west edmonton mall bungee jump

For all I know there are just a bunch of people up there and together create Canada. The only other single girl there was 5 years old. I am from Great Britain and all I can say is that no one across the lake even cares about Canada.

FML, Today, my ex, for whom I still have feelings, introduced me to his new girlfriend. if you were an attractive girl what would you have worn?? He convinced me of the exact same thing as well several years ago. 4:33. I told her while pointing at my name tag. Staff could have been a bit nicer. FML, Today, I went to my friend's beautiful wedding. FML, Today, I teach English in Taiwan. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. Generally speaking, unless a news story is relevant to America, they don't care to report it.

they got the park rangers with funny hats and smoke shops.. i.e not the kind you buy things to smoke with... except for the cold, HA! This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalised advertising. FML, Today, I was at my friends birthday party, dancing bare foot because my feet hurt from the heels. In permanent marker. If you’re tired of jumping off bridges, try bungee jumping from the inside of a shopping mall! 4 Answers. like desperately. I was there! It's summer in Edmonton. Required fields are marked *. We were able to skip lockers by having pool bags with only the essentials in them. Well, from OUR side, Great Britain aint so "great"... Great Britain nobody invited you, this isn't a tea party, so get back to your side of the “lake”. She then replied, "Oh! FML, Today, I went to the movies.

This is a fun place to visit, it offers a few other attractions besides waves coming at you, but there in Bungee Jumping as well. Happy birthday to me. The Zip Line Sky Flyer is amazing but needs... Some see it as the fastest way to see the harbour, and this jump should be enough to satisfy hardcore adrenalin junkies. Due to there only being 6ft of water Date: Oct 2000 from above address No purpose besides flanting your boobs. slides were fun, short lines as i figure most people were off doing other things on the long weekend. Now, I always have to wear a cap when I go outside.

0 0 0. 1 decade ago. Answer Save. Stero-typical Americans maybe self-absorbed and whatnot, but they certainly aren't boring! the U.S.A. is the most well-armed country in the world (we've got enough nukes to destroy the world several times over), so I think you'd be our bitch.

Awkward doesn't cover it. Jealous of our mall ? It's warm inside... However, the last time I'd seen this friend, it was a week after my ex and I had broke up, and we hooked up. So go eat a dick. It's not always cold. Click here to learn more or control your settings. The reason Canada is less prolific in the world is because we don't do obnoxious and idiotic things like America has done for its well-earned reputation.

Something cold and wet touched me, and I looked down to see a small pool of my saliva collecting on my chest. Plan for the day to be spent unless you love water so much that you wanna stay in there for the whole day. Although perhaps not the most visually stunning jump you can do, nor the highest, this definitely brings its own unique stamp to the bungee jump circuit. FML, Today, my car broke down.

Canadians rule, fucktard!! Apparently, I rolled over in my sleep and knocked her out of bed. When you go to a waterpark, almost everyone is in a swimsuit. World WaterPark Bungee Jump; West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Canada. Quick Description: Blue Thunder Bungee - Centre of Gravity is the world's tallest indoor bungee site and is located in the world waterpark at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta.

FML, Today, my mom spelled my name with all lowercase letters. FML, Today, while trying to look cute and playing with my hair in front of a boy, I pulled a piece of my hair extension out.

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