world war 3 2026

In January of  2018 the Syrian government takes full control of their country. The rest of the EU and Canada send 30,000 troops and supplies to each country. The following morning France and the US declare war on Syria and Iran.

All of these countries hold their lines against 1.2 million Russian troops but with heavy casualties.

Most major cities or population centers with +1 Million people throughout the world will be Nuked. This results in the collapse of the UN the same day.

On July 4 during the 4th of July celebrations in the south side of Chicago, Russia launches a nuke and kills 500,000.

Exactly 84 years from that date brings us into April of 2001.

You can help out the After the Flash Wiki by adding some information into the page! Massive casualties.

The timetable is moved forwarded to 2023. Southeastern Asian countries along with India decide what to do in a meeting in Bangkok on June 17.

There is no point in reading it. In result they break countless U.N. treaties but the U.N. is too naive to notice. Who cares who wins.

Again, who is right or wrong here is outside the scope of this discussion. The 2028 summer Olympics are cancelled. Do you think World War 3, the successor to World War 2 will occur before 2026?

"China admits it has a maritime militia, and it’s a clear violation of international law. Based on my stock market work, future is predetermined and cannot be altered. Needless to say, things are developing as expected and right on schedule. Gregory Poling, director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative in Washington, told the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines in an online news conference: “What is pretty obvious is China’s not going to stop. However, this was not the case, but if the country did undertake a nuclear test, the US might be forced to intervene.

However, we are not talking about a specific region. 2026-2032. Another attack was also carried out in the following year on September the 10th when Separatists claimed attacks on Eastern European cities with the three notable countries being Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia. For as long as the US continues with it's policy against Russia (and I don't see it changing anytime soon) our relationship with Russia will continue to deteriorate.

World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3), also known as the Third World War or the ACMF/NATO War, was a global war that lasted from October 28, 2026, to November 2, 2032.A majority of nations, including most of the world's great powers, fought on two sides consisting of military alliances. Yes, this book should come with its own warning label. On Friday, January 3, the USA undertook a drone airstrike following a series of “orchestrated” attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the past few months and attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad, all of which was done on the orders of General Soleimani.

The war may erupt between China, Japan, Korea,Taiwan, US, Russia, Iran, and Israel. This report is to show you exactly why, how and when things will unfold. More or less, the treaty works as follows.

The Second Korean War went on by with the first use of Nuclear Weapons in the war itself. As such, please don’t contact me or seek further guidance in regards to this report. They send 150,000 American troops and 50,000 French Troops to aid Israel. What you will find is that this report was right on the money. Turkey and Russia had started their invasions several days earlier before the declarations of war between NATO, and its allies against ACMF, and its allies.

Russian Federation:-President of RussiaNew Chinese Empire:-Emperor XiTurkey:-President of TurkeyIran:-Supreme Leader of Iran-President of Iran

Palestine attacks Israel declaring war.

Later in the year when an Iranian Offical was in Saudi Arabia for traveling, he was killed on November 24th which did not help the relations between Iran and the Saudi, and a reaction to this on December the 23rd happened with Iranian ships assaulting Saudi vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Draining the blood of the wicked and greedy NATO is a military alliance organization that consists of 28 countries.

Tensions between the US and Turkey has heightened over the past year, initially as a result of the US providing authorisation to Turkey to clear the Syrian border of US-supported Kurds. Then North Korea invades South Korea on February 12 with full support of Russia and China.

China and Russia encourage Syria and Iran to invade Israel. On April 29 Russian troops attack Helsinki but are held back in a stunning defeat by French and Finnish troops. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. I have learned a long time ago that I cannot change violent human nature NOR future. World War III

In other words, scary accurate.

The dispute, which has simmered for nearly 18 months, has seen the US and China impose tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of one another’s goods. What can collapse the Dow Jones 90-95% within a two week period of time? Climate change has been reduced.

No One Can Stop Me. Basically, they will be able to inflate away the Chinese $1.3 Trillion or more. Mai am AMA von The Farm 51 und MY.GAMES teil!

Tunisian and Algerian troops successfully repeal Libyan forces and head for Tripoli.

This week an Iranian prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant against Mr Trump and has asked for Interpol's support, however, the policing authority has refused to back the arrest warrant. Just turn on CNN and marvel at the hysteria.

My work speaks for itself and I hope you will see that throughout the book.

Turkey outraged at this invades the Kurds with 550,000 troops with terrorist groups. (*Significant can mean many things. Prime Minister Modi might then feel forced to bring on a more serious conflict and given China’s vicinity, and the growing relationship between Delhi and Washington could lead to more disastrous international implications.

You will eventually get vaporized or otherwise killed during the war. The 2024 Summer Olympics in Chicago are cancelled. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to describe China and Russia as having a "brotherly" relationship.

Quite the opposite. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express In fact, I see this economic issue as the major trigger point that will eventually set this war off. I first became aware of the subject matter at hand during my research and analysis of future stock market cycles. Nevertheless, it is a book that I had to write in order to save the very few who will pay attention. It added: “This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.

Colonization of mars and terraforming of mars and Venus. So, what the hell could cause such a meltdown? Based on my timing and mathematical work, that is about to change. Join with my spirit and prosper forever

The Russians took it up a step with the next goal was to take over Georgia, something they were unable to do in 2008. China rising and gaining military strength. This infuriates the Chinese to no end. When #3 comes to fruition, you better have you bunker ready to go. The Eastern Block sends a message on March 26 to each Middle Eastern and North African country saying declare war on the Allies or be invaded. In Part I of this report, I have shown you the major war cycle associated with all of the MAJOR American Wars.

I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply reporting what my work indicates. Nuclear War. I had to find an answer and so began my research into the subject matter. World War 03 or WW03 takes place from 2022-2030. Über 600 Millionen Menschen verlieren in diesem nuklearen Konflikt ihr Leben, sehr viel mehr werden radioaktiv verseucht, die meisten Staaten und Städte werden … The Allies are now only the USA.

India and Singapore remain neutral but every other country joins the allies (except Cambodia and Myanmar) and attack China with 750,000 soldiers and invade the other countries with 250,000 soldiers. World War III was fought in an era where various factions were known to control their military with narcotics. Report Summary: I plan to spend the 2025-2040 time frame at my beach house on one of the Islands somewhere in the South Pacific as the.

MY.GAMEs und The Farm51 arbeiten zusammen! My cycle work is exact. So, if you haven't noticed the US owes China $1.3 Trillion. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished.

Given the tense relations between countries around the world, has compiled a guide for the flashpoints where World War 3 is most likely to erupt in 2020.

-Mark Ruffalo at D23 Expo 2017, Location:Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Oceania. Some parts of this article have been detected as no longer being up to date with relevant sources. EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER  (NATO Vs. Russia/China)-------------------. Only a couple days later, on the 30th it was found out that the Pakistanis had the deal in that attack and fighting broke out soon after starting the conflict between the two nations which lead into a stalemate.

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