the vanquisher pubg

I have also participated in the PMIS 2019 in which we stood semifinalists. You only need to play the required amount of matches while being in the group of your friend/s (Duo/Squad) to complete this achievement. Playing 200 matches in any EvoGrounds mode will get this achievement completed. To complete the Rare Find IV you need to own x30 Permanent Rare Outfits. Upon completing all these 37 PUBG Mobile achievements you will get a total of 680 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. Similar to the Perfectionist II achievement, you will need to purchase the Royale Pass in the next season that you first purchased the Royal Pass. There are 37 different achievements under the Honor category. Opening 10 Royale Pass Elite Crates will get this Achievement completed. To complete the Classic Lover V Achievement you need to play 1000 matches in Classic Mode. He has around 528k subscriber count on his official YouTube channel, as of writing this article. All the 37 Honor achievements are as follows: Win 1 match in the Zombie : Darkest Night mode. Then, hold your position until the fourth and fifth zone.

〉 Reward/s – Jinxed Avatar Frame (Legendary). This is it, both the ways will work and the Enlisted Achievement will get completed and you will be rewarded with 20 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. Kill 10 enemies with headshot using any gun/crossbow and you will be rewarded with 20 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. Kill 500 enemies with any Melee Weapon on any map in any mode. To complete the Mythic Fashion I achievement you need to own 10 Mythic Permanent Outfit. Complete 30 Clan Trainings to unlock this achievement and reward you with 10 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. NOTE: You need to get likes from your friends in order to complete this achievement. It has five tiers from Gold V to Gold I.

In order to get this glorious achievement along with the mythic rewards you will need to earn 6000 Achievement Points.

This achievement will be completed upon reaching level 30. To complete the Fun Times I Achievement you need to play 800 matches in Arcade Mode. Spending 300,000 Battle Points on anything will get this event completed and reward you with 20 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. I got a silver bullet with the vanquisher scrolled inside of it after a chicken dinner in solo classic mode. Upon completing all these 11 achievements you will get a total of 470 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. Kill 5 Enemies in a single Classic match. Kill 2000 enemies with any Assault Rifle (AR) on any map in any mode. To complete this achievement you will need to kill 200 Zombies in Zombie : Survive Till Dawn Mode in PUBG Mobile. Upon completing all these 89 PUBG Mobile achievements you will get a total of 1870 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points. The competition to become best among the best is very tough in this game. There is no tier requirement. 〉 Reward/s – x3 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap. Win 20 match in the Zombie : Survive Till Dawn. As the name suggests, physical trainer requires you to stay active in game (staying active and exercising in daily life would not hurt either ;p). So does this achievement wants you to do. Except for the intense battle royale matches, there are many other aspects such as distinct game modes, amazing graphics and the realism that makes PUBG Mobile the overlord in its territory. There are 19 different achievements under the General category. This way you can complete this achievement 30 times faster than playing the complete 30 long classic matches. There is not other way but to spend UC and send gifts to your friends the required number of time to complete this achievement. Spending 10,000 Battle Points on anything will get this event completed and reward you with 5 PUBG Mobile Achievements Points.

〉 Reward/s – x2 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps.

To get the Weapon Master title you will need to kill 6 enemies in 6 different ways that are stated below: This was the requirement to complete the Weapon Master Achievement in PUBG Mobile, now to complete this achievement and get the “Weapon Master” title the easy way you must read the in-depth step by step guide provided below. To compete this achievement you will have to pick up the following attachments. 〉 Reward/s – Skeleton Hand Airplane Finish (Epic), 〉 Reward/s – White Rabbit Parachute (Epic), 〉 Reward/s – Blue Neon Punk Airplane Finish (Epic), 〉 Reward/s – The Skulls Airplane Finish (Epic). #2 Terminator (Gold) – If a player gets more than 10 kills #3 Terminator – If the player kills the last person alive and wins the chicken dinner #4 Berserker – If a player survives for over 20 minutes and kills 3+ enemies with more than 800 damage.

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