the clever cat african folktale

‘I thought it would be something much harder than that,’ exclaimed the young man. ‘You are no better than the rest,’ cried the ogre, and turned away in a rage.

‘Your counsel is good,’ replied the cat, smiling to itself; and putting the stone in her mouth she went off to seek the falcon. 0000002308 00000 n His mother was sewing at her door when this magnificent stranger rode up, and, filled with surprise, she bowed low before him. But then, those diamonds, and those string of pearls! But, alas! They are more concerned about getting the biggest piece of cheese and their lack of trust enables the monkey to trick them into foolish decisions. ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up … 0000072921 00000 n ‘Can a son of mine have committed murder in order to possess them?’, ‘Do not be afraid; they are quite honestly come by,’ answered the youth. This was delightful news to the young man, who instantly bought some meat for the falcon, bidding him make a good meal. ‘Why I was up that river only a few hours ago!’ cried the tunny; ‘and as I was coming back something fell into my ear, and there it is still, for I went to sleep, when I got home and forgot all about it. what is there that you do not possess already?’, ‘How good of you not to forget me when you are in the midst of such dangers and hardships,’ answered she. At length, seeing she did not move, one bolder than the rest put its head out of an upper window of the castle, and said, in a trembling voice: ‘Why have you come here? Join now to publish your own tales, get feedback from readers, and enter writing competitions. And taking the stone in his mouth he carried it to the place where the cat was waiting for him. 0000010974 00000 n

The other mice ran away as quickly as they could. Shaking his wrist, the falcon seated on it darted into the air, and swooped down upon the quarry he had marked, which fell dead to the ground. But she did not like to draw back, and pretended to be immensely delighted at her new toy, and kissed and thanked her husband for it. Now the princess had been wondering for many days what trimming she should put on her dresses, so that they should outshine the dresses of the other ladies at the court balls.

Get this from a library! 0000010588 00000 n The king looked at her and thought that she was mad; but, instead of ordering his guards to turn her out, he answered gravely: ‘Before he can marry the princess he must build me a palace of ice, which can be warmed with fires, and wherein the rarest singing- birds can live!’. In another moment she was bending with rapture over the glittering gems. ‘Young man,’ said the ogre (for such was the stranger), ‘you have been a good son, and you deserve the piece of luck which has befallen you this day. When all the rats were killed, the young man left the barn. 0000098859 00000 n The falcon flew to a tree and spread his wings in the sun to dry, but the cat, after giving herself a good shake, began to scratch up the sandy banks and to throw the bits into the stream.

0000003262 00000 n Half drowned, and more than half choked, the two faithful servants scrambled back to land again. The falcon remained where he was, but the cat lay down outside the principal gate, causing terrible excitement among the rats. 0000006458 00000 n

This trickster monkey from Africa will teach readers the importance of sharing and trustworthiness. ‘I will explain all by-and-by; but now you must go to the palace and tell the king I wish to marry his daughter.’. He had ridden back along a winding road from which he did not see the palace till he was close upon it, and stood horrified at the spectacle before him. There was great mourning in the hut for many days, but at length the son rose up, and calling to his greyhound, his cat and his falcon, he left the house saying that he would bring back something for dinner. I never saw any stone like it before.’. He knew in an instant that his wife must have betrayed his trust, but he would not reproach her, as she must be suffering enough already. They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. Clever Monkey: A Folktale from Africa Page 6 of 12 Story Cove | Lesson Plans Kindergarten Illustration Directions: • Tell students: Cats have always stimulated peoples’ imaginations. Come with me to that shining lake yonder, and fear nothing.’. In a few minutes the young man stood again by the shores of the lake. If it is anything in our power, tell us, and we will do it.’, ‘If you would have let me speak to you before, I would have told you that I come as a friend,’ replied the cat; ‘and I shall be greatly obliged if you would send four of the strongest and cunningest among you, to do me a service.’, ‘Oh, we shall be delighted,’ answered the rat, much relieved. A very clever little monkey loves cheese as well and when he sees the two cats arguing over the cheese, he uses this opportunity to trick the jungle cats into allowing him to eat practically all of the cheese. Don't forget! ‘Your orders shall be obeyed,’ replied the rat. She turned round, and–was it her fancy? ‘After all I needn’t give it to the ogre,’ thought she as she dropped off to sleep. But at length the young man grew tired of always staying inside walls, and he told his wife that the next day he must leave her for a few hours, and go out hunting.

One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. At these words the mother thought her son had certainly gone mad, and stared blankly at him. He picked it up in order to examine it more closely, and as he held it the stone spoke. So the young man stepped bravely into the lake, and felt himself sinking, sinking, till he reached firm ground at last.

