wilson staff infinite west loop putter review

It’s the same grip as the previous models, but the new black and white color scheme pops much better than the original battleship gray and white. Maybe my putting just isn’t good enough for the extra $$ of the ER2. Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. First introduced in 2015, Wilson Staff’s $99.00 Infinite line was as bare bones and straightforward as you can get – essentially Wilson’s milled-face take on popular putter designs.

Both from barrel at about $10 ea. RRP: £95. I’ve owned them all. Additionally, I like the fact players who don’t want the counter balancing can simply change the grip to get a traditional feel. Remember the Fybrid? First, the head weight of these putters is either 355 or 365 grams, depending on the model. But give Wilson credit, the old girls do look pretty sharp in their new outfits. Thank you for the review. The Wilson Staff Infinite putters are the exception. A new black head cover, with the Wilson Staff shield embroidered on top, rounds out the look.

Will have to look out for these new ones.

Did they just use marketing data from their sales or from a 3rd party? Personally didn’t think the old ones looked that bad and whenever I tried it out in the shop it felt and looked good. The feedback, particularly in terms of sound, is really precise. The updated Infinite putters from @WilsonGolf - just a new dress on an old girl? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Golf Reviews Guide provides honest analysis of courses worldwide, information on the best golf destinations to visit, reviews the latest products and golf equipment and up to the minute golf news from the tours. Thanks. Wilson Golf has it going on again!

Until that I’ll keep rocking the SR500 and the WS SS. Loft and lie adjustments will apparently need to be made at the retailer. Wilson Infinite South Side putter. OEMs like Wilson and Cleveland are giving you clear alternatives.

Ned gamed a very old Wilson putter. I guess though if nobody is buying 8802 style except a few wrxers… Maybe next cycle. What is good enough and how much would you spend on it? Wilson. They look too thick from the playing position. The rest of the changes are, quite frankly, cosmetic. A trademark of the Infinite line, each putter carries the name of a Chicago street, neighborhood or landmark. I still have the “ShotGun” model which was way ahead of it’s time , movable weights for tuning feel and balance and the Vizor “First Edition” with also was the trail blazer in mallets ,This version should be revived it to was ahead of the times..When you have a good thing “KEEP IT” The Red & Black Shield ” is back!! The entire line had an industrial, utilitarian look and feel to it, with lots of steel gray and white. The soles had chrome strips and a ton of branding,  and the whole thing looked slapped together. First introduced in 2015, Wilson Staff’s $99.00 Infinite line was as bare bones and straightforward as you can get – essentially Wilson’s milled-face take on popular putter designs. The other 4 are much more forgiving and well designed putters. The most noticeable is the alignment system: five sight lines (three white and two black) and a perpendicular white line on the putter’s top line. The range features the Windy City, Michigan Ave, Grant Park, South Side, Bean, Bucktown, West Loop and The L putters – named areas or landmarks connected to Chicago where Wilson are based in the United States. Go figure….

To the Indian or the arrow question I answer: both.

I had a Southside in the previous iteration and liked it well enough to play most of one season. The curved back means those lines are longer and may be beneficial for those who struggle with alignment. Along with great milking and aesthetics, it has a quality grip and wonderful feel. Padraig Harrington made the switch to the South Side model and picked up a W at the 2015 Honda Classic to add to his 2014 Indonesia Open title. The performance is very similar to the Bean, but the style of putter will be the reason you opt for the Bucktown of its sister model, if you like fang teeth designs. The entire line had an industrial, utilitarian look and feel to it, with lots of steel gray and white. The L features an elongated mallet head, much longer than the others in the range, which is stepped and has rounded edges. Plus Kaymer sank the winning putt at Ryder Cup with $100 Ping Karsten etc. Sold my Scotty for more than I paid for my Ping. Ned looked at chips, pitches and bump-and-run shots the way a vegan looks at a Porterhouse – disgust laced with a little fear. All models have a classic black anti-glare finish, improved sight lines and a double milled face to help impact, roll and distance control. Wilson Staff Infinite South Side Putter Review. Cleveland’s Huntington Beach putters are some of MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted top performers and are priced to move at $99.00. Would have liked to see some pics of the faces of the putters. Golfing with Ned was a trip because I swear Ned was the inspiration for that “Putt It” video. But no arrow can make an Indian a great hunter. “The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.” - BenHogan. Sounds like ole Ned and I could be cousins….. lol Anyways I like the looks of the southside and would enjoy taking that heifer for a ride. They cleaned it up nicely, but 3 mallets and 3 Blades options… and the 3 sight lines… I feel like they missed the mark with the designs they opted for. unfortunately i really wanted wilson to be great because i have a bunch of there tennis racquets.

Or did they do any marketing research at all?

The new Infinites are available at retail and on Wilson’s website beginning today, with all models priced at $99.00. Ned’s been retired for a while, but he had this down-home, folksy way of letting you know he’d been there and done that, especially if you hadn’t. etc. It’s the Indian not the arrow. PING. The value is amazing, but if they just released a anser 2 design with a plumbers neck, with a thin blade design, I’d pick one up today. Again, the three sight lines and horizontal aid are in place on this mostly square edged version which offers confidence due to its larger head. All of these classic styles are faithfully reproduced but with the modern touch of a deep-milled face. Copyright 2020. I used to work with a guy named Ned. To me it is all about feel of the putter. Sorry MYGolfSpy, but looks and feel ARE the most important factor for many of us. Oh no. I have been practicing in the basement with a putter I haven’t used in years and am not missing ANYTHING. Its definitely a statement maker. And many more will say the putter itself doesn’t matter because putting success lies solely with the person holding the putter, which essentially creates a circulator argument feeding the fundamentally flawed assertion listed above. Tech matters less, because you have to love the look and feel. Posted on April 25, 2020 by James Matthews in Equipment. I want to see the view looking down as if I am playing the club. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. At this price for the looks, it might be worth picking up one a Windy City version just to have a blade style to play with vs my current Mallet. “I used to have a Scotty,” he told me. Wilson Staff Infinite The Bean Putter Review: You should... Read more.

I have owned at least 3 dozen putters. The Wilson staff infinite west loop putter is a great looking putter. Comes with leather cover pictured. You won’t be able to custom order for length, loft or lie on Wilson’s website, but Wilson says you can special order a custom length through your retailer. Furyk — won FedEx cup w $39 Yes Sophia from used bin. All Rights Reserved.. Simple but important ,it’s the little things that make the difference from manufactures.THE PRICE IS OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

If you strike a putt perfectly, you hear a soft click, but even slight misses cause the sound to be a little louder and harder. So I guess I’m keeping it til I shoot 57. You were nice enough to include a spec chart for the different putter models but you didn’t include the weight of the different heads. Wilson of all companies should always make one of those if they are doing a putter line. Keep pumping out great products and you will win the race! At 104 grams, it’s a heavy grip, and it gives you a nice, counter-balanced feel for a smoother stroke.

I’m most focused on long lag putting, and the weight and balance seem to be more important than anything else for speed control.

Technology does make a difference – but its impact is capped by the skill level of the user.

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