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You’ll find us in places such as Montana and Pennsylvania, Utah and Louisiana, and Texas and Ohio. +1 866 886 2613 for Division Order Department Interest Owner Relations. However, you can contact an independent business or professional who offers this service for assistance. If your check is stolen, contact XTO immediately at our main toll free number: +1 866 886 2613. Those who own gas royalties and mineral royalties are an important group to XTO Energy. 2107 Research Forest Dr. 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway A: There may be a clause in your lease that gives XTO the right to extend the primary term of your lease by making a specified payment. A: Yes. Spring, Texas 77389, +1 866 886 2613 for Division Order Department Interest Owner Relations. They’re the nation’s largest holder of natural gas reserves, and They have one of the highest drilling success rates in the industry. If you have any questions or issues, please call us at 1-855-301-5241. https://www.energylink.com/Public/Signup.aspx. A: Royalties are the mineral owner's proportionate share of production in an oil and gas lease. It is important payments are cashed, regardless of the amount, prior to the 180-day mark. View royalty interests and mineral rights held by XTO Energy Inc of Houston, TX. Websites you might find helpful are: www.unclaimed.org or www.missingmoney.com. It is important payments are cashed, regardless of the amount, prior to the 180-day mark. Should you have any questions, please contact our Division Order Department for more information. Mineral interests are classified as real property, and are taxed based on the appraised fair market value. Oildex. A: Send us a letter requesting your payment annually. ATTENTION OWNERS:We are excited to announce that XTO Energy revenue check detail data is now also available on the EnergyLink platform. XTO Energy Inc. was founded in 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas. The 1099 can also be used to report state income tax. All Rights Reserved, Frequently Asked Questions regarding the system upgrade. We invite you to utilize the online system, or contact us if you have any questions regarding your interest owner account. The income reported to the IRS is your gross income prior to any other deductions or taxes. Heat Map of Interests Held By XTO Energy Inc, Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by XTO Energy Inc, The Best Tool to Research Mineral Rights in Texas.

Safely and responsibly extracting natural gas from U.S. shale and other tight formations is Their principal business. Click Here to view Frequently Asked Questions. Royalty accounts are subject to adjustment, either upward or downward. By entering this site you acknowledge and consent to our Privacy Policy.

Thank you. Want to receive payments without all of the detail pages attached. In Texas (and in some other states), this tax becomes payable only when minerals are producing (as opposed to non-producing), and are billed and collected once per year. See link below for instructions and document forms. Learn more . For Support please contact https://www.energylink.com/contact. Transfer of title for minerals or leasehold ownership requires proper recorded documentation made through a deed or other conveyance document; or, in the event the party is deceased through probate or affidavit of heirship as defined in the previous question. A: Royalty owners who received $10 or more and working interest owners who received $600 or more in the calendar year will receive a 1099. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the MineralWeb Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You may also receive an annual property tax bill (Ad Valorem Tax) from the county (or parish) in which your well(s) are located. Please contact XTO Energy with any questions, and have the assigned owner number available. This software is for the internal use of our customers only and may not be distributed outside of the company which owns the use license.

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They also produce crude oil and natural gas liquids in the United States. In addition, county governments render and collect a yearly "Ad Valorem Tax" on producing minerals in many states. They also produce crude oil and natural gas liquids in the United States. E-mail our owner inquiry group at the e-mail address above and ask for the "No Statement" option. State governments set owner severance tax rates and levy the tax when natural resources such as oil and gas are "severed" from the earth. You might consider hiring a professional landman or attorney to undertake the research required to resolve your inquiry, or you may contact the county clerk or the tax assessor/collector's office for information regarding your ownership. •, © Copyright 2003-2020  Exxon Mobil Corporation. Please note that all XTO Energy royalty checks are voided 180 days after issuance. A: No. Website updates. A: Funds are reported to various states based on the state of the owner's last known address of record. If you are a lease holder (lessor) currently under production by XTO Energy you can verify your oil and gas production volumes by visiting How to Verify Your Oil and Gas Production Volumes.

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