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While technology, history, and true crime podcasts saw declines in downloads during this time period, fiction podcasts actually saw a 19 percent increase. They come up to some very strange and horrible things while doing so! Written by Alexandra E Hartman and directed by Malakai.

However, a few ultimate revelations remain, just a few turns away, which may have already made the choice for them.

As the fourth day on the road begins, an unexpected encounter fractures the convoy’s loyalties. Created by Jack Anderson.

As the sun sets on a traumatic second day, the convoy stops for the night. The first season of “The Left Right Game” wrapped up on Memorial Day. A few dogs enjoyed their evening walks. As night falls on the forest, Alice is forced to fight for her life as Bluejay hunts for Rob’s car key. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, I used to hit play on a podcast and ride BART into San Francisco for work every day. Produced by Tessa Thompson, Automatik & QCODE. A family visit leads to a bizarre confrontation with even stranger implications.

Email:, This surround-sound thriller podcast is perfect for pandemic walks. In the ensuing fallout, Alice considers what she’s willing to do to ensure the group’s survival. Anecdotally, friends tell me they’re still consuming mostly comforting content, like “Office Ladies,” a popular rewatch podcast hosted by actresses Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.

The rules of the game they play are simple: You get in your car and take a drive. She grew up in the Seattle area and received her B.A. On the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, and the otherworldly highway of The Road, two long lost friends approach a final crossroads.

When Sam's sister, Whitney, disappears a few months later, he passes ... See full summary ». The journey takes her into a supernatural world that she and the other members of the expedition cannot handle.

Sam Walker moves to the town of Drisking, Missouri one summer and quickly befriends two other kids, Kyle and Kimber. Repeat until you end up somewhere totally new. One in particular, called “The Left Right Game,” is so immersive I often forget where I am, trading this unfortunate timeline for one a little more fantastical. Visit for more. EXCLUSIVE: Creed and Avengers: Endgame star Tessa Thompson will star in and produce podcast The Left Right Game, the latest fiction pod from … As the group begin their second day of travel, Alice begins to investigate Rob J. Guthard.

Title: An idealistic journalist tries to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game.

The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos. The Hidden Brain helps curious people understand the world – and themselves.

The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos. An idealistic journalist tries to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game.

(2020– ).

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As the journey continues, Alice discovers that The Road has a strange effect on those who travel it. A sapphic short film, in fragments. Visit for more.

ROB: The whole thing had a level of detail you don't see in other stories. I always end up somewhere new.

The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos.

The aftermath of the Edinburgh trip unfolds, as the search for Alice starts to have unintentional effects.

“The Left Right Game,” which originated on a spooky Reddit thread, follows the fictional story of a journalist voiced by Tessa Thompson (Charlotte Hale of “Westworld”) on a road trip with a group of paranormal explorers. Everyone was trying to escape into another realm. In comparison, reality wasn’t so scary after all. For those isolating alone, turning on something like that while doing dishes probably feels a little like having a friend over for dinner. Produced by Tessa Thompson, Automatik & QCODE.

Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. It’s a whole new dimension.

The scenery (and the locals, like a mysterious hitchhiker you must pick up but can’t speak to, no matter how hard he tries to get you to talk — or else) often terrifies more than it soothes, but when my present is so woefully boring, this other world is the only place I want to be. The Left Right Game

The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos. When the ragtag group of paranormal explorers drives past a neighborhood of white-picket-fence suburban homes that grow creepier by the second, or some sort of deer-banshee creature leaps in front of the headlights (maybe the only thing worse than a blood monkey), I feel like I’m right there in the passenger’s seat. Use the HTML below.

But I think I’ll keep taking these walks.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? RELATED: These podcasts will help you pass the time during quarantine. The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos. Visit for more.

Produced by Tessa Thompson, Automatik & QCODE. Produced by Tessa Thompson, Automatik & QCODE. For one last time, I put my headphones on at golden hour and walked in whichever direction my feet took me, but made sure not to take left turns followed by right turns (I like the show, but I’m not trying to end up in an alternate dimension here). Make a left turn, and then the next possible right. As a journalist, I read coronavirus news for at least 40 hours a week. Lately, I’ve been taking long walks through my neighborhood. Both have a choice to make; to keep going on the road ahead, or turn back to the world they know. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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