zuko and suki

He had learned that Aang was there and lit most buildings on fire while attempting to find him. Mai used Jin to terrify Zuko with a knife-throwing trick. But her mother has never been confirmed in canon, leading to the possibility that it's not who anyone expected. Het. One Piece’s ‘Hungry Days’ Commercials Prove the Series’ True Strength Is Its Cast, Dragon Quest's Hero Must Complete His Training Arc... in Just ONE Week. Suki and Mai did not meet face-to-face during the former's eventual escape from the Boiling Rock with the help of Team Avatar, as Zuko had locked Mai in a cell to defend his new allies. Sokka trains under Suki alongside the Fire Nation villagers. Suki, Sokka, Zuko, Hakoda, and Chit Sang all escaped together on the gondola. Zuko also briefly had a flirtation with a young woman named Jin. zuko katara sokka aang avatarthelastairbender avatar atla toph azula suki iroh firebender zutara airbender firenation waterbender mai tylee kataang avatarfanfic. He walked down the path to the beach, hopefully the sound of the water hitting the shore would calm his mind. Her hand took his and slid it up her body, her heart was beating like crazy from the anticipation. "Zuko, I'm so close." As far as the events of the series go, Ty Lee makes some sense as a potential romantic interest for Zuko because they are about the same age. She saw him with Mai, and asked who she was. [10], Suki first met Appa when he, Aang, Sokka, and Katara visited Kyoshi Island. [3] Toph, Suki, and Sokka set out together on a mission to stop the Fire Nation airship fleet from burning down the Earth Kingdom. The two would not meet again until much later at the Boiling Rock. He asked, the hardening erection in his pants ached as he asked the question. Legend of Korra confirmed that Katara ended up with Aang, not Zuko. Zuko awkwardly apologized for his previous actions and stated that it was nice to see her again. Anyways, enjoy! It would seem that Suki and Mai eventually formed a mutual bond as they played Pai Sho together at the Jasmine Dragon.

Suki cursed at the Moon. Mai is Zuko's most consistent romantic interest. Ozai gave Zuko his thoughts on the matter which Zuko thought about. Zuko and Suki first encountered each other when the latter attacked Kyoshi Island.

Suki also protected Zuko from Azula after he had her released from her mental health institution.
Aang is another character that wouldn’t make sense for Zuko to date during the events of the series given their age gap, but as adults, it would make more sense. [12] They were now both completely naked to each other. "Thank you Zuko," Her eyes closed as she leaned in, kissing him on his lips.
"How's that for a life changing trip?" The two found a moment of empathy together while captured at the end of the second season, but this was lost when Zuko chose to side with Azula in the final battle of the season. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Whatever Happened to Azula? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Suki became very concerned for Zuko's well-being and attempted to console him. Suki was imprisoned in Boiling Rock upon her defeat at the hands of Azula. That night, Sokka explained that he was simply being overprotective because he did not want to lose another person he cared about. She watched the waves splash onto the shore, his thumb softly stroked a spot on her lower back. While they don’t end up together in canon, it’s not hard to imagine this relationship. Suki was able to eagerly reunite with Sokka when Aang, Katara, and Sokka came to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to help Zuko search for his mother. Shedding tears of joy, she revealed that she knew he would come and the two shared a kiss, only to be interrupted by Zuko warning them of an approaching guard.

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