zeffo walkthrough imperial excavation

Interact with the switch up here.Drop back down and use the newly located plant covered wall to get across to the next part of the path.Continue round, kill a trooper then leap across to next platform with switch. Head into the tunnel (Turbine Facility) taking the first right and then following the path back outside to the Gusty Bluffs.Head right down the slope to the Weathered Monument.Swing across the gap, then wall run down to the main area. Grab that Life Essence if you weren't here already, and then have BD-1 Overcharge the terminal to bring a zipline to your area. Now the little droid can climb up ziplines. Push through the wall, then kill the Purge Trooper waiting for you.

This isn’t telegraphed until in the air, however. You can access Imperial Dig Site through Venator Wreckage. Exit left and kill the trooper then follow the path back round outside, killing another trooper before wall running back to ground.Continue on using two vines to reach a plant covered rock. It may require more than one Push to get the candle over to the vines, so keep trying if it falls into the water. As a Sith, The Second Sister isn't affected too much by Force powers. You will then hear a message from a Clone Trooper Commander.

End charge at the panel to open a shortcut.Head back up into the previous corridor and follow it straight. Head left to the Meditation Point if needed, otherwise head forwards through the blast doors and back outside. This Puzzle will be much easier to escape than the Tomb of Eilram Puzzle Space.

The u/Sayonara_Punk community on Reddit. Leap to the plant covered wall and use it to move round left to a rock platform. You'll need to climb up a series of long pillars, and when you're done, you'll have to dodge some slamming walls. Instead, stay on the rope and rotate to the left to see two new ropes. There is a Sense Echo here (Imperial Excavation #9: Discovering Relics [12/12]). Everything is Connected - Complete the Tomb of Miktrull. Whilst on the rope, turn around to leap to the crate you just ran along the side of. Head left past the Meditation Point to a lift.Prepare for a very difficult fight against the Second Sister.Her favourite unblockable attack is to leap in the air then slam her lightsaber into the ground. The Sound of Destruction. Bank Shot - Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy. How welcoming!

Climb up it.

Head up and to the left until you can safely jump to the next pillar (with a ledge under it).Drop to the ledge and run to the end to jump to the next platform. Jump to the vegetation covered end of the upper platform on the right and climb up. The spindle will raise the large bulb that a ball is trapped within, but more importantly pulling on the chain will reveal that the chain is held together only by some vines. Carry on, across a gap and another wall run before using pull to cross two vines to a platform with a solitary trooper on.Once it’s dead, interact with the workbench to acquire an upgrade (Slice: Probe Droid).Push then pull the next two bridges to carry on.Wall run then leap to a platform where you can go through a door back indoors.End charge at the nearby panel to open a shortcut.Turn around and take the lift down as another shortcut (Imperial Dig Site).Take it back up as there is nothing we need to do here.Continue down the corridor, ignoring the exit, heading through a door, until you reach a dead end. Leap across to the platform with the Scazz then from its end to the vegetation covered wall.Climb up and wall run over to the platform with the Flamethrower Trooper and the Scazz.

Shaylyn you are old enough to hold mom without supporting from her why still fall? Slow is completely ineffective, and Push and knock her off balance for a second or so, but that's about it. In this small corridor climb another wall onto a bridge with a Phillak.Leap the gap and interact with the switch. In both cases, slow her when she executes the move, slide round her and get in a few hits. You'll gain the ability to kill the Tomb Guardians more easily later. Her other unblockable attack is to drive forward saber extended. Head down it then use the nearby zipline to descend once more.Enter the next room and defeat the enemies (if you can hacking one droid to pit it against the other).Interact with the workbench to acquire the an upgrade (Powered Zipline).Head out and back up the previous two ziplines.Use overcharge on the panel to return the original zipline to its original position, leading upwards. Turn left and climb another wall.From here use the two vines to return to the main area of the Tomb.Head through the door back to the central chamber and drop down to its lowest level.Move the newly released ball into the bowl on the floor.Enter the central structure (Eno Cordova #2: Vault Requirements [3/5], Archive Two – Miktrull #3: The Key to the Vault [3/3]). Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Stop one of the blades so that you can reach it.

Pull a metal candle from behind the briars towards them to set them on fire. In the room to the right of the Meditation Point, which is accessible by going around the third elevator in the area, the saw is against the back wall on the right. Cross the bridge and kill the Guardian and any remaining troopers. Head forward and defeat the Guardian.At the end of the ledge pull the vine to you then use it to swing across the gap.Pull the rope off the spool to the right of the door and then attach it to the spool next to the ledge edge.

In the Broken Wing, as soon as you enter the area when climbing stairs, drop down to the left and use BD-1’s overcharge to reactivate a terminal. Jump onto the suspended platform then across to the opposite ledge.Blast out the wall and enter the chamber to face a Purge Trooper and a couple of Scazz.Take the only other exit from this chamber, sliding down a slope to a bridge with lots of Stormtroopers.In front of the door turn right and leap to the ledge.

There are a lot of flying droids in this area, so carefully walk through, and you'll be at a new area. Close the distance quickly and engage in melee combat.

Defeat them all, then activate the pedestal, pushing some metal walls away from the center of the room. Thankfully, you've explored a lot of the area on the first go-around, so this second trip will quickly take you to the next tomb, the Tomb of Miktrull. Scan the corpse (Tactical Guide - Empire #13: Purge Trooper Commander [13/17]).Head to the force field and turn right. In the corridor of the tomb where you get the “Force Push” skill, scan one of the statues on your left. Climb onto the next ledge up to face a Purge Trooper (just push him over the edge!) Force push the candles into the vines to unlock a shortcut.Drop down if needed to the meditation point then climb back up the grating to the newly accessible ledge.Follow the corridor and blast out the wall. In this main area, you'll be sticking to the central level to solve this puzzle. Version: Final | Updated: 12/31/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2020 | Highest Rated Guide.

Jump down, Pull the candle down to you, walk over near the vines, and Push it over. At this point, you can drop down to head back to the Meditation Point from earlier, then climb back up to the next area. In the Ice Caves, at the exact place where you face a Jotaz, scan the ceiling to unlock this entry in your journal. Excavation Equipment. Head out of the room and use the newfound power with Overcharge to get to back to the Meditation Point and higher up.

In the Gusty Bluffs area, you must cross using the Force to slow down wind turbines. This is one of the central areas of the tomb, so we'll be back here often. At 3 o' clock is another wall to blow out.Scan the wall in here (Archive Two – Miktrull #2: Magnets [1/3]).Interact with the switch and proceed up the steps to a Meditation Point.Leap to the vegetation covered wall and climb up.Ignore the breakable wall and continue round through a gap in the trees. This part of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide is dedicated to the Data Scans on the planet Zeffo.

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