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He's seen wearing a black shirt with white pants with a small white mask that covers the lower half of his face. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She was later mentioned by Eto and Ayato during a discussion about the auction. He is known for his brute strength and power, and he is infamous for torturing other ghouls. Big Madam was a sadistic individual who took pleasure in inflicting suffering on others. Big Madam took part in the Auction, excited at the possibility of finding a new human pet. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, She came into conflict with Kuki Urie when he discovered the guests' hideout. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Every point chalked up to one stitch with a needle-- perhaps how he learned how to body stitch. This same experience has made him an incredibly efficient killer, easily slaughtering entire rooms of ordinary Ghouls with an assortment of firearms, knives, scythes, and cleavers with equal proficiency. One night in Tokyo, Yamori had come across the infamous ghoul Rize Kamishiro while she was devouring human flesh from a large pile of bodies when Yamori had interrupted her. Psychological and physical tortureSerial killings

He sees Kaneki as nothing more but a mere toy for torture and sees him as a weak and morally-guided kid.

He also has a black shirt and a yellow sweater vest after he abducts and tortures Kaneki, and wore a hockey mask based off of the iconic Jason Voorhees. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Intelligence: Juuzou is originally reckless and mentally unstable due to his tumultuous upbringing, making him indifferent to pain and the idea of his own death. [3] Urie forced his way out by releasing his F4 Koukaku Kagune, and managed to kill Big Madam's bodyguards, but he was not able to fully control his new power and went berserk in the process.

Yamori was subject to frequent torture from Tokage during his imprisonment in the past. Tokyo Ghoul Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Big Madam was supposedly Nutcracker's employer for the auction sale, while Nutcracker was in charge of bringing humans to the auction. Due to his reputation, almost no one dared to challenge him. Yamori is very nasty, cunning, loathsome, arrogant, treacherous, and sadistic, as echoed by his former torturer during his early days. Nutcracker was believed to be one of their employees, and was considered a major target by CCG. Big Madam's biological sex was revealed by the CCG when her corpse was recovered after the auction. Originally raised by the ghoul, Big Mama, as a pet and a scrapper at the Ghoul Restaurant, Juuzou is often sadistic, unpredictable, and extremely violent. This torture affected Yamori to the extent that he became very sadistic, inheriting multiple traits from his torturer such as practicing torture and cracking his fingers in a similar style to Tokage.

The deal was eventually reneged by Yamori when he decided to make Kaneki decide who would live or die, Kouto or Kei (Haru or Shuu in the anime) in an attempt to psychologically break Kaneki. Despite his power, Yamori is actually very weak when compared to, Yamori's appearance is similar to that of. She quickly recognizes Suzuya. Powers/Skills Big Madam was an obese Ghoul with strawberry-blonde hair, often dressed in luxurious clothing and excessive jewelry. He is an executive of theAogiri Treeand is the first member of the series to be introduced. Speed: High Hypersonic (Can easily kill over a dozen normal ghouls before they can react when armed with a submachine gun, kept up with Yoshimura) | High Hypersonic (Overwhelmed Kurona, an S-Rank Ghoul) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Arata Joker greatly increases his physical capabilities, including his speed, allowing him to completely overwhelm Kurona without much resistance and keep up with Ken Kaneki ), Lifting Strength: Class M (comparable to Kaneki), Striking Strength: At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | At least Street Class, likely Building Class with Quinque | Small Town Class, Durability: At least Street level | At least Street level | Small Town level (Took multiple blows from Kaneki's Kakuja), Stamina: Extremely high (Is rather indifferent to pain and withstood countless hours of torture while under the care of Ghouls, continued to fight S-Rank Ghouls until he lost a leg to the One-Eyed Owl), Range: Extended melee range with Jason, Over a dozen meters with Scorpion, Standard Equipment: His Quinques: A powerful Rinkaku scythe called 13's Jason, A set of fifty-six Bikaku knives called Scorpion 1/56, His prosthetic leg, which conceals Scorpion 1/56 | Arata Joker. Unlike many ghouls, Big Madam was never shown possessing a mask. After Yamori's death, his body was harvested and he his kakuja kagune was harvested and turned into one of Juuzou's personal unique weapons. She decided to crudely castrate him with a hammer, leading to Suzuya's current androgynous appearance. He then made Kaneki his "toy" and had injected Rc suppressants into Kaneki countless times so he could torture him for over ten days. Occupation It took an extensive team of skilled investigators and Quinx for her to be exterminated. Yakumo Oomori (大守 八雲, Ōmori Yakumo) is a major antagonist of the supernatural dark fantasy manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul.

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