ux research portfolio deck

Companies value hands-on experience and the ability to extract value from research.

What soft skills or other qualities are they looking for in a colleague? The first step in the process is to do what a UX researcher does best: research. A UX researcher conducts qualitative and quantitative research to inform the design process and keep the user at the center of every design decision. Will you host your portfolio on WordPress or Squarespace? This guide will cover what a UX researcher does, and how a UX research portfolio is different from a UX design portfolio. Review the research-related work you’ve done. Since these are not the direct focus of UX research, the difference will be in the work and skills you showcase.

You’ve got your bio and case studies written. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter to get notified about future articles. Remember that most of your readers will be unfamiliar with the context of your work.

How Can UX Professionals Balance a Range of Skills as They Build Their Careers, UX Portfolios: What Hiring Managers Look For, Creating a UX Design Portfolio Case Study. What are your actual skills in coding and design?

These fall under two broad categories: Let’s have a closer look at each of these.

Compiling a research portfolio can be intimidating, particularly if you are at an early stage of your UX career. — and you passed the phone screen.

First: What is a case study? Even if your past clients feel the need to keep the work confidential, they may be happy to speak highly of your skills.

Select the projects that you feel are most important or best represent the type of work that you would like to take on in the future.

You’ve made it easy for potential employers to connect with you and to see what others have said about your work.

They include helpful content guidelines and a variety of options to personalize your visuals. Your portfolio should show that you can use different methods and work well under different conditions. Seek feedback on your portfolio from peers and mentors to learn where you can improve. What impact your work had on the project—be as specific as possible.

Hiring managers are looking for the right skillset, to be sure, but they are also looking for the person who will be the best fit for the team.

Then, whether you check off, underline, or cross them out—whatever system comes naturally to you—mark which of these items you feel most confident about, which ones you’re excited to learn or get better at, and which ones you don’t feel confident in or that you really don’t care to learn. 6. However, it’s important to clearly note what work was completed as part of a personal project versus professional work. What people reading your portfolio really need to know is the types of research you have done, how you approach problems, and how you deliver results.

Many of the UX portfolios you’ll find online are design-focused, featuring work that is quite visual in nature—prototypes, wireframes, and fully operational websites and apps. Passion.

Metrics are valuable in portfolios. Show studies that were conducted independently, as well as projects that were conducted as part of a long-term team initiative. You’ve found the perfect role — the perfect one!

However, sometimes it is possible to “sanitize” research documents to the extent that nobody will be able to recognize what company or product they concern, while still preserving some ability for readers to understand what you did. Another great resource for inspiration is Bestfolios, the largest curation of best UX research and designer portfolios, resumes, case studies and design resources.

When we survey UX professionals about their career growth, we often hear that presenting a strong portfolio of past work is an important piece of the job-search process.

Remember that iteration is an important part of the design process. In broad strokes, a UX researcher is the person on the product team whose job lives closest to the end user. Your portfolio, just like your research skills, will improve with time and effort. Your research skills help you carry out your day-to-day responsibilities and your communication skills ensure that your research has an impact. The next thing I look for is the researcher’s facility with a variety of methods.

Highlight findings that changed your team’s approach to a problem or that you found particularly interesting. Great portfolio decks show the breadth of research methods the researcher has applied to triangulate findings that ultimately result in stronger recommendations based on the synthesis of data from multiple sources.

(Plus, definitely, a discussion of the design thinking behind the designs.) A UX portfolio presentation is about showing your future employer and team that you can articulate your ideas, process, and concepts in a clear and concise style.

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