thiem backhand grip

Thank you. It depends how low and how short these balls are. It seems that would give more whip action perhaps at the cost of control. The Continental Grip. It’s probably difficult to see, but have you observed the pros switching between the Eastern and Semi-Western grips back and forth depending on the height of the ball?

He said, I do not know, I do not have idea why. Of course there are also some disadvantages.

Nice explanation Tomaz, exactly what I was wondering. . But in general it was a right decision. A Semi-Western forehand grip from top view. The thumb positioned on the back of the handle can help at the beginning also with correct hand position on the handle but eventually we need to bend the thumb so that it “locks” the racket into the hand.

But if you have had students under rotating the racket consistently, is there something else that you recommend to make it a one step process- like suppinating the right to make up the difference or set the grip in a different part of the swing, or swing to contact with the wrist slightly pronated? My understanding is, as one poster here mentioned, Thiem had a two hander and it was changed to a one hander by his coach, and that Thiem kept the near continental grip with right hand that he had had with the two hander. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I think we have a misunderstanding, Julia. My question is, in the ready position are we holding the racket in the continental grip? Lastly, do you beleive these are conscious grip variations that eventually are automated? Formula 1 drivers can drive at 300 km / h because they trained for years and learned to control the car at high speed., Wisdom on developing world-class tennis players. Apologies if you already have instruction for this. He has confidence because he beat Nadal on his best surface and Federer. Thank you.

Yesterday he played in the wind which destroys his confidence.

Mr. Zverev looking strong Cheeky celebration too : @AlexZverev | #tennisathome There is no way you can play well with one single grip unless you really master a continental grip. Everything is almost only fun, so I didn't really think about it. I was surprise to find that a hitting partner of mine used the same unorthodox but efficient grip change to switch from his semi-western forehand to his single hand eastern backhand but this seemed to limit his ability to slice and impacted his ability to play sound defense. Am I correct in assuming that if we hit a forehand shot, and stay with the forehand grip until we see what the next shot will be that we save an extra bit of time by either not switching if the next shot is a forehand, and/ or switching from forehand to backhand as needed in a one step process? No “advice” can teach you that. Guess who's back? I think the return is easier with a two-handed backhand. Having a correct grip for your forehand and backhand strokes in tennis is the key to hitting your shots with consistency and power. The process is very similar if you’re changing from a forehand grip to a two-handed backhand grip except that now you turn the racquet handle a bit less and your non-dominant hand eventually slides down the throat and grips the handle in an Eastern forehand grip.

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