This email address is being protected from spambots. Her son was anxiously awaiting her outside the palace gates, dressed in the clothes that he wore every day. 0000087827 00000 n 0000012792 00000 n Then one of the mice jumped on the cat's head. ‘Oh, something quite impossible; and I hope you will put the princess out of your head,’ she replied.

0000008578 00000 n Their greed ends up leaving them with much less than what they started with because a very clever monkey used their greed against them and by the end of the story, he is the one who has the last laugh. Perhaps it may be what you want.’ And stretching up his tail he whisked out the stone. One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. @��(�>^Yq��ϣ�)���I�����S���C+èo��m|�T8��<0��$?^�����������۪,?�_p�0��BJ*. Clever Jackal gets away African Folktale "Hawu, hawu, hawu, my children," Gogo began one evening. And she answered as became a good wife: ‘Yes, of course I shall mind; but I will spend the day in planning out some new dresses; and then it will be so delightful when you come back, you know!’. Unluckily the next morning the young man went hunting again, and the ogre, who was watching, knew this, and did not come till much later than before. ‘My son has sent me to ask for the hand of the princess,’ said she. Already a member?

‘But I have a necklace of shining stones which was left me by father, and one, the largest engraven with weird characters, is missing. 0000009972 00000 n 0000008721 00000 n The bad cat is dead! In a moment he had wished for a palace, but this time it was of green marble; and then he wished for the princess and her ladies to occupy it.

Nothing that she thought of seemed good enough, so, when the message was brought that the ogre and his wares were below, she at once ordered that he should be brought to her chamber. The Clever Monkey is a classic folktale from West Africa told by Rob Cleveland. ‘Wait till then, and he will tell us what to do.’. ‘I fear they are too costly for me,’ she said carelessly; ‘and besides, I have hardly need of any more jewels just now.’, ‘I have no particular wish to sell them myself,’ answered the ogre, with equal indifference. 0000008463 00000 n He will be able to tell you about it, if anyone can.’ So the little fish swam off to the tunny, and again related his story. Then hearing steps approaching I got frightened, and called to you, as you know.’. Promise all that he asks; it will be fulfilled somehow.’. The sun had not yet risen before the falcon soared high into the air, the cat seated on his back, with his paws tightly clasping the bird’s neck. The princess was delighted with her new home, and with her husband also; and several days slipped happily by, spent in turning over all the beautiful things that the palace contained. "Look at me! [Margaret Read MacDonald; Tim Coffey; Nutmeg Media (Firm),; Mazzarella Bros. Productions,;] -- A sly cat plans to catch all of the mice in the village by inviting them to join her secret Cat Society. 0000004670 00000 n This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Then she raised her voice, and began to talk quickly of the prices of the chains and necklaces, and after some bargaining, to deceive the attendants, she declared that she liked one string of pearls better than all the rest, and that the ogre might take away the other things, which were not half as valuable as he supposed. ‘As long as you hold me, all your wishes will come true,’ it said.

What do you want? trailer <<7F81A286C54D4DFDBDEA1232E9B04E7F>]/Prev 808433/XRefStm 1957>> startxref 0 %%EOF 681 0 obj <>stream Once upon a time there lived an old man who dwelt with his son in a small hut on the edge of the plain. Sign in. 0000072991 00000 n And now farewell!’. 0000004394 00000 n 0000040681 00000 n Only bring up as much silver as you can carry, and we will divide it between us.’. ‘Do you know that you are making the water quite muddy?’, ‘That doesn’t matter at all to me,’ answered the cat. He took the path leading to the door of the hut, but stopped on feeling a hand laid on his shoulder. We appreciate your valuable feedback as we work to enhance the learning experiences of the site. 0000040584 00000 n So bewildered was I, and so dazzled with the splendours of everything I saw, that I stood like a statue, unable to move. ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up your paws I will drop it down.’ And so he did. ‘But hide me in your turban, and then call to the ogre that you are ready to come up.’. what beautiful stones he laid before her; what lovely rubies, and what rare pearls! This website uses cookies so we can provide you with the best user experience. ‘I am much obliged to you,’ said the cat, as the fish laid the stone on the sand, ‘and to reward you, I will let your river alone.’ And she mounted the falcon’s back, and they flew to their master. When they have found it they must take it from him without his waking, and bring it to me.’.

0000005255 00000 n But nobody had. But you will have to pretend that you want it for yourself; and, above all, do not mention me, for he sets great store by it, and would never part with it to a stranger! 0000001236 00000 n

‘I will certainly try,’ answered the fish in a great hurry; ‘but you must have a little patience, as it may not be an easy task.’ And in an instant his scales might be seen flashing quickly along. When night arrived he declared he could go no further, but would spend it on the banks of a river.

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