gb.. Ab11, Ab7 Ab7.. Abdim Abdim/E, Abdim/F.. Abdim/F... Abdim7. Baug/E. E5.. E7#9 E7(#9) E7(11) E7(5b).

with this tuning, but that’s not all you can do. G/Gb.. g5) G/Gb... G/Gb.... G11 G4 G6, G6,, G6,,, G6,,,, G6.... G6/add9. e1) Eb/Db.. Eb/Db... Eb/E. Gb7/#9. G/C.. G/E,,,, G/E. C7 C7., Cadd2/B Cadd9 Cadd9, Cadd9,,, Cadd9... Cadd9.... Cadd9..... CaddD, Cdim/D. Db/C.. c8) C#4 C#5. Conventions used: Sharp and flat chords can often be expressed in two ways, e.g. Octaves, Zouks, Citterns, Tenors and Electrics, http://www.mandolincafe.com/cgi-bin/chords/mandola.pl, http://www.frettedfriendsmusic.com/u.../procart24.htm, Jams, Workshops, Camps, Places To Meet Others, Technique, Theory, Playing Tips and Tricks, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Country, Gospel Variants, Old-Time, Roots, Early Country, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Jazz/Blues Variants, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer, Celtic, U.K., Nordic, Quebecois, European Folk, Orchestral, Classical, Italian, Medieval, Renaissance, If this is your first visit, be sure to

